Who is Oompaville girlfriend? Age and dating journey of music artist

Who is YouTuber Oompaville girlfriend? Is he dating someone or single? YouTube is glowing amazingly with stars who are taking this social media platform with storm. This social media platform has given growth to many people globally and people nowadays do not depend on the big production houses for launching themselves. This platform is equal for all to utilize and it depends on them where they reach. Now, we are going to talk about the creator of a YouTube channel called Oompaville. This channel was created in November 19, 2010 and the first video in this channel came up on March 5, 2014. The creator of this channel is called Papa Oompsie and he is popular for his in-depth posting quality of the videos. Is he dating anyone? Who is the current partner of Oompaville?

The growth of Papa Oompsie and Oompaville

Papa Oompsie is an YouTuber who loves to create tutorial videos about his favorite games along with showing some in-game highlight videos. He mixes them up with comedy styled commentary. He has also founded Sour Boys sour candy company and leads it as its founder and CEO. Before the fame hit him, he was leading a corporate life and now he is enjoying this fame without any strings attached. He has got quite an achievement with the popularity he has achieved these days when every gaming video lover knows him.

Papa Oompsie age

The real name of Papa Oompsie is Caleb Hunter Phelps and he has got more than 4.7 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. His most popular video has crossed more than 11 million views in total. He was born and brought up in Front Royal, Virginia and later went to Texas with his whole family. This 27 years old guy was born on August 29, 1996. He was in relationship with Shyane who used to come up in his videos but they split in 2022.

Oompaville dating life

The Oompaville seems to be dating with KallMeKris who is also a Youtube personality. According to the fans theory, both are dating each other but none of side confirmed it officially. Both the YouTubers worked in collaboration on multiple videos. Fans are holding interest in the chemistry between Oompaville and KallMeKris.

The Oompaville’s dating life is very confusing. Secretly, he was in relationship last year. His ex-girlfriend name is Shyane. He has 213K followers on the Instagram. He makes income from YouTube videos and sponsored content on social media.

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