Streamer Neon girlfriend Sam Frank relationship comes to an end

What we know so for about N3on and Sam Frank dating timeline. N3on is a famous streamer who recently revealed in YouTube video that ex-girlfriend Sam Frank had cheated on him. Here we are talking about N3on who is a quite popular streamers who streams mostly on YouTube. He is in the news for some good reasons! If you are following him this might not be a new news for you but in case you have missed a few streaming episodes then this piece of article is something you should not skip. N3on has been streaming good gaming content and in between sometimes we come to know about his ex-girlfriend Sam Frank.

Who is Sam Frank?

Sam Frank is a Tiktok star who makes lip-sync videos and adult content on the social platforms. She has an massive fan following on Instagram over 675K followers (@samxfrank). Sam was previously in relationship with Jack Doherty.

Sam is having millions of followers and fans on multiple platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and YouTube. Her official website is

n3on girlfriend sam frank
N3on girlfriend Sam Frank

N3on and Sam Frank ugly break up

Sam Frank and N3on were in a very wholesome relation before the break up happened in a very weird situation. There was an idea of lie detector test in the mind of N3on whose real name is Rangesh Muttama. There it was found out that Sam Frank cheated him very badly. It was a weak ago. N3on broke down a bit and thought it was not a really nice idea to do that lie detecting test but then he could not digest the heart break easily and chose to end to the relation.

N3on surprised by knowing the gift

N3on is seen smiling and calling his friends telling that he loves the 20000 USD Rolex watch bought by Sam Frank. He initially thought it was a prank but when he realised that this gift was real he was all over the moon. He said that he loved the gift and hugged his ex-girlfriend Sam Frank. While hugging he sarcastically said he is horny and then declined it. None in the room were surprised because they are used to dark sarcasm by N3on. While giving the gift Sam said him that she really cares for her even now. It was a good moment but it is yet to be seen if it would change the mind of this YouTube Streamer.

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