Who is Kim Rowoon sister? SF9 member age and family

How old is SF9 member Rowoon? K-drama fans excited to know Kim Rowoon’s family. Rowoon is a popular singer and actor not just in South Korea but across the globe. He has been enjoying a great time thanks to his works being loved a lot by his fans more often than not.

Kim Rowoon has been a K-Pop artist who loves to do unique works so that her fans can appreciate it a lot. He has taken Korean drama by a storm. He is also known as Kim Seok Woo. He has appeared in a lot of Korean dramas to and that is why we can see people knowing him and appreciating his skills a lot.

Kim Rowoon age

Rowoon was actually born on 7 August 1996 and he is already 27 years now. He is of around 6 feet and 2 inches. He is a guy who prefers to be called Rowoon rather than Kim Seok Woo as it is a bit short name. He has got a very encouraging family that has supported him in his journey of acting and singing since very beginning. His family name is Kim. This talented and outstanding entertainer lives with his family in Seoul. This family is a very close knitted one but we do not have any update regarding a lot of things except knowing about her elder sister Choco as they prefer a very private life.

Kim Rowoon wife and dating life

Kim Rowoon

Rowoon is single as of now and he has not preferred to marry yet. There were rumors that he was dating actress Kim Hye Yoon in past but it was not a confirmed news. He was probably in a relation with a non-celebrity girl before getting in to the world of entertainment. This talented star prefers to keep his personal life private. He has got an amazing career already.

Kim Rowoon Net Worth

Rowoon joined SF9 in 2016 and since then he has appeared in multiple songs , like School Where Stars Land, 2017, About Time, Extraordinary You, etc.

Rowoon has 255K followers on Instagram at the time of writing.

The Kim Rowoon net worth is $13.5 million. He is a known figure and celebrity in the K-drama entertainment industry. As a professional singer, he has managed to made his fortune and high amount of income. Also he is an actor and model in Korean movies. Recently he was appeared at KBS Drama Awards 2023 event.

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