What is Keiani Mabe gender? Biography, age and nationality

Who is Keiani Mabe and why she is a known personality on social media? Keiani Mabe is a social media influencer and fitness personality on Instagram who is popularly known by handle @mcshnizzle. Keiani Mabe’s latest posts on LGBT sparked a new debate and mixed reactions from fans. Fans started questioning about Keiani Mabe’s gender and sexuality. Keiani is a growing Instagram influencer who got 1.4 million subscribers on her account at the time of writing. Apart from making fitness content and clips, she shares vlog content on her YouTube channel. Learn more about her biography and family.

Who is Keiani Mabe?

Keiani Mabe is a professional content creator, vlogger, fitness expert and social media influencer. Her nationality is American. She was born on 22 January 2002 in United States.

The Keiani Mabe’s age is 22 years and had already completed her high school. She studied from Robert D Edgren School and completing college from the local town.

It is very amazing that she achieved big success as influencer in her 20’s. Her father name is Dustin Mabe while her mother identity is not known.

Keiani Mabe gender

Keiani Mabe’s gender is a matter of discussion among fans after she posted some content related to LGBT community.

Keiani’s official gender is female. The influencer had not yet commented anything on her personal things. She is a viral girl on Instagram who is focused on her career commitment and teaches fitness lessons to the fans.

Keiani is an influencer from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Her hobbies are travelling, making vlogs, exploring new places and gym.

Keiani Mabe professional life

Keiani Mabi’s official YouTube channel has over 400K+ subscribers and her each vlog videos got about ten thousands to millions of views. Fans can also find her on Tiktok platform where she goes by name mcshnizzle. Also she hosts 1 million+ followers on the Instagram platform.

Keiani Mabe’s boyfriend or partner

Keiani is single as she is not married. Her dating life is private and she is not likely going to talk about it in public and podcast shows. She makes solo individual vlogs and content on social media.

Keiani Mabe net worth

The Keiani Mabe’s net worth is estimated as $1.4 million through advertisements and paid promotions. She mainly makes revenue from her unique content and videos. She had already monetized her account to show advertisements on videos. Her recent videos crossed millions of views which boosted her income and earnings.

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