Who Is Daniel Noboa Wife Lavinia Valbonesi? First Lady Of Ecuador

There are various fans of Daniel Noboa Azin and ultimately he got elected as the president of Ecuador. He had received a lot of public attention in recent days along with her supportive wife Lavinia Valbonesi. She is being a support system of Daniel Noboa during the whole journey of presidency elections. The fans of Daniel Noboa wants to know more about his wife, Lavinia Valbonesi. The recently elected president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa’s father is also a very popular person already. The name of his father is Alvaro Noboa. He was himself elected for the presidency five times in the past. Hence, this clearly shows the strong family background of Dniel Noboa. Daniel had already served on the position of assemblyman from the year 2021 to 2023. These years were the crucial years of his political journey.

Daniel Noboa Wife

Talking about the wife of Daniel Noboa, Lavinia Valbonesi is an influencer, businesswoman as well as a nutritionist. She is already having a huge fan base on over the social media platforms. The full name of Lavinia Valbonesi is Angela Lavinia Valbonesi Acosta. She was born in the Western Ecuador. She shares the Italian Family background from the father’s side. She had spent a major portion of her starting life in the Galapagos Islands. She is having the huge fan base because of her specialization as a nutritionist.

Lavinia Valbonesi on social media

There are more than 200k followers on the Instagram App and around 90k followers on the TikTok App. Lavinia Valbonesi had mentioned that she is the mom of two and happy being serving as the nutritionist to the people. She creates motivating health videos for her followers on the social media. She inspires them to to take care of their health because health is the ultimate key to get peaceful and clear mind.

Lavinia Valbonesi Net Worth

Along with following her profession of being a nutritionist, she is also serving as a powerful businesswoman. She is the owner of a restaurant and a health store. The couple met to each other when she was in her early twenties and Daniel was in his late twenties. Yet there is a significant age gap between the couples but on seeing them, it is very clear that they are a powerful couple for the nation.

Lavinia’s individual net worth is expected as $1.21 million as she is an influencer and successful businesswoman in country.

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