Who is Anthony Forde wife Laura Jane Mangan suffering from tumor?

Is Anthony Forde suffering from a brain tumor? Anthony Forde is a very well-known footballer and we all know that! This Irish footballer plays his professional career games with Wrexham which plays at EFL League Two level. He had also played for Ireland in various age group. He is not a player who is superbly talented but absolutely someone whom coaches will love for his dedication. This time we are not talking about this footballer for footballing reason. Here, we are rather speaking about this footballer because we are discussing something personal about him. He has been in news off late for this personal reason only with his footballing talent not making any headlines as such.

Anthony Forde wife suffering from major illness?

Anthony Forde is a 29 years old guy and is known to have a very gorgeous wife, Laura Mangan. They have also recently become parents. Their parenthood has been a great journey and this couple has enjoyed every bit of it. Since February this year you might not have seen Anthony Forde playing football games for his team. He has given personal reasons as the reason to not come to the field and it has made his club’s and his own followers quite curious about the situation. There are rumours that his wife has got brain tumours. It has not been conclusive as Anthony Forde has never mentioned it in his social media.

What Anthony Forde is saying?

Anthony Forde has not claimed anything in social media except saying that his family is going through a very challenging time. He is keeping things private as of now and we should absolutely respect his privacy. There are many terrible assumptions but we sincerely hope every single of them are very wrong. The information is not available but it is likely that with time he will update his fans about the issues and will return to the playing field soon.

Anthony Forde wife health

Laura received a diagnosis of a brain tumor and he informed about it to fans through his official social media account. Anthony and his brother have temporarily taken a break from football, and they have the complete backing of their friends, family, and the club.

The net worth of Anthony Forde is $7.1 million. He discusses his regrets briefly and opens up about his journey to sobriety. Anthody Fade has very little fan following on Instagram about 10K followers.

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