Who is Emilienne Vigier? Biography, Age and Boyfriend

How old is Emilienne Vigier? Know everything about Joshua Garcia girlfriend. Emilienne Vigier is a name that many have heard and many have not till now. She is a pretty amazing lady who has good cultured view. She comes from a really good and well-to-do family from Philippines. She is a very young lady who has been a great student and now she is a teacher who teaches French and English. If you are curious about this lady and want to know more about her as she is very viral in the social media platforms like Instagram, then this is the post for you.

Who is Emilienne Vigier?

Emilienne Vigier was born on June 10, 1998. She was born in Manila, Philippines. Her dad name is Francois Vigier and he is a French guy and her mother name is Luciana T. Vigier who is a Filipino. She also has got a younger brother named Louis. She was born and brought up in Manila and she teaches French and English in Lycee Francais de Manille. She is quite a outspoken person who stands for right causes but always prefers to live a life full of joy. She is a one-of-a-kind lady and she is always on her toes while creating amazing Instagram posts.

Emilienne Vigier age and parents

Emilienne Vigier is a 25 years old lady, who was born in June 10, 1998. She loves to enjoy playing golf especially with her dad. She had started to play golf with her father since she was just a six year old kid. She loves to bake and also has a small online bakery called Luciana’s Maison Bakery. She is very close to cross make of 200K follower on her Instagram account. Her daily life always has got a huge enthusiasm in it.

Emilienne Vigier Height and weight

The Emilienne Vigier height is 5 feet 8 inches. Her real name is Emilienne Luciana Gabrielle T. Vigier. Her ethnicity is mixed. She is Filipino-French.

The golfer’s race had French roots and nationality is Filipino.

Emilienne Vigier boyfriend Joshua Garcia

If believe to rumors and fans then Emilienne Vigier is dating Joshua Garcia who is a professional actor and dancer in Philippines. Their relationship news might be true because they keep sharing photos hugging or spending time together. They were also spotted together at Bangkok trip.

Emilienne Vigier Net Worth

The Emilienne Vigier net worth is $1.14 million. She is a professional athlete known for professional golf game. Also the golfer has 195K followers on Instagram at the time of writing.

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