YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS Season 4, Phase 1, Day 1

Season 4, Phase 1, Day 1

Opening Prayers led by Highly Esteemed Pastor Emeka Ezeh

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD

I want to welcome you to today’s program. It’s the beginning of Season 4, phase 1.
I must tell you, when we started this journey 2020,; we didn’t envisage all that has happened since then (all the amazing things that God has done with us around the world.). The knowledge of his word is spreading across the world.
The amazing growth of God’s people during the period…and the spread of the gospel like never before.
And it’s wonderful.
Hallelujah! It’s getting greater by the day.

Now we are in Season 4 and the Lord has amazing things for us.

One of the things that you need to do by God’s grace from this phase, is to use the power of Visualization correctly.
Don’t let the covid perpetrators, collaborators and enablers control your life. That’s what they are trying to do.
Begin to live the life you want to live by the power of God.
Don’t let them control your life. Go above them. Don’t give them attention.

Listen and listen hard.
They may think that they are trying to get the world to conform to their vision but it is God that is showing you a greater way to live.
Don’t let them decide the circumstances of your life.
Go above them.
Dream bigger than they have ever thought and God will give you new ideas.

Open your eyes and look. There are abundant opportunities like never before. Don’t keep thinking “when are things going to be normal”. No,they don’t want that. They want you to be in feat everyday and oppressed.

They want to destroy your immunity. The .ask helps in destroying your immunity so why should they take it away from you?
You think that they are wearing a mask? They don’t. And they don’t care that you know it

Watch this video
(Video playout of a government official about to address the press who pretends he had been wearing the mask before).

He doesn’t wear it. But that’s the way they all are. They want you to put it on as a symbol of your captivity/subjugation.
Oh it makes them so happy to see policemen, students etc wearing it. It’s a joy to them.

They don’t intend for you to live ever again, a normal life. If you are ever going to live a normal life, the time is now. Put them behind you. Raise your vision. Truth is we’ve moved on. This is Post-covid…and all it’s associated evils.

Last communion service, I began to share something with you which I told you I would get more into.

The Seven Reigns of the Prophetic Timeline

The reason for this is the Legitimacy of Hope

When we pray to God in Hope, we have to know that we have a reason for our Hope.

Faith is not Faith, except it is based on Legality .

If a man hasn’t promised you something, you don’t have a right to expect it from him.
We can expect God to answer our prayer because he promised to, and it is consistent with his character.

So I endeavor to show you the prophetic timeline so you can see how legitimate our expectations are.

What did His word say? What should we expect?

(Screen image of the reigns)

1. The reign of Adam.
We had studied already so many things about Adams life and the prophetic timeline from Adam to the end of the age.

John 12:1 (Bethany, the house of Dates: YLWS Season 3, Phase 4)
Adam was 33 years old when the fall took place.

Remember that Adam Was created by God and right from Day 1 of his life, He was king over all the other creation. He was given dominion from the very beginning. Adam was created an adult..not a baby. He was an adult in Day 1 of his life.
God brought all the animals to Adam to be named by Him.

That’s amazing! How intelligent/smart he was.

Adam reigned till age 33 years.

The Reign of Death.
2. At the fall of Adam, what took over? Death Reigned from Adam to Moses.

(We don’t know anything except by the word and through the Holy Ghost. He is the one who gave us the information about how Adam was created)

Romans 5:14.
‘Moses’ refers to the Law of Moses, not the man.
Moses represented the Law which God gave him to give his people.

There is another important information that the word of God gives to us concerning death
Hebrews 2:14
By dying, Jesus destroyed Him that had the power of death, i.e. the devil
Satan controlled death.
So how did people die?

At the time of the Law, Death ceased to reign.
So how come death was still killing people during the era of the law?

Death reigned even over those who didn’t sin like Adam.
It reigned over all people until the Law.

There are names in several parts of Africa that mean “Death is King” or “we cannot resist death” etc.but they are wrong.
So where did Death get it’s power from after the Law!.

Hebrews 2:14-15
They were subject to bondage through the FEAR of death, not the POWER of death.
Because they were afraid to die, they were in bondage to death. Death intimidated them.
Spiritual death brought physical death.

The reign of the Law.

When the law was given, ANYBODY (not only Jews ..e.g. proselytes) who lived according to the law would have life.
The Law reigned from Moses to the Cross.

The Law was perfect but it couldn’t make those who obeyed it perfect. The law was spiritual.
There is a reason for that.

