Notes for Your Loveworld Phase 5

Day 1

Tuesday 5th April 2020

Transcribed by Sis Chiagozie

I’d like to welcome you to today’s program. I’m sure so far you’ve been blessed with the music, prayers and ambience of the spirit that you have been brought into at this moment.

So much for us to look into in this phase of our series of programs and I’d like to let you know that we are doing these things as the spirit of God is inspiring, Leading and guiding us.
The world belongs to Jesus Christ.
I look at what’s happening in our world today with Faith and with concern
Faith in Gods word; Faith for the continually victorious life irrespective of circumstances… But deep concern for those who are ignorant of the truth.
You look at the bible and there so much information on *the price of ignorance*.

There’s a lot of knowledge today in science and technology in comparison with the past, not in comparison to our potentials. Man has not yet risen to the best of his potential.
That’s why it’s troubling when a scientist says his suggestion is the only way and there are no alternatives.
Its an insult to the dignity of man

A lot of what is happening is not science and a lot of scientists are speaking up around the world.
E.g. I said the Lockdown is not science…now a lot of scientists and virologists have spoken up to say that *the lockdown is not science*.

Stunning that everything we knew became like we never went to school.
Now reports have come from several countries to say that the Lockdown didn’t really achieve any real results from it. (Director of the FDA. In the USA).
It would be good for politicians. But we are dealing with saving lives….and those steps didn’t save lives. Intact, they put lives at risk. This is the truth.

At the beginning of this whole quagmire, I did say it was time to VET THE TESTING.
Whoever said that the test kits were accurate when the virus was still under study?
Now several countries have cried out that something was wrong with their test kits.

(E.g..Spain seeks refund coronavirus kits after replacement kits prove faulty).

What is this idea that countries that were never supposed to have the virus are proving positive… Isn’t someone thinking?

Recently, Tanzania president sent animal samples… A goat, a sheep and pawpaw tested positive for the virus. Proof for him that the tests were a fraud.

Its time to think!!!

I told you about *state capture*. This is so important because it is through politics of generosity.
If you want to know if a state or country is under threat of state capture, find out ‘who are the sponsors of its centres for disease control’?
If it is not controlled solely by the country, then it is already a victim of state capture.
*He who pays the Piper dictates the tune.*
After financing such countries, they would be empowered by law to run the country and dictate to them…

I read to you, the modus operandi of the Antichrist, how through peace, generosity and nice speeches would creep into the lives of people and then destroy many.
When they believe they are secure, destruction comes.

How can those who have an ideology for population reduction produce vaccines to save your lives?
Think about it!
Isn’t it clear?
They have stated clearly that the way to reduce population is through vaccination.
1. To reduce fertility
2. Through death.

When you hear people died and they are not close to you, it feels like numbers. It doesn’t get to you. To make us hardened to this, we are not supposed to see the dead. They are to be buried by God knows whom.
These new bills and laws provided through the centres for disease control need to be properly studied before they are passed.
And you will see many things that completely rob you of your rights as a human person.

Make sure you read the Bills.
Some are horrible! That anybody would consider passing them to law…
Some countries have passed them and their lawmakers never read them.
Now they have sold their children and generations.

This is *state capture through politics of generosity*. Where we bow to those who seem to be giving us money or helping us.
Always find out ‘who is helping you’? And At what price?

Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits… But what about those who don’t have this life of Christ or know what to do?
We have to help them with the knowledge and wisdom of God.

The other issue is the one about the masks… I’ve never seen something so embarrassing to science.

The masks (which are usually used by Doctors and Nurses) ARE NOT USEFUL IN PUBLIC! THEY ARE USED IN CLEAN ENVIRONMENTS For a certain purpose…
Not for the malls, and parks.

In the beginning, the CDC said Masks would not work… Then they went back and said ‘Wow, we need them’.
If it is based on science, then it is open to debate.
Wearing it is not science, but it is worn because of the law given by politicians.
In fact, scientifically, it is dangerous to health.

One of the things that any school should teach you is how to distinguish forms, reality and become analytical. And science is learning. it’s always improving.

The virus is everyone’s concern because its killing people. But HOW it is killing them is what we are not allowed to know because THERE ARE NO AUTOPSIES. How then are we supposed to know? This again IS NOT SCIENCE FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!
Everything is based on ‘Models’ and not on ‘Real data’ which means it is based on speculation and science cannot be speculation!!!
(ask any scientist if what I said is disputable).

That’s why we need to pray for presidents and rulers.

Many of you are doctors and professors. You need to speak up. You don’t need to be bought. Tell the truth from your conscience.

In life, we have 2 groups. Good and bad. We also have those who are in medicine for the purpose of curing or healing people… And then those who want to learn more about human beings for research.
We must pray that the forces of Good will overcome the forces of evil.
One of the reasons for prayer is to cause light to come to the fore.

There are some people who were posting about President Trump talking about churches opening soon.
Pray for this president of the United States.
When God places any of his children in a position, Hell would do everything to destroy that individual.
Why does Trump find himself supporting Christian causes and causes about Jews and Israel.?

(Video clip of Dr Clarence Sexton talking about Donald Trump as a child)

Really moving!!!
Pray for the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

*Revelations 1:-*
We had started from chapter 4 and I told you that after the last chapter we would start from the first chapter and you would know why.

V1-2: God gave the revelation to Jesus Christ who gave it to his Angel to give it to John.

V3: I am blessed and you are blessed reading and hearing the prophecy. Make sure you keep the things written in the book so that your blessing will be complete.

V4: The seven churches in Asia… Let’s see where there were in John’s days using the world Map. (Asia Minor)

1. Ephesus
2. Smyrna
3. Pergamon
4. Thyatira
5. Sardis
6. Philadelphia.
7: Laodecia.

Some ask questions like whether they were prophetic or real churches.
They were real churches at the time…and there were more churches which didn’t get any of those letters/warnings from John.

