Selling the OC star Alexandra Jarvis age, real name, husband and more

Alexandra Jarvis is appearing into The second season of the reality show “Selling the OC” which has returned to Netflix. The new season of the reality show is introducing a brand-new group of real estate agents who will appear on the screen. Alexandra Jarvis is the much talked agent on the show who recently talked about her now-husband, Sergio Ducoulombier. She also talked on the rumor about her dating history with 10 guys. With Sergio, this is her third wedding as she was already engaged thrice in the past. Who is Sergio and what is his business in real estate. Let’s dive more deep into the Alexandra Jarvis’s biography.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra Jarvis is the luxury real estate agent from Alabama appearing in the show “Selling the OC“. She is 32-years old businesswoman who is married to 46-years old businessman Sergio in Italy in April 2023. Before entering to a career in luxury real estate, she worked as a practicing attorney who specializes in employment law and business rules. Obviously, Alexandra Jarvis a top notch agent in the Orange County real estate market. She had secured more than $50 million sales in last financial year. After marriage, she lives in Irving, California with husband.

Alexandra was born on May 6, 1990.

What is Alexandra Jarvis’s real name? Why she changed her name?

Alexandra had not made it clear that why she doesn’t use her real name. She prefers to go by the name Alexandra rather than her legal name, Rachel. According to official documents, her real name is Rachel Jarvis. She hasn’t talked on the fact that she uses an entirely different first name. It’s also possible that her middle name might be “Alexandra”. Jarvis has clearly expressed that she going to use “Alexandra” throughout life. There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding her choice of Alexandra over Rachel.

Alexandra Jarvis husband Sergio

Jarvis has 125K followers on the Instagram account @healexandrajarvis. She looks very beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite already having huge fan following, she is expected to experience a significant increase in her follower count after her appearance in Selling the OC season 2 show.

Her husband name is Sergio Ducoulombier who is CEO of Slip Cash (cashless digital business). They got married on April 14, 2023 and engaged on Christmas Day 2020. She had shared her new pictures with husband Sergio on Instagram. He is a businessman with estimated net worth around $11 million in  2023.

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