Rhapsody Of Realities TeeVo Devotional April 2nd – Hear And Do It!

(The Word Of God Is For Doing)

“…Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not just hearers who deceive themselves..”

As a young man, many years back, I remember being so moved by the many beautiful things I had read and heard about Jesus.

Every day, I would say to Him, “Dear Lord Jesus, I can’t keep this to myself; I’ve got to tell the whole world!”

This burden spurred me on to house-to-house and street evangelism. I preached in schools, hospitals, villages…everywhere because I felt the whole world had to hear the good news of God’s love.

Some people travel halfway around the world to attend great Word conventions and seminars, and go back home and do nothing with what they heard. That doesn’t show wisdom.

True wisdom isn’t in just hearing or knowing what’s right; it’s actually knowing what’s right and doing it. According to the scriptures, to know what’s right and not do it is sin (James 4:17).

Don’t be the one who pushes the Word aside, saying, “I’ve heard that before,” or “I’ve read that before.” Do something with what you read or heard.

Do something with the Word you receive during church services, or in your times of personal study. The Bible talks about having the wisdom of the righteous (Luke 1:17), which is the wisdom that hears to do.

So, consciously put to practice the glorious things you’ve learnt from God’s Word, and watch your life grow from one level of glory to another. Be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only.

Go Deeper
James 1:22-25; James 4:17

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for teaching me your Word and giving me the ability and inspiration to do what it says. I refuse to be a mere hearer, but a prompt doer of your Word. I put your Word to practice in my dealings and relationships today, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading
Luke 9:18-36, Joshua 13-15
Matthew 27:1-10, Leviticus 2

Write down some of the things you’ve learnt from God’s Word most recently and how you’ll practise them in your life.

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