Who is Kai Jones Girlfriend Freya Lodge Whitham? What we know so far?

Who is Kai Jones’ Girlfriend Freya Lodge Whitham? Kai Jones, well this name makes huge noise all through the doors of NBA. This big man has been quite consistent when it comes to performance. It has been a great journey for this guy in the NBA and his personal life has been also a quite a good one and he has been in the news for some good personal reasons. The Hornets player has been a controversial topic even though he has got the talent which he usually justifies, without any doubt at all.

Is Kai Jones dating Freya Lodge Whitham?

Kai Jones has always been a topic in news. He has been questionable for his personality which is quite controversial usually. Once he did attack his teammates in media by telling he is better than them and that has not been taken well by his team. It seems between all these controversies he is dating Freya Lodge Whitham. She is a very popular figure and she has been popular even before she was dating this controversial NBA player. This news was not something that was quite familiar before they came out with the news that they are dating.

Few days ago, Kai Jones enjoyed himself at his girlfriend’s soccer match last night. His short clip video of dancing gone viral among basketball fans.

Kai Jones and unconventional controversies

Kai Jones in October has asked for trade off and it usually discussed internally but he asked it on X. It led to a 150,000 USD fine and all his teammates unfollowing him. Now it is sure that he will not compete anymore with his teammates in Hornets. He has been a good player but such controversy means his career might hit a roadblock while his personal life is going up in the graph. Hopefully Kai Jones learns from his mistakes and does well in his career very soon. How much is his salary and net worth?

Kai Jones Net Worth

In 2023, Kai Jones, the forward/center, is worth approximately $1 million, marking a significant investment for the Charlotte Hornets. The latest news is Charlotte Hornets waived him after the recent social media activities. This will affect his new contract and net worth in 2023.

Kai is also linked to the sponsored posts and paid promotions on the Instagram. Through the platform, he makes an extra income from his brand products.

Also, Kai has 135K followers on his Instagram account.

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