Rachel Sennott dating Stavros Halkias, age and ex-boyfriend of comedy star

Who is Rachel Sennott currently dating? Rachel Sennott of ‘The Idol‘ and ‘Ayo and Rachel Are Single‘ is a comic to watch. Is she dating anyone? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re not familiar with Rachel Sennott, get prepared to cry. Rachel is most known for her collaborations with fellow comic queen Ayo Edebiri, and she has carried her humor from open mics to Twitter to T.V. and cinema and beyond. Notably, she and Ayo co-created the funny, short-lived Comedy Central series Ayo and Rachel Are Single (three short episodes are available online and are well worth your time).

The rumors are circulating that Sennott is dating Stavros Halkias at this time. Stav is a podcaster and comedy star in USA.

Rachel Sennott is now dating, but who?

Rachel appears to be dating Logan Miller, an actor in films such as Escape Room and Love, Simon. Fans first noticed Rachel chatting about an unknown man on Twitter in December 2020, when she claimed a “new boyfriend” (along with a terrible new U.T.I.). While she did not divulge the mysterious man’s name, admirers who looked through her tagged Instagram pictures observed Logan sharing photos of them.

Although candid Rachel is about most things on social media (even almost cutting herself in the leg), you won’t discover much about her love life on her Instagram. For someone who previously stated that her boyfriend in college inspired her to pursue a comedy career, her Instagram profile is loaded with professional promotions, flattering photos, and besties rather than her relationships.

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Rachel Sennott ex-boyfriend and relationship

On the other hand, Logan has posted some adorable photos of the two together with loving words. His first post regarding Rachel appears to be from December 2020, when he published a photo of the two in front of a mirror. Logan shared additional photos with Rachel in June 2021, commenting, “Weekend with my love is special.” Then, in September 2021, he captioned a black-and-white photo of the two.

Soon after, Logan uploaded a photo of the two with the comment,

Happy birthday to the love, the queen, the G.O.A.T.” Inside, and exterior, she is the most gorgeous spirit I’ve ever encountered. Have a fantastic day!

Rachel Sennott and Stavros Halkias

Logan shared a slideshow of photos from a vacation to Santa Barbara in June 2023, including one of Rachel.

That same month, Rachel shared some amusing details about how she approached dating while single.

As per the news, Rachel Sennott is dating comedy star Stavros Halkias. 

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