Who is Cashnasty wife? Girlfriend, Age and Net Worth

What do we know about CashNasty daughter and family Ava? Is he happily married with his partner? Cassius Jeremy Clay is a very well-known YouTuber and people who follow this American sensation might not be requiring his introduction. This American YouTuber is known as CashNasty as per the name of his YouTube channel. He usually focuses on basketball and his primary YouTube videos follows his basketball journey. He has been consistently creating videos and that is why you can see him gaining profits from his channel. He is even a member of the 2HYPE group that is very popular in the United States of America. He is even present in Twitch and that channel goes by the name of CashNastyGaming.

CashNasty YouTube channel and social media success

Cassius Jeremy Clay is having two YouTube channels and single Twitch channel to stream his sports and games. He creates basketball videos but along with that he also creates many challenging videos. His two YouTube channels have millions of subscribers. In one YouTube channel he has 4.35 million subscribers and the other one has around 2.35 million subscribers. He already has silver and golden play button. Silver button is given when you cross 100k subscribers and golden play buttons are given when one crosses 1 million subscribers. He is usually touching new heights very easily.

CashNasty Net Worth

CashNasty is having a net worth of around 2 million USD. His age is around 31 years old as of now in 2023 as he was born in December 4, 1990. He had joined YouTube around June 22, 2013. He completed his high school studies and dropped out of college to become an assistant manager in a Walmart store. He tried comedy and standups before being a YouTube content creator. He dropped out to live his dream and now he is leading an amazing life.

Cashnasty wife and daughter

Cashnasty is a famous influencer on Instagram with over 1.3 million followers. He is having a daughter named Ava with his partner. The video creator had shared beautiful pictures of his daughter with fans on Instagram.

Cashnasty’s ex-girlfriend name is Ashley. Both dated each other for years and later their break-up news confirmed separation. On his YouTube channel, Cash Nasty introduced his daughter Ava with fans and talked about his fatherhood. He happily lives with his daughter.

As per latest rumors, his girlfriend name is Briana Green whom CashNasty introduced in a video titled “I Found A New Partner.”

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