When we start dealing with each church and the letter written to them, you would understand why.

Let’s look at the modern-day Map of the same area. *They are all in modern-day TURKEY!!!!*

That helps you to have some bearing to the discussion.

V4- These churches were not necessarily started by John.
(We have a book titled *the 7 spirits of God* to know more about this)
Evidently, he is talking about God Almighty

V5: Jesus Christ is God Almighty’s Faithful witness and the firstborn from the dead.
He is nor talking about physical death. He is talking about Spiritual death. Jesus was the first to come out if Spiritual death.

He is the Prince of the Kings of the earth. He is the one who *loved* us and *washed* us (past tense) from our sins in His own blood (not the blood of an animal)

V6: in the same strength with which he loved us…he has made us kings and priests… (He already did it).
The right rendering there is actually ‘King Priests’.
He isn’t saying we are a kingdom of priests. In the Greek, he is dealing with King Priests

Why is John saying it? Because it is a fulfilment of prophecy.

*Exodus 19: 5-6*
The understanding of God’s promise here is important. It’s far deeper than that. He meant ‘Royal priests’. The word translated Kingdom, is the word ‘Royal”/Royalty.

The Christ was to come in the order of Melchizedek, the King Priest…not the order of Levi; And this order is a kingdom of Priests. All the priests are Kings.
Melchizedek was a king of righteousness and priest of the Most High God.

In Exodus, this was a promise.

Peter Knew that the fulfilment of that prophecy had taken place in Christ Jesus
*1 Peter 2:9*
Jesus obeyed God’s word, for us whom would believe in him. All the promises of God in Christ are YES. He fulfilled the prophecy; He delivered all that he received from God the father for Us.
We have been made King priests, a peculiar people. We are in his marvellous light. That’s where we dwell and how God sees us. .
Rev 1:6- He has done it!!!
As far as God is concerned, He’s got this royal priesthood right now.

Rev 1V7: He is coming!!
He didn’t say he is coming in or through the clouds… He said ‘He comes with clouds’.
What clouds?
When he ascended, the bible says ‘a cloud received him out of their sight’.
That was just one cloud.
Now he is coming with several clouds.
A cloud of saints, angels…
Kingdoms of the earth will cry because of him.

V8-9: John begins to prophesy in the first person…
John had been banished to the island of Patmos because of the preaching of the gospel.

The adversary was setting the stage for worldwide persecution, not Christians like we have never seen before. Even the perpetrators don’t even know that they were building it. Satan was behind it all. But thank God we have prayed and made changes in the spirit) . The world was moving to a stage of the deadliest persecution, not Christians ever known.
Right now in some countries, if you are suspected to be praying with other Christians, your next-door neighbour could call the police. (In fact, you would not know who was calling the police to your door).
They visit churches right now that they SUSPECT to be meeting.

But no matter what, Christians are going to pray, fellowship and meet.
For now though… They are patient for a moment because they believe we are helping the Government to fight the virus.

Outwardly it looks like Christianity is so nice etc but a lot of persecution is going on. (E.g. China)..
What led to the persecution of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego? Of Daniel? Of Esther? Of the annihilation of the Jews?
In each of those cases, the king didn’t know of the agenda.

Some make plans and laws…and the President signs. This has happened again and again in history
The things that were written were done for our learning.
The stage had already been prepared.
People were already being trained.
‘Call.the authorities if you suspect anything’
(People who don’t call the police for robbery are not reporting Christians).

Thank God we are arresting the situation in the spirit. Because there is a lot more that needs to be done in winning people for Jesus and getting ready for the coming of the Lord…

John was banished to Patmos. Other disciples were persecuted.
V10-11: The Lords day was Sunday.

We will stop here for today. But we will learn about these churches and how the warnings in the letters apply to us in our day.


Day 2

Welcome to today’s program…

Now there are several questions from many of you around the world.
I’ll read 2 or 3 which *I will not answer immediately because the answers to these questions will come to you while we teach in the next few days.*

Q: Is the Lake of Fire a real lake or is it symbolic.?

A: It is real. Why its called a lake is because it’s in the midst of other heavenly bodies that have nothing to do with it. Like a body of water…but its all fire inside. Its different from Hell.

Q: Will a Gay that’s a Christian and endorse Gods work be raptured?
Q: What role will Africa play in the ministry (period) of the Antichrist?

I want to bring your mind to The questions the disciples of Jesus asked him.

Matt 24:1-3
When shall these things be?
What shall be the sign of thy coming?
What shall be the sign of the end of the age?

These are 3 different questions which will be happening at 3 different times in 3 different places. That’s why in explaining these signs of the end times, I took you through different books. You would have known the coming of the Lord won’t have happened 10 or 50years ago if you were studying the Bible.

Jesus actually described clearly what the signs will be. That’s why I took you through these details to show you how close it is. I showed from the gospels and other parts of the Bible so that you’ll see how definite Jesus was. There are other teachings that’ll help you see the times and seasons and they show you how close His coming is so that you know how to plan your life.

I want to show you an old video of a man by name Pastor Carl Sanders who is responsible for the creation and design of a microchip. He was not a Christian when he created it and now he’s a Christian but he’s spent the rest of his life warning Christians not to take the mark of the beast.

(Video playout).

They would like to put the Chip in the head or in the hand… Think about that.
In the last verse that talked about the grievous sore that could not be healed… It will be on the people who would take the mark of the beast
This was confirmed by the scientist about the effect of lithium in the body.

Remember this is the guy responsible for designing the microchip
Tell me he doesn’t know what he is saying.
And this was 20 years ago…
Now think what has happened since then.
The microchip was said to be the most remarkable invention in the past 20 years.
He has explained the connectivity with the body and the signals outside.

