Who is Kallmekris boyfriend Oompaville? Are they dating each other?

Are KallMeKris and Oompaville dating each other? The Youtube is always buzzing these days with a lot of amazing videos of content creators. There are many collaborations and there are some pairs in these collaborations where you feel like they are standing out very well. The latest pair we are talking about are KallMeKris and Oompaville. There are discussions among fans that they are in romantic relationship. The imagination of the fans is growing well as these to pair seemed to click well in the videos they created while we are talking about them now. So, now the biggest question in the mind of their fans is it really the scene of them dating each other or they were just being playful as a friend. Let’s find out who is Oompaville girlfriend and partner.

Who are KallMeKris and Oompaville?

KallMeKris is a very nice person and her real name is Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins. She is basically from British Columbia, Canada. Her age is just around 27 years but she is already a huge sensation on TikTok but she has not limited herself to TikTok as she is growing well in YouTube too. She does good comedy skits too. Now we can talk about Oompaville who is already making a great noise all over the social media. His real name is Caleb Hunter Phelps. He is a person who is born in Virginia. He then moved to Frisco, Texas. He got in to his family’s candy business. He has now got more than 4.7 million subscribers in his YouTube channel because of humor side which he shows with memes and Twitch clips.

Are KallMeKris and Oompaville dating?

These two persons are sharing a great chemistry between them as they make their environment electric. They are making things look cool with their combined wit and their teasing nature. Their showcasing of inside jokes and sharing their experience has made people love them more. They are just friends now and they have not disclosed more than that despite joking a lot.

KallMeKris and Oompaville relationship

Fans are confused whether they’re simply good friends or if there’s a blossoming romance between them. They’ve kept their fans guessing, it’s impossible to overlook the superb chemistry between them. Kallmekris has over 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube as he is known for his funny commentary on memes, Twitch clips, and various other topics. Fans are curious to know latest update on their relationship.

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