So the law reigned all the way to the cross.

Colossians 2:13
He nailed the law and all it’s claims to the cross.
That was the end of the Law.
(Further study: Romans 10, Galatians 4)

Galatians 3:13-14, Gal 4:5
Christ redeemed the Jews from the curse of the Law.
What about the Gentiles?
The very presence of the law to the Jews was the condemnation of the Gentiles because God said “you are not my people”.

4. Christ Reigns through the Church

From the cross, Jesus died; to paralyze the one who had the power of death.

Remember after the resurrection, Jesus told his disciples “All hail”.

The prophetic word, 1000 years before it even happened.
Psalm 110:1
Jesus showed that that had to do with him, when he questioned the Jews asking “whose son is Christ”…and they said “the son of David”.
So why does David call him “Lord “.

Psalm 110:1
He is going to be sitting until His enemies are made his footstool.
Between point A and Point B, what is supposed to be happening?
When does he sit? And when are the enemies made his footstool?

When he rules, it’s not in heaven (he has no enemies in heaven). So how will rule in the midst of his enemies when he is sitting at the right hand of God?

V3-4: what Zion is this? The new Jerusalem?

In the 1000 years of peace, all the enemies are shut down. Satan is in the abyss. So this is not referring to the millenial period.

Jesus is raised the Lord High Priest AFTER the resurrection. That’s why he didn’t allow Mary to touch him. He was taking his own blood to present at the mercy seat in heaven.

After Jesus presented his blood, he came back to earth and His disciples could touch him.
Before he ascended…

1 Cor 15:25
While He is ruling, He is the Lord’s High priest after the order of melchizedek. While he is waiting in Heaven, He is reigning.
He must reign UNTIL he has put enemies under his feet. He is aware that there are enemies who are acting as though they have not been defeated.
But while he is sitting, He is reigning.

Death has been defeated but it shall be destroyed. (As seen in Revelations)

Hebrews 10:12-14
Jesus sat down after offering the One sacrifice for sin forever .
This is no longer prophecy, it is fulfilment.
Jesus is right now sitting at the right hand of God.
He is waiting in expectation till his enemies be made his footstool.

Only one offering was necessary. His blood was divine.

But while he is waiting, He must reign.

Phil 2:9
God has already exalted him
Phil 2:5 -9
Jesus was obedient to God unto Death (not like the first Adam who was disobedient).
After His death, God exalted him.
Because God raised him from the dead and gave him a name that is above every title/government.

At the name of Jesus, every knee should bow!!!
This is the time in which we are living.
Jesus should reign.
His name has power.
At the name of Jesus, every knee SHOULD BOW.
That’s a sovereign declaration of Almighty God.
It’s a divine law.
Every knee is expected and decreed to bow.
Things in heaven, on earth and under the earth.

Romans 5:17
Death reigned from Adam because of his transgression.

Much more than death reigned, they which receive abundance of Grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life.

That’s why I said it’s time.
Don’t let these covid perpetrators bother you.
It’s time to Go wild for God.
They are doing exactly what the devil did. Using the fear of death.

Jose Biden made a vaccine mandate. But they haven’t been able to take him to court because it’s not a law.
It’s just a political statement.
That he said, doesn’t make it Law.
But people don’t know.
A lot of what these people are doing are illegal. They have no standing.
So why are you listening? Just do what you want to do.

There are people who are using what they said to make themselves afraid.
There is no law behind it.

The So-called FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine is a mirage. It was not approved.

Romans 5:17
At the millenial period we will reign WITH Christ.
But now we reign through his name. His church uses his name.
He has been given to be the head of his body, the church.

Ephesians 1:20-21
In Philippians, God has so exalted him. God gave him His seat of authority.
God has given him a name that is above every name. Far above every principality.

(Read Ephesians 1:22 in Amplified version, Weymouth, CJB, Rotherhams Emphasized Bible) look at the use of the tenses; the expressions.
This is extraordinary.
This is the name that we have.
Our hope is legitimate. It is rooted in the prophetic timeline of the bible; where we are located in the 4th reign between Christ’s resurrection and his Return.
As long as we are in this timeline, we can use his name and expect results.
We can use his name and cast out devils.
There were things that could not be done by Moses, David, Solomon. Etc
But Christ arose from the dead and gave us authority.
He told us to make Students of the nations. .