We ere not trying to stop those things from happening. They are going to happen. But we have to prepare Gods people and ensure that things happen in the earth according to Gods timing and season…(that’s part of our calling and why we pray and intercede).
The things will happen but we have to warn and prepare Gods people.
Noah warned people in his time but a lot of people didn’t believe him. Only his family did.
God didn’t change his plans because only 8 people believed. He still destroyed the whole world save for the 8 and the animals they put inside the ark.

Everywhere you go today in this world, there is a sign.. The destruction of the world with water is evident everywhere. Every scientific evidence shows that it happened. All experiments have shown it and can determine the time when it happened.
Archaeologists also found remains of the ark that was built by Noah….where the Bible said it would be.

Don’t deceive yourself and think these things are just seasonal talks. They are reality.

Revelations 1-3 are preparing you for Chapter 4 onwards.

*Revelations 1:*
John was on the island of Patmos. It was an island close to the location of the 7 churches.
Patmos is currently a part of Greece.

That’s where John was, banished to prison there at the time of great persecution… and he received these Revelations there. God told him what to write.

Vs10: The lords day was the day of the resurrection because the Lord resurrected on Sunday Morning.

Be careful of spiritualizing things if they are not meant to be spiritualized.
Those 7 churches were located in Asia Minor at that time.

Some preach that these are ‘spiritual levels’ that must be attained. .the word doesn’t give us any such indication and yet we can learn a lot from these without spiritualizing their location.
There is no point trying to locate yourself in the state of one of the churches. Don’t get yourself into such difficulty. The word does not suggest it.

(E.g. The promised land is not a type of heaven that you journey to. It is the type of place of inheritance. You don’t journey there. You are born into it)

He saw 7 golden candlesticks.
The one in the midst of the candlesticks had 7
stars in his right hand.

Remember during the last supper, it was John that had his head on the chest of Jesus who asked about who would betray him. He was close to Jesus.
Now, When he sees Jesus in his glory in this chapter, He passed out.
He was gripped with fear.
V18. Jesus has the keys of Hell and of death.

Right from the old to new Testament, the teaching of Hell has been very consistent.
Hell in the old testament was called Sheoul…Hell/Grave.
When you look at the verse connected to Sheol, They are not trying to tell you about a 6-foot deep pit or a place of some fire. .they give you an understanding of abode of spirits or of the dead. They also give you an understanding that it is in some subterranean region.
Isaiah 38:10…
The word translated grave there is Sheoul (Hebrew word)
Isaiah 14:9a.
The idea is that it is somewhere below. There is spiritual direction/location. It is beneath/Below.
Proverbs 15:24… The same idea of someplace/abode of spirits/not in this world but somewhere beneath.

In the Greek, this same place is called *Hades*.
Its not talking about the place of suffering or a place of fire… It’s like an intermediate place between life and judgement where the dead are made to wait.
Understanding it more through various scriptures you will understand that in the spirit, it’s talking about the same place.
Hell is divided into two parts.
One place of suffering and another part that isn’t.

Jesus enlightened us with the story of the rich man and Lazarus (not a parable… It was about definite people).
At that time, Abraham’s bosom was still in Hades. That is why the Hebrews called Sheoul Abraham’s bosom.

Now, Abraham’s bosom is no longer in Hades, because they all resurrected with Jesus. The only people left there are unrighteous.
Jesus speaking about it used the term Gehenna (a place of suffering), helping them understand the hell that is a fire.
The rich man was so thirsty in there that he wanted a drop of water from Lazarus. Abraham explained that there was a great Gulf between the 2 sides.
Mark 9:47- He said ‘Hell FIRE’.

*REV 1:18*
Keys refer to authority.
He tells John to write the things which he is seeing in the revelation…
The things about the current condition of the churches…
And the things which would happen in future.

Jesus begins to explain to him the mystery which John had just seen.

(Remember we learnt the 7 stars are the Angels of the churches who were Human messengers/Pastors).
The 7 candlesticks are the churches.

*Revelations 2:1*
This was the only church that got an Epistle from Paul to us.

*A bit of background On Ephesus would be helpful.*
John didn’t start the church in Ephesus.
The whole story is in 2 chapters. Acts 18 and 19.
Paul, went to Ephesus and while there, he tried to explain the gospel to the Jewish congregation there, and there was a mixed reaction… But he needed to make a journey so he didn’t stay.
After he left, in came Apollos; And Apollos convinced a lot of the Jews that Jesus was the Christ.

Priscilla and Aquila learnt he didn’t know a lot about the gospel so they taught him because he was very bold.
Then Apollos left.
Then Paul came back and this time he met a few believers, converts from Apollos ministry… They were just 12 men.
Paul asked if they had received the holy ghost. They hadn’t. He laid hands on them and they received the holy ghost.
Trouble broke out because more people believed.
The Jewish congregation was offended. So Paul separated the brethren from the Jewish congregants and began with them using a school facility.
So…who started the church? Apollos or Paul?

What could have happened to this church? Was it in good condition?
This was a church that was Faithful and loved the Lord and the brethren as seen in Paul’s writings. Paul stressed the Love of God to them in several verses.
Why is that important? Because of what we find here in Rev 2.
At this point, this church was less than 50 years old. It started 54AD and Revelations was written around 96AD.

*Revelations 2:2-3*
The question ‘who is the apostle to Ephesus’ may have come up too at that time.
Every time you have such indefiniteness… There are some who take advantage of such divisions.
Paul told the Corinthians ‘though you have several instructors in Christ. You have only one Father”.
So there were some that had come to Ephesus as Apostles who God didn’t send and they found out.
These words were written to the Credit of the Ephesus. That church was very hardworking.

V4: They left their first love? What about all that Labor they were just praised for?
God tells them to repent.
He threatened to take the church out of its place.
What was the first love?
Evidently, it refers to their love and passion for Jesus Christ.

