Who is Omi in a Hellcat wife and ex-girlfriend Mimimissmay?

Who is Omi in a Hellcat? And how much is his net worth? Omi in a Hellcat is a music artist whose real name is Bill Omar Carrasquillo. As per his bio, he is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and internet personality. He is being trolled on social media by netizens due to his latest statements. In a statement, he offered $25 million to his ex-girlfriend for coming back. Netizens took no time to react to it and turned into a hot gossip debate on social media. Omi’s ex-girlfriend name is Mimimissmay and she is a famous Tiktok personality with millions like on her clips.

In addition to money, the musical artist offered 8 properties in exchange. This triggered a clash between the fans and Omi got trolled for this offer.

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Who is Omi in a Hellcat?

Omi in a Hellcat is a 38-years old musical artist and YouTuber who gained fame for his YouTube channel, where he documented his lifestyle, showcased luxury cars to his subscribers. He had shared multiple business ideas and schemes to his channel.

Omi in a Hellcat faced faced legal issues related to copyright infringement. This made him particularly well-known for his involvement in the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) industry. His online business and Ponzi schemes caught into controversies surrounding his business activities.

Omi in a Hellcat girlfriend

Omi in a Hellcat girlfriend name is Mimi who he was dating few years ago. They are no more together. Omi offered $25 million and multiple properties to his ex-girlfriend for coming back. He want to star a new relationship and new chapter of life with his ex. It was allegedly found that the YouTuber cheated on many girls (about 100). Netizens quickly reacted to the news and flooded the social media with new funny memes and posts.

Omi in Hellcat net worth

Omi in a Hellcat’s net worth was estimated to be in the millions of dollars. He owns expensive cars, luxury items and big house. He made his fortune primarily from his involvement in various online businesses. How showcases his luxury lifestyle videos on his YouTube channel which boasts 819K subscribers on channel.

Omi was sentenced to jail for five years due to multiple fraud charges. Many of his assets and cars were sold to pay the fine amount. Still YouTuber owns multiple properties worth millions and luxury house.

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