What is Harry Pinero real name? Wife, age, family and son

Who is Harry Pinero married to? Harry Pinero, the vibrant YouTuber, has captured hearts with his funny and relatable content since he started on YouTube in November 2018. His videos have racked up over 8.8 million views, making him a massive star on the platform. Beyond his online charisma, Harry Pinero is happily involved with Miraa May, a talented artist celebrated for her emotionally rich and modest music. Miraa, originally from Algeria and raised in Tottenham, draws inspiration from her life experiences, showcasing her modest yet candid artistry on platforms like Beats and Instagram.

Harry Pinero age

Harry Pinero is a public figure and his real name is Alhaji Sillah Leigh. He was born on 6 May 1991 and his age is 32 years in 2024.

Harry Pinero has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram at the time of writing.

Harry Pinero’s musical career

Miraa May’s musical journey began with live performances at venues like Kensington Rooftop Garden, Tate Modern, and London Jazz Cafe. Her debut EP, ‘The Beginning,’ in 2014 and the album ‘N15’ featuring six songs marked the beginning of a successful career. With over 40 songs on various platforms, Miraa’s music has gained millions of listeners on Spotify.

Harry Pinero have a son with partner Miraa May

Even without a legal marriage, Harry Pinero and Miraa May celebrated the joy of parenthood as they welcomed their son in May 2020. This unconventional yet loving family dynamic hasn’t hindered Harry’s financial success, with his net worth steadily climbing into the millions.

Harry Pinero

His fame transcends the borders of YouTube, evident in his collaborations with major entities like Sky Sports, BBC Radio 1Xtra, and Puma. Harry’s versatility shines through as he proves to be more than just a YouTuber, seamlessly transitioning into roles as a natural performer and presenter. His talents extend to diverse domain, including music and football-related videos, showcasing a multifaceted entertainer who continues to leave a mark beyond the confines of online content creation.

Harry Pinero on YouTube and social media

Harry is actively involved with his nearly 244K followers on Twitter, where he shares insights into his career and personal experiences. His journey from Instagram to YouTube and his recent gig hosting the 40th Brit Awards red carpet highlight his transition from a YouTuber to a recognized host in the entertainment industry, a dream come true for him with the genuine support of his fans.

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