*I John 4:20*
To Love Jesus, you must express it in loving God’s people. *Our loving the brethren is our showing that we love Christ.*

*1 Tim 5:8*
Paul was writing about God’s people and how their expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ would be in their relationship with people.
You can be working/labouring/sanctimonious but that love is important.
Jesus told the Ephesian church to do the *first works*: loving Christ so much that you express it in loving others.
*The love of God that you demonstrate in works is so important. These are works of Love. You demonstrate that love towards those that you can see, to begin with*.

*You are serving God, But you will not help your siblings? You can’t remember them, but you remember God? What about your Parents?*

Sometimes, you have a Christian who will not provide for his spouse or for his children.
*Loving God is expressed in loving people.*

In Christ, we also have spiritual families and they are just as important.

As a Pastor do you remember those that labour with you? Do their financial conditions affect you or are you hard-hearted towards them?

What about fellow ministers? Neighbouring churches going through difficult times?

These are things we need to rethink and repent of.

You are in a position and have a fellow Christian working with you who has not been paid for 3 months…..????.

Removing the candlestick means, that church will no longer be there… *the relevance of the church is in its ministry of Love*

God told Judah if you don’t repent, “I will get you out of my sight”. The place that you were supposed to be, he would get you out of there.

Did the Ephesian church repent? I don’t know. But it is Moslems that are there now.
All the churches written to… All those cities are taken over by Moslems.
They may have repented earlier and gone back to their works.
.. But the same principle remains.

*Walking in Love has No alternative*.
Make up your mind and train yourself to walk in love.
*Don’t be hardened against your brethren, siblings, other ministers…*
Let your heart be softened.

Be easily stirred to help.
It is better that they take advantage of you for doing good than not to do it.
*Can your goodness expire?*
You have a never-ending stream of goodness that can’t run dry.

Just imagine… We love to do things for God. We plan to build a church building…then…we don’t pay those who are working for us… *Do you think He will like to use that building?* Maybe not!

These are some of the sins in the churches.
There are some things that are more important in life. There are things to be repented of.

*People are the true value*.
They are the ones for whom Jesus came.

He didn’t come to set up large groups or structures.
*Till you see the individuals as persons, the one million congregation means Nothing to God.*

We can be so big and so known and have BIG things to do that individual lives are not important to us.
Only the large crowds and large platforms…
When Jesus sees that…he sees Ephesus!!!

And if you don’t repent, he will remove the candlestick out of its place.

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

When you become very big and you are so protected by security paraphernalia. One could be in such a need and we would get insensitive to know what to attend to and what to ignore. But Jesus was not like that. He heard the cry of individuals.
Would you be sensitive to the cry of that one individual that’s difficult to see?

These are things that must come through your mind and ask the Lord to show you those things you need to address.
Ask for a heart of love and where there is no person you don’t love, where you value individuals and give attention to the high and the lowly… The one gorgeously dressed and the one who looks ragged.
It’s up to you.
You would like the lord to think well of you.

Pray about your current condition and the guidance of the spirit in your life, for your pastors and your churches.
Pray even for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.

Pray now.


Day 3

Welcome to today’s program
The ministry of the holy spirit is indispensable and we thank God for the power of his word. The effect of truth in our spirits.
We were created by God, by his word, and his word is truth.
Truth has an eternal effect on our spirits because that’s our source.
And that’s why falsehood. Deception, lies and lying destroy the human spirit. Lying is not consistent with your nature. You were created by truth.
You can live in truth and whenever you live in truth, you are triumphant, your spirit glows. You win. Because truth will always make you prevail.
Truth will make you free.
Man was created by God to be free. You cannot be bound. Truth is his true nature.
Think about that and its stern effect of success, Victory, health in your life.

*Daniel 7:24-25*
(We have reviewed this area several times during this period)
That ‘another that shall arise’ is the beast, the Antichrist.

But then, look at *verse 25.*

Not only will he have the intention to do this, he will have the power to do it. He will proceed to do it for a specific period … During the great tribulation…for three and a half years… AND THAT TIME HAS NOT COME.

This is not the first time that Satan has made an attempt to take over the world but during the time, he will have power even over the saints, to do whatever he wants to do.
But he has a short time and he wants to start it ahead. And if we let him. He will do it.
Look through history, you will see he has done this several times before.

So we need to understand these things and walk in the light and wisdom of God and power of the Holy spirit enforce the will of the father in the name of Jesus.

“…He shall wear out the saints of the Most High. ”
*Why is that important?*

What is means is that He will afflict the saints, harass them constantly.
So much evil till you get used to seeing it.

This is Satan’s Modus operandi. It’s his strategy and way of doing things.

*2 Peter 2:6-7*
Lot was the nephew of Abraham and he was vexed daily in seeing and hearing.
We are in a certain situation right now…and what the devil wants is for us to adjust to a ‘new normal’ from him instead of saying NO WAY!
He wants to be the one to determine how we live and how we worship.
You can only serve God by his instruction.

Cains offering was rejected because he brought an offering according to what he chose not according to what God asked them for (a burnt offering).

It matters HOW we serve God. Don’t get used to some new normal that Satan wants to put into your life. This is an attempt at the destruction of the church by Satan.
Learn to pray. Use what God has taught you. His word… And you have to be persistent in your faith.

*From Monday 11th to 13th, we will have a global fasting and prayer all over the world. Old and young alike. (Tell as many of Gods people as you know).*

While we have been achieving a lot in the spirit, there are 3 things I want to bring to your mind. (Prayer points)

1. Restraining the power of man to control this world with evil and violence. (Man has power. Make no mistakes about it). We have dealt with Satanic forces, but man as a being. Also, have a capacity for evil especially after being under the influence of Satan, He would have acquired a nature of wickedness.
2. To regain our rights as God has given us… And those rights are consistent with the Bill of rights (which certain people don’t want to recognize). They have been signed to by most nations of the world and are easy to understand that human beings have rights.
3. Fast and pray against the decrees of darkness to force us to live in the world of the beast before his time. (An environment, government or system, created by the Antichrist ahead of its time)


Remember when there was a Decree in the days of Daniel, that everyone must, for 30 days, only pray to the Nebuchadnezzar, The King and not any other God.

