The Equalizer Kristina Jones, actress remembered in Season 4 premiere

Who is actress Kristina Jones? Why was she remembered in the end of Season 4 of popular TV show ‘The Equalizer‘. Many thinks that Kristina Jones was the actress on the show. No, it is not true. She was not an actress but was the crew team member of the TV show (assistant). The cast and makers remembered and featured a dedication scene at the end of of the The Equalizer Season 4 premiere. This tribute message left many viewers and fans confused about her work and role. In the memory of Kristina Jones, a message was shared with the scene- “Truth For a Truth.” Let’s know more about her in this post.

Who was Kristina Jones?

The Equalizer cast and team had not yet clarified that who was Kristina? It is believed that Kristina Jones was either actively involved as a crew member on The Equalizer or closely related to someone engaged in the production of the series. Through the new season, the team offered their respect and tribute to the off-screen heroes.

The scene not only pays tribute to her but also shares the bonding of The Equalizer family, acknowledging the significant role that individuals like Jones, whether through professional involvement or familial ties, play in the collaborative.

The Equalizer season 4

The Equalizer is a crime drama series on CBS, serving as a reboot of the 1980s show with the same title. The fourth season of The Equalizer released this Sunday, February 18, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Additionally, the series premiere will be available for live streaming on Paramount+ and Showtime. The season 4 episodes features thrilling experience of justice and truth to viewers. Also through this new season, the makers highlighted the contribution of the crew members and tribute to Kristina Jones is an example of it. The television drama features Robyn McCall as main character played by Queen Latifah.

Tribute to Kristina Jones

According to the reports, Kristina Marie Jones was one of the assistant’s of leading actress Queen Latifah at the show. She was very close to her like family member. On May 23, 2023, Kristina Marie Jones from Newark, New Jersey passed away at the age of 53 due to cancer. Kristina was very good and kind person and she was working on the sets since season 2 of The Equalizer show.

The team paid tribute to Kristina Jones at the end of the Season 4 last episode and they remembered her contribution and dedication for work.

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