Who is Diana Nyad wife? Friendship with partner Bonnie Stoll

Who is Diane Nyad? Does she have a romantic partner or not? What is her relationship with friend Bonnie Stoll? Diana Nyad is quite a popular swimmer who made history notice her. When it comes to long distance swimming there are a couple of records that have made her become a name which is hard to forget. She has torn the Manhattan with 28 miles swimming record, while from the Bahamas to Florida she covered 103 miles in 1979. She has been very active in long distance swimming as even in 2013 she did swim from Cuba to Florida. Any guesses about her age in 2013? Well, just not another 64 years old lady though!

Diana Nyad being ambitious

Diane Nyad is a proof that if you have got the will to do anything then you are never late. She always planned and achieved whatever she wanted when it came to swimming. Just as butterflies in air, Diane Nyad used to look beautiful in water while swimming the long distance. She set records for fun and has always been open about her ambitions. She has been always open about what she thought about her sexuality but people always stayed puzzled about her personal life as she never preferred to open up much about that.

Diana Nyad and romantic partner confusion

“Nyad” is the movie based on Diane Nyad. This movie is streaming nowadays in Netflix. It launched on November 3, 2023. It has got Annete Benning as Diana Nyad and her good friend and her coach Bonnie Stoll’s roll is being played by Jodie Foster. There have positive view from critics. The fans think that she was dating Bonnie Stoll but even after the movie there is a question mark over the romantic relationship status of Diana Nyad. It is difficult to know when she is keeping strong privacy regarding it since her rise to limelight.

Nyad and Stoll are just only good friends. Let’s explore more about their partnership and journey in the past.

nyad stoll
Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll friendship

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll are good friends. They had started movement “Everwalk” together. EverWalk aims to ignite a monumental revolution in the Americans to encourage them into the walking activities. Nyad and Stoll shares strong bonding and friendship.

Nyad was in a romantic relationship with television producer Nina Lederman for some years.

The World champion swimmer has 33K followers on the Instagram. The Nyad net worth is estimated as $3.5 million.

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