And the Bible tells us that the officials who came together to plan this thing did it because of Daniel and his Jewish relatives… And anyone who broke the law would be thrown into a fiery furnace and the city would gather to watch him burn.
*Think about it*.

Well, they got 3 men who would not bow to the image of Nebuchadnezzar.
If you were told to flee, where would you run to? This was the dominion, not Nebuchadnezzar.

Were they arrested? Yes.
Were they thrown into the fire? Yes.
Did they burn? No.
God saved them.

In Esther’s day, the King signed an edict that all the Jews in Shushan be killed and their property confiscated.
A day was appointed and the decree was signed.
Knowing that such a document had been signed, that everyone who was a Jew should be killed BY THEIR NEIGHBOR… and their businesses taken.
Power was given to THE CITIZENS to destroy the Jews.
(Remember Germany: the decree for the Holocaust was not new)
Well, the Jews could not go/run anywhere.
When Mordecai found out it had been signed, He called for prayer and fasting. And they all fasted throughout the land… Because *what Man cannot stop, God can stop!!!!*
When the adversary is too powerful for you as a man to stop, God can stop him.

That’s why we should all pray. God can do something even though there are those who believe there is nothing we can do.

It doesn’t matter how powerful the adversary is, what position they occupy or how much money they have.

Remember the whole kingdom supported the king regarding that edict. As long as that thing is inconsistent with God’s will and purpose, we his children must take a stand.

By Gods grace, we will not only be inspired to pray, God WILL ANSWER US.
So, get ready. We will do it and effect changes in this world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

*Today’s Discussion*

When there is a new device or new car … A more current version announced/advertised with far better features, what happens to the value of your current device/car? It falls suddenly… Even in your own eyes.
Nobody wants to buy from you at the price you bought it. People will price you downwards from its original value.

I told you and read to you and advertised to you with clear descriptions in the Bible about the new Heaven and the new earth… Shouldn’t that bring down the value of this current world in your eyes?

This current world is being reserved for destruction. Gods plan is to destroy it and he will. It can’t be improved.
*2 Peter 3: 7-8,13*

Prayer is so important. Sometimes you don’t know who the enemy is.
Years ago, the city where I and my friends lives became very violent. Policemen were killed by their numbers. It became a dangerous place to live we couldn’t hold our meetings at night anymore. We decided to fast and pray. Because it was disturbing the work of God and our evangelical efforts. The government placed a curfew and still, it didn’t help. The head of state then, sent in soldiers to the city; it didn’t help. These criminals were killing soldiers.
But. Because of prayer and fasting, God intervened.

They found out, that the brain behind the crimes was the State’s head of police. He was responsible for arming the criminals…and trying to ‘find them’.
Sometimes its the one you think is trying to help you, is the one trying to harm you.
There comes a time in life, when you realize man is not going to help you.

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I told you a day or two ago that this idea of locking people inside was anti-science…
Now many are speaking up about it…. some are afraid to speak.
*People are getting infected in their homes…who never travelled or contacted anyone that had it*.

Thank God, that even in New York, a Democrat governor finally spoke up and told the truth about what they were finding.
*66% of the infection are from people Holed up in their homes.*

There’s more…
Imagine this…
Some of them are quite aware that this is not normal. Those who are asking for the lockdown are not locked down.
They say ‘stay home and save lives’. But are they staying home and saving lives? I wonder.

(Fox TV Video playout)

By not going out, it destroys your immunity.
*YOU NEED THE SUN, FRESH AIR*. You don’t get those inside the house.
Any true scientist knows this.
But these were political decisions, not scientific decisions.
With all due respect to those in the WHO, big Pharma and sponsors of CDC, can they just be sincere for a moment and look at REAL SCIENCE???
The actions that were taken were taken on the basis of MODELS, not REAL DATA.
They also Modeled the REACTIONS.. (That people would be locked in, the economy would go down. Etc from the ID2020 event)
*but they never told us that part*.

(Video play out on Neil Ferguson who endorsed a ‘China-style lockdown, yet went to infect his married mistress during the lockdown)

So many policymakers can’t stop breaking the rules.
They know better. *They know something they are not telling the rest of us*.
If you want the virus to go, let the people go out and about their normal businesses.

In fact, the WHO praised SWEDEN for not locking down. (Yet all the others locked down without science).

*Revelations 2:1*
A lot of times the history of a people or nation could have a lot to do with their future.
It’s important to know where ones coming from so if there are things to fix, they can be fixed.
I told you the church of Ephesus was founded by Paul on an earlier work done by Apollos.
*Acts 18:19-21, 24-28*
Paul met briefly with the Jewish community there before he left.
Then Apollos came, but he knew only the baptism of John. Priscilla and Aquila took him in and taught him more of the way of the Lord.
Apollos also didn’t stay but he taught diligently.
He went to Corinth from Ephesus
*Acts 19:1-3, 13-17…*
Paul came back to Ephesus
The disciples Paul met had only the message of Apollos. So he explained about the Holy Ghost to them and continued with them much longer.

There were some Vagabond Jews, copy cats. They wanted to go casting out devils. The possessed man beat them and tore their clothes. These were not Christians. They were people in the city; copying a minister of the gospel but they didn’t have the message and the Holy Spirit.

*Acts 20: 28-29*
Long after Paul left, he came back to this a city not far away (Miletus). He sent for the leaders of the Ephesus church to come and meet him and admonished them with these words.
Paul knew by the spirit
40 years later, Revelations 2 happened.
Pretenders had come to the church just as Paul said would happen decades ago.

