Danny Aarons’s new girlfriend Tennessee Thresher, are they dating each other?

Rising YouTuber Angry Ginge recently reacted on the Danny Aarons new girlfriend Tennessee? Netizens took no time to react and discuss about the new couple of social media. Who is Danny Aarons? Danny Aarons is the 21-year-old Londoner who has been turning heads on YouTube with his football and gaming content, amassing a whopping 1.6 million subscribers. His journey to stardom kicked off in 2018 with FIFA game streams, particularly his popular FUT Champions content, racking up an impressive 600 million views.

Meet Danny Aarons

Recently, he’s teamed up with Excel Esports, a major UK-based Esports organization, and regularly collaborates with channels like Sidemen. In a surprising twist, Danny Aarons and Tennessee Thresher spilled the beans on their official couple status through an Instagram story. Their story began during the fourth season of the ‘Locked in’ reality show by Footasylum, where playful interactions sparked rumors of a romantic involvement.

Danny Aarons new girlfriend

Tennessee Thresher

Despite playing down any hints of a relationship in interviews, their Instagram reveal left fans in shock, turning it into headline-worthy news across social media.

Tennessee Thresher – age and short bio

Born on November 5, 2000, in Surrey, England, Tennessee Thresher is not just a model but a lifestyle influencer with a substantial following- 700k on Instagram and 832k on TikTok.

Beyond her role as a Fashion Nova ambassador, she collaborates with major YouTube channels, podcasters, and frequently appears in interviews. She is known for her boxing match against Paigey Cakey for DAZN X Series, Tennessee’s romantic journey took an unexpected turn with Danny Aarons, following a brief fling with drill rapper Digga D in 2021.

How fans and YouTube community reacted to Danny Aarons and Tennessee relationship?

Aaron and Tennessee Thresher

Initially aiming to keep their relationship on the down-low, the internet detectives were quick to connect the dots. Danny recently shared a post while enjoying a game of darts, and the comment section quickly filled with curious inquiries about his companion for the game. It became evident that keen eyed followers had noticed Tennessee’s presence at the event. Danny’s live stream and subsequent YouTube video confirmed the couple’s status, sparking lively discussions online about this surprising yet exciting union. Fans are eagerly awaiting the unfolding of this new chapter for the gamer couple, filled with anticipation and hopes for a remarkable journey ahead.

Angry Ginge, rising gaming content creator also reacted on the Danny Aarons’s new girlfriend and shared photos.

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