Have no fear. Fear no one.
Jesus said “I am with you always, even Unto the end of the age”.

The 5th Reign: Satan, Death and the Antichrist.

They dominate the 5th reign. The Antichrist reigns through his ” church”.

First off, Christ comes for his church. We are going to be caught up (raptured) to meet the Lord in the air.
And so shall we ever be with the Lord.
The reason He is coming is because of the Judgement of the nations. God intends to punish the nations of the world for the evils that they did.
He intends to judge Israel as well, and purify them

From the rapture of the church, terrible things will begin to happen in the world.

The first 3 chapters of revelation are the introduction to the 7 churches

In Chapter 4, the church has raptured. (This happens in the twinkle of an eye. There is no process)
Rev 3:10. Jesus says “I will keep you from that evil hour of temptation/trial”. He will take us out before the judgement/indignation begins.

Isaiah 26:20-21 (See Rev 19)

In Revelations 5: the lamb of God takes the book and opens the seal

From Revelations 6 to 19, It describes the judgements that will be poured out on the earth vividly. From chapter 11 describes the second half of the tribulation period.
From Day one, there is actually trouble ..even when people are saying “Peace”.

Rev 11:1-3
This is in Jerusalem. Terrible!
Each new chapter introduces new characters/demons/judgements.

The Antichrist conquers the world with a bow that has no arrows.

13 V 11-15
This evil personality is revealed (second beast).
The first beast in 13:1-5 rose from the sea (the Antichrist)
The devil gave this beast his power.

(Did you ever watch Beauty and the Beast? They try to make people fall in love with a Beast, like it’s not so bad. But it’s bad).

The world goes into Satan worship. They worship the Antichrist.

V5: He transforms from a man of peace into an evil beast.

V7: These are the tribulation saints in the earth at the time.

This beast comes from the earth. He is Human.

(Coming from the sea depicts the multiplicity of communities that accept/support such a character. The Antichrist is like a people’s man)

V11-12: has 2 horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon. (Remember the symbol of Satanism: Head of a goat/lamb with horns).
Who is this second beast? He is the leader of the One world church. .this is the one who is going to make people worship the Antichrist. He would go around getting people to believe in the Antichrist. (The Antichrist won’t be called Antichrist).
What we are seeing right now is a harbinger of things to come.
It seems like a kind of rehearsal of what is to come.
We are seeing a lot of church people saying it is alright to take the vaccine.
It’s not about the vaccine.
It’s about the knowledge of the holy; spiritual understanding.
If you have missed this now, what else might you have missed in life?
You ought to have spiritual understanding of the times and seasons. Being open to the leading of the Holy Ghost.
What kind of explanation can you give a out the virgin birth? Or about the resurrection?
There are some things you know by faith, by the spirit. If you don’t have that knowledge, maybe you are not one of his own.
“My sheep hear my voice …a stranger’s voice they will not follow”.

There was a true church already. This other one that they are trying to form, And organize from United Nations, where is the Holy Ghost in it?

How can a man from God be getting people to worship the Antichrist???

V14: Scientific miracles for Deception.

V15: How can God’s people be deceived? By these scientific miracles.
At this point, everyone would have been chipped.
The animated image of the Antichrist would be in every office, every location. The image will be able to speak to people.

The religious guy will authorize that those who don’t worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Who were those who encouraged Mayors and Governments to shut down churches? Ministers of the Gospel!!!!

They sold the church for something less than a morsel of food.

Thank God they couldn’t sell us. Hallelujah!!!

Look at the prophetic calendar.

The reasons for the rapture:
The judgement/ God’s wrath upon the earth/ Jacobs trouble.
Matthew 24:15-22
These elects are the Jewish Elect. For their sake, those days will be shortened.
(Revelations 11 and 12 gives you greater insight).

It’s important for us to recognize where we are right now and the Legitimacy of our prayer.
We should know that our claims are just, our cause is right and Satan has no chance.
Christ wants us to walk in Faith.
It’s a fight of faith so your faith must be at work.
Don’t let them control your life.

They are done. The vaccine project is a fiasco. It’s doomed.
Move things to a higher level.
The frustration is theirs.
We don’t get frustrated. That’s not us.
We walk in glory and in the excellency of the spirit.
We are different.

Altar call.


October 29th to 31st.
Pray towards it.
This is the biggest healing evangelism crusade in the world.
When we work together, no one can beat us.

(Healing streams testimony)

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