*Revelation 2:6*
The deeds of the Nicolaitans: followers of Nicholas.
The only information we have about any Nicholas in the Bible.
The likelihood is that Nicholas. Who was one of the 7 deacons chosen, may have been a heretic.
Actually, he was the only one who was a Proselyte (Not a Jew). The others were Hellenists (Grecian Jews).
The identity is not really the big problem. Its what they were doing.
This Nicholas was a Proselyte who came from Greece with Grecian teachings.
One of which was from Plato. (Community of wives)

The Ephesian Christians Hated this teaching.
It was Plato’s idea on the destruction of families to create a superstate of the cleanest breed.
To select the best mate and produce the best children who would be taken care of by the state without mothers or fathers. In order to ‘destroy selfishness’.

These Nicolaitans were teaching it and making others do it.

Rev 2: 6-7
Jesus commends the Ephesian church for hating such deeds.
Paradise is a place of absolute peace, tranquillity and Joy. (Heaven)
2 Cor 12:4, Rev 22

*The church in Smyrna*
If they were rich, what could have led to poverty? Probably tribulation. It could have led to unstable economic circumstances for them.
They were people there who were supposedly Jews on the outside but inwardly were not. (ROMs 2:28).

the devil is behind the tribulation.
10 days is 10 days… Let’s not speculate.
Jesus had NOTHING AGAINST THIS CHURCH. He only praised them.
He warned them about the future and what they must do, but he only praised them.

It’s not compulsory that we must have faults.
This church did not have any.

The Pastor of the church at this time, was Polycarp, a disciple of John..raised directly by John. A much younger man who was the Pastor at that time.

*The church in Pergamos*:
Satan’s seat= Satan’s throne.
Antipas was a disciple who was murdered in that city.
Imagine a city where Satan lived and had his headquarters. There would have been many murders.

Fornication: to commit/to do prostitution or harlotry.
Prostitution is always connected to Idolatry in Revelation. Why? It’s demonic.
One of the reasons people go into prostitution is Money.
You can’t get a good enough excuse to get into something that’s demonic.
(Reference Numbers 31:15-16 ESV. Balaam’s advice to Balak. He advised Balak to cause the Israelites to sin against their God since only He could destroy them).

in Ephesus, they hated the deeds. But in Pergamon, they had the doctrine. They were practising it.
That was why Jesus was warning them.

2 Peter 2:12-15
The doctrine of Balaam is different from the way of Balaam.
*The doctrine:* what he advised them to do.
*The way:* His own life/way of doing things. He liked the wages of unrighteousness.
He knew he was not supposed to go with Balak but he was lured with Money because of the promises of the king. He prophesied for money. He couldn’t curse Israel as he wanted to. Later on, He was killed. He died a terrible death.

*We will move on to the next church tomorrow.*

Keep the switch of faith turned on.

We will pray and fast next week 11th to 13th.

Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.
We have overcome the Antichrist spirit by the power of the Holy ghost.
Whatsoever that is born of God overcomes the world.
As we release the word, it is like a sword of Gods victory and it overcomes the world.
Jesus said “Cheer up. I have overcome the world”.
He overcame for us.
We continue to emphasize that victory everywhere. We proclaim the name of Jesus over every city. Over every nation on earth because Jesus bought the whole field.
He determines how and where we worship.
The congregations are His.
His name is in every nation, every city and *Babylon is Fallen!! Fallen!! Fallen!!!*
By the power of the Holy Ghost.
We destroy the spirit of deception from the nations in the name of Jesus!
Fear is fallen in the name of Jesus!
We come against fear-mongering in the nations. We unseat it in the name of Jesus.
And this murderous spirit of darkness; same evil spirit that destroyed Children in Egypt, in the houses of the Jews.
That same evil Prince of darkness is CUT DOWN IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME BY THE Power of the Holy Ghost.
The name of Jesus is exalted for He is Lord over every country and city.
For the wicked shall bow before the gates if righteous and the sinner before the Just
“The wicked watcheth the righteous that he might destroy him. But the Lord will not leave him in his hand.”
For we belong in the Church Triumphant.
Jesus is the risen Lord.
Thank you, Lord. ??

On Sunday, our broadcast will be from 6 pm (an hour earlier)


Day 4

Welcome to today’s program.

The word of God is life. The word is truth.
And God’s grace is manifested through his word.

I’m thinking about what’s written for us in Ephesians 6:10. (A portion that we have reviewed again and again during this period)

He tells us to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

We are trusting in HIS MIGHT.

He didn’t say to stand against the power of the devil.
It’s about his WILES.
This is so instructive.
We must not overlook the importance of the information that God gives us here.

He is talking about the strategies and deceits.
Satan’s power is in DECEPTION.

Yesterday, when we talked about the church in Pergamos. I think I should take you back there, in 2:14.
The doctrine of Balaam:

Balaam was a prophet that was hired (because he loved the wages of unrighteous) by Balak the king of Moab, to curse Israel so he could defeat them.

Some of you might know something about spiritual curses… it’s like casting a spell on someone, that causes evil harassment in that person’s life until he falls or fails. Something terrible happens to that one on whom that curse is placed.

Every time Balaam opened his mouth to curse Israel, a blessing came out.

Well, Balaam taught Balak what to do (that’s the doctrine of Balaam).

He told Balak, ‘you can’t defeat these people. They’re going to be strong and their God is going to help them against you.’

Balaam taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel.
He said ….”the strategy is!; you would cause them to sin against their God and their God would punish them. That’s the only way”.

That’s how come they got Israel to mix up with the women of Moab. They caused them to eat things offered unto idols and to commit fornication with them.

God was angry with them for what they did and sent a plague that wiped out 23,000 people. Think about that. That was the strategy.

The enemy could not defeat them as long as they were walking in righteousness.
I can tell you, it’s the same thing with us;
Satan has no power over us.
His power is in DECEPTION.
How much can the devil deceive you? How much deception can he place in your path?
How much are you ready for Satan to deceive you?
That would be your destruction
Remember the words of Jesus to us again and again.
‘Be not deceived’
‘Let no man deceive you”.

