The Brothers Sun actor Justin Chien age, ethnicity and net worth

How old is actor Justin Chien? Know his biography and professional acting career. Justin Chien is a top-notch actor and producer, and we all know him for the fine work he presents to his audience. He is attracting fans for his new Netflix series ‘The Brother Sun‘.

Justin Chien’s movies have been attracting a lot of audience thanks to his skills and works. He has been doing movies like Endless Yesterday, Fine China, and Continuum, to mention a few of the quality movies he has done. He is an actor who plays vital roles and that are being actually expected from him since he has worked a lot on his craft so that audience always find him fresh without any second thoughts at all.

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Justin Chien biography and age

Justin Chien was born in China. He has grown up in Los Angeles, California, USA after his family moved to USA. He has been looking different because he belongs to mixed ethnicity thanks to his parents. His mixed culture helped him to land into different roles and movies in his professional life.

The Justin Chien’s age is 26 years. He was born in 1998.

Justin Chien nationality and ethnicity

Justin Chien’s parent’s names are Carl Chien and Virginia Hu Chien. His dad was born on December 20, 1964 in Taipei City, Taiwan. His age is around 30 years old. He is working in a top position with J.P. Morgan. Virginia Hu Chien does not prefer to be public usually and that is why she keeps low profile, and that is why we do not have any updates regarding her. She is a fine lady who has been a great backbone of this family.

Chien’s nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed.

Justin Chien Height and weight

Justin Chien is around 5 feet 11 inches. He is known for amazing roles in The Order, Minolta, and Cyclists. He is a typically unorthodox actor who loves creating something different to surprise his fans. He has got an amazing entertainment career ahead of him without any doubt at all. Let us wait for more of his works.

Justin Chien Net Worth

The Justin Chien’s net worth is $1.14 million. The actor also tried his hand in the producing movies and worked as associate producer for ‘Fine Chine (2020)‘ and ‘Endless Yesterdays (2021)‘.

In 2024, he is playing the role of Charles in the latest Netflix series ‘The Brothers Sun‘.

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