Who is Angry Ginge girlfriend Kaci Jay? Confessed her love in public, fans react

Meet Angry Ginge, the TikTok sensation known for his jokes, gaming, and love for soccer, boasting a whopping 1.2 million followers on his angryginge13 account. The gaming content creator born as Morgan Burtwistle in England on November 13, 2001 and this makes him 22-year-old. Not only on TikTok but he has expanded his empire to YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

Who is Angry Ginge?

Angry Ginge started his TikTok adventure in April 2020 when the world was in lockdown, Angry Ginge quickly became the go-to guy for witty videos and soccer fun, all with his fiery red hair stealing the show. His catchphrase, “Gingers do have souls,” became a motto for redheads everywhere. Besides TikTok, he is rocking a 100k subscribers YouTube channel, showcasing gaming and soccer skills.

Angry Ginge gaming career

Angry Ginge’s live Twitch sessions, featuring FIFA, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, keep fans hooked. Across all platforms, Angry Ginge is the multi-talented sensation we can’t get enough of. When it comes to his personal life, Morgan Burtwistle keeps it low-key, focusing on his “ginger army” of fans.

Despite whispers and rumors about his love life, Angry Ginge remains tight-lipped, letting his career and charitable work take the spotlight. Recently, he stepped onto the field for the Sidemen Charity Match, a star-studded soccer event. The excitement was tangible as Angry Ginge proudly represented the Sidemen team.

Angry Ginge confesses her love for Kaci Jay

In his recent video, Angry Ginge confessed that he likes Kaci Jay who is also a YouTuber and influencer with over 50 million views on her videos. Netizens are quite excited and believe that Angry Ginge and Kaci are dating each other. Even few fans asking that ‘are they getting married?‘.

Officially, Angry Ginge is not in relationship with Kaci Jay but he wanted to date her as he told in a podcast show.

Angry Ginge YouTube charity stream

After his 26-minute YouTube video, “I PLAYED In The SIDEMEN Charity Match!,” captured the highlights, behind-the-scenes magic, it as well banter with fellow players. The video, now a viral sensation with over 1 million views in four months, has fans cheering for Morgan Burtwistle.

They appreciate not just his on-field skills but also his humor and editing skills. It’s a celebration of his journey, from TikTok star to the player who rocked the Sidemen Charity Match. In the fast-paced world of online entertainment, Angry Ginge effortlessly masters gaming, comedy, and soccer. The question on everyone’s mind: What exciting adventure will this red-haired dynamo conquer next?

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