Ephesians 6:11
Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the deception/stratagems of the Devil.

V12: a lot of times Human beings who are being used by the devil don’t know that they are being used by the devil.

V 13-14.
The whole armour of God.
Notice as we read.
The kind of armour that He tells you to put on will tell you what kind of weapons the enemy has.

Loins girded with TRUTH:
Did you ever hear somebody say ‘I felt something in the pit of my stomach”?
When fear hits, that’s where you feel it.
But, if you’ve got truth at your loins.
it doesn’t matter what they are trying to say, nothing shocks you.
His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

But when you don’t know the truth, you get into a panic mode when something happens.
But God says to let your loins be girded about with truth.
The word of God is truth.
The more of God’s word you know the more truth you have.
Do you know the truth?

Someone can bring you some news, but what is Truth?

Truth is even beyond fact. It is a reality.
Fact is the way it appears
Truth is what it really is.

E.g. what is the real colour of these flowers that you see? Orange? Red?
Whatever colour you choose, it’s not the real colour. It’s the colour that is there with respect to the kind of light that falls on it.
So the question is ‘what is the true colour’?
You can only know when the true light shines on it.

And In this world, there is no true light.
The Bible says the word of God is the true light.
Meaning, in this world, You will never know the real colour of things.

Only Gods word is the true light.
That’s why Heaven is going to so be beautiful because you will see the lights and colours that you never knew existed.

When Jesus appeared to John, John saw the garment of the master shining brighter than the sun in its strength.
How are you going to know such a colour then?
Heaven will be so beautiful!
Think about that City the heavenly Jerusalem that will give light to the whole world. Amazing!
Don’t miss that!
Prepare for it!
This world is old stuff!
Get ready for a greater better one that’s coming from God.

The breastplate of Righteousness: That’s right living; Living according to Gods word.

The way to protect your feet is by preaching the Gospel.

The shield of Faith: That will tell you what those fiery darts are like.
Are they metals? What kind of missiles are they?

What comes against Faith? FEAR AND UNBELIEF.
(messages that carry fear and unbelief’).
With the shield of faith, you can neutralize the fiery darts.

imagine if the devil says he’s going to kill you… use your shield of Faith. Just tell him that Jesus has the Keys of Hell and death. He doesn’t have it, even those he used to.

Hebrews 2:14. Jesus defeated him and took the keys away from him.
Now, since Satan doesn’t have the keys, he uses deception. And he can lead people to their deaths.

The Power of man:
Man has power. Man of himself is very wicked.
His heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. He got that from the devil.

It’s one of the reasons for prayer. So that men are unable to utilize that wicked power against others.
Satan doesn’t have the power.

The helmet of salvation and the Sword of the spirit: the Rhema of God in your mouth.
Not just the word of God in the Bible, its gotta be in your mouth. .that’s why you need to meditate on and digest the word.

V18 (AMP).
With all manner of prayer, pray in the spirit.

There are different kinds of prayer and they are shown to us in the Bible. (Read the book How to pray effectively).

It’s like saying: With all meals you take, drink water.
Same way, when you pray the prayer of faith, pray in the spirit.
(1 Cor 14:14-15. Shows the two WAYS to pray)
Praying in the spirit is praying in tongues.
Praying with the understanding is praying with whatever language you understand with your mind.
Always pray in tongues first, then with your understanding next.

This is all part of your preparation for the evil day, so you can get ready when it comes.

I told you about 2 weeks ago, that One of the things that this whole stuff is preparing is to make it possible for one of those decrees of darkness is to make it possible to go to anyone’s house and arrest him on suspicion of the virus. They just show up. Think about that. Do you know what evil will be done with that one?
With that, there is the contract tracing.
Several countries are passing laws that they never read.
They are being told they have to pass the laws so they can be empowered to help. They are not being empowered to help… They are being *empowered to take away your rights*….and liberty. …and your personality.
They empower and official to come to your house and take anybody to God knows where in suspicion of having a virus….as well as anyone who had contact.
And that power is going to be used in removing Governors from their states and presidents of countries….. But they don’t know it yet.

I remind you in Daniel 7: 24
I explained this to you.
This is the Antichrist.
How will he subdue those 3 kings? I just told you.
Because the Antichrist will not come with war. He will come in with peace and he will be hailed.
I just showed you how he will subdue 3 kings.
But that’s just him.
What about other kings in other states and cities? Mayors??

They will lose their position because of these public officials that they are empowering with these laws.

Where did they get it from?
Satan doesn’t create anything.
He picks truth from Gods word and perverts it.

When someone had leprosy in the Bible says, he was quarantined.
Now Satan wants to quarantine everybody.

Remember King Uzziah who offered strange incense to the

Lord and was struck with leprosy? Immediately they saw

they sign of leprosy, those who were empowered by the law to decide who was leprous and who was not (the priests) bundled the king out. The priests were empowered by the law to do that. They didn’t wait for any election or officials or anybody to take out and quarantine anyone that was SUSPECTED of having leprosy.

They got the king and quarantined him because that was what was in the law. And King Uzziah was a leper until his death… Quarantined!

What’s happening is exactly as the bible told us would happen in the future.
We are seeing people sign laws they never read; against themselves, against their children and children’s children.
(Put not your trust in princes or in the son of man in whom there is no help)
This is what they are planning.
Officers will be empowered to evacuate people.
Even among the neighbourhood, they will be giving themselves off.

(Video play out of pilot program by Dr Robert Levin…about thousands of people to be recruited as ‘contact investigators’ )

There is an irony here. This is the county of Ventura.
Some years ago, a former Governor saw some building facilities that got him troubled. He asked what the buildings were for. No one answered him.
They looked like concentration camps or places where they planned to quarantine people.

