Who is Fatin Amira husband? Sofian Roslan apologised after video surfaced

We all are aware about the ongoing controversy between the Nurul Aini and Sofian Roslan. Nurul Aini is a famous actor and influencer in Singapore who has massive fans following on social media. Recently, a video of her husband Sofian Roslan took over on social media in which he appeared with a lady check-in in a hotel. The lady in the video is Fatin Amira. Netizens believed that the actor is allegedly cheating on his wife. The Suria actress Fatina Amira is a realtor and works in the real-estate business.

Fatin Amira is a realtor who works in the real estate (selling and buying houses). She is a model and influencer too who has 33K followers on her official Instagram account. Sofian works as a realtor. After the video controversy, Singaporean actress wrote on Instagram, that the family is facing difficult time. The video which was shared on social media titled with ‘Nurul Aini husband Sofian Roslan checks in hotel with Fatin Amira‘.

Nurul Aini had officially commented on the controversy and and indicated that may get separated from her partner. As the things deepens on social media, Sofian Roslan posted an official apology on his account and tried to normalize the situation.

This all led to fans asking questions like ‘Is Nurul husband dating Fatina Amira?’, ‘Is Sofian Roslan cheating on his wife?’. In the viral video, it can be seen both are coming out from same cars and kissing each other on lips. The duo were spotted together at Fraser China Square hotel.

Fatin Amira is already a married woman. She is an ERA agent whose profile is available on Instagram. Since the video gone viral, she made her Instagram private and made no official comments yet.

The Fatin Amira husband name is Khiyarul Fadli.

Nurul Aini is happily married to Sofian Roslan for more than a decade. They have three kids. Nurul posted many pictures of husband and kids on her Instagram account. This reflects that she was happily living with husband and kids. Now, the things are getting worse and she is facing incredibly difficult time after the controversy. While her husband Sofian Roslan already apologized for it and want to spend rest of his life with wife and family.

Talking about the fans reactions and comments, many came in support of the Nurul Aini and criticized Sofian for cheating her wife. Even some called for divorce as she deserves better partner. These are just reactions at the moment while many still want couple to stay happily together forever.

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