They sound so nice as if they are trying to help. They tell us they can have as many as 80% of a country that would have COVID according to their model.

What will happen to those who have been quarantined? That’s the part they don’t want you to know.

Find out the ideology of those who are pushing for lockdown, facemasks, and quarantine about population control.

If we are to let this thing continue, this world will be a terrible place to live.

The Antichrist is a very evil personality, filled with an evil spirit, and Satan giving him his authority and his seat to do much evil.
In those days, Satan will be given so much power in those days that they will not be able to resist him.
Man’s natural ability for good will be completely suppressed.
Who wants to be in the world at that time?
Satan, knowing that his time is short, wants to extend it by starting earlier and the only people that can stop him are those who are born again by the power of the spirit.

When the lockdowns came, nobody cared about the stadia, what the people loved, your business, food, and all the other sick people that were sick before COVID-19 e.g. cancer patients. And nobody is caring right now.
Now many have died of all the other deadly ailments and they were all signed in as COVID deaths.

Think, if this was allowed to go on… It will only get worse.
Where are your games, entertainment? No one cared. It was swept away in one breath.
Businesses gone overnight.
Economies were flattened overnight.
Why? Because Satan had taken over the minds of men.
Think, what happens when there is no restraint?
You don’t want to be here at that time.
The Bible says, There shall be such tribulation such as the world has never seen before.

When I tell you its time to pray, its time to pray!
We’ve got to reverse these setups.

It is a setup.

The so-called Social distancing, there is no scientific evidence that it worked. Or that the lockdown worked.

Because the real data has been the same for the societies that were locked down and those that were not.
We don’t know that it would have been worse or better.
So what is all this?

But this is nice for politics/politicians. They need to use it for their campaigns.

Everyone has agreed now that the models provided them, with which the lockdown, masks and social distancing were recommended, did not work. The figures the models gave were all a lie.

But how many are bold enough to say ‘let us reverse’
They can’t speak up though because they are afraid because they are being threatened to be held responsible if they speak up and things get worse.
We are praying that God will give them boldness to do the right thing.

When I told you that it was dead, I want to tell

you what happened.

At the beginning, most people thought there was an honesty to it all. So we called for a day of prayer to stop this evil from going on.
At a point, when we prayed about the Virus, the spirit of God whispered to me that it is dead…that there is no use praying about it. Something that doesn’t have life in it is dead.

That showed that we were not supposed to be pursuing the virus… There was something else we were to be focusing on.

Now all the data has shown that the world was lied to. It is nothing near what they were told.

They had said if we do all they said to do, we could expect 4% death. (That was their model of best case for survival)

Yet, after countries (without the world doing enough.. I.e. as much as they have been told to do) have been compliant, the death rate has been from 0.1 to 0.2… Not up to half a percentage.

They modelled not just the death rate, they modelled the flattening of the economy, fears, the results, and the laws that should come up.

For example;
The ‘Cares ACT’ that the President of the USA signed a few days ago was already drawn up and introduced a year ago. How they could provide these financing to help people.
It was clearly stated CORONA VIRUS at the beginning of 2019. (It’s on the website)
You look at the provisions and wonder ‘how did the Congress know?’. People don’t read, But it’s all there.

I’m not faulting anybody but at least when they are giving the Models, they should give the complete thing so that people can make up their minds and make informed decisions.

This is the world as it is. That’s why *your trust in Jesus Christ is important*.
We are not dealing with a virus thing here, we are dealing with *Virus plus*. What are all these other pluses?.. they are in the Bible (principalities and powers etc) and God told us what armour we must put on.

This is the part that really interests me.
This world belongs to Jesus Christ.
Make no mistakes about it.
His name has power over the nations.
He said to us ‘Fear not. I am the first and the last’.
I’m not a politician; I’m just telling you what is in the word of God. That’s what I’m interested in..

Yesterday we talked about 3 churches.

We are in the 4th church now.
Revelations 2:18-24
First a background of this church.
History has a lot to do with the future of a people, organization, a city or even a person.

In Acts 16, there’s an interesting story the Bible tells us.
Paul was in Philippi sharing the word with people.
This woman, Lydia, was from Thyatira and was the first person to be born again from there.
We can see the kind of person she was.
She took care of them.
No wonder the Bible tells us ‘I know your Charity’

That church with charitable works started from Lydia. She opened her home to the church.
Lydia started her life like this; helping the saints.

V40. When Paul was out of prison, He and Silas went to the house of Lydia.

So we see a history of Thyatira.
Rev 2:19
(You have to be patient if you open your house to brethren as a church).

They were used to having a lady leader, so Satan had to use a ‘prophetess’, camouflaging as a woman of God, named Jezebel.
She did exactly what the Jezebel of Old did.
This one was in church, allowed to teach..and she called herself a prophetess….she led brethren to Fornication and idolatry (they go together all the time)
Their idea is to drag you into a life filled with demons.
Jesus warned that Repentance was needed.

In all the churches, when something was not right, the Lord called them to repentance.
You can’t win if the Master fights against you with the sword of His mouth.

Whenever the Lord speaks, He chooses his words very well.
Notice his words in verse 16. He didn’t say ‘I will fight against *them* (v14,15)’. He knows those he is going to fight against and he doesn’t want you to be among them.

He doesn’t want you to be on their side when he comes.

What do we learn from there?
Who are those that teach in our churches? And what are they saying?

This was written to t

he Pastor of the church

V24 NIV: they think they have some kind of re

Revelation. They have some kind of esoteric knowledge which you don’t see in the Bible… And what do they do? Live in sin, lying, cheating etc. (Satan’s so-called deep secrets)

A life that doesn’t produce righteousness is not from God.

Several years ago a guy had brethren coming to his house paying him to teach them those so-called revelations… Twisting scriptures here and there.
By their fruits, you shall know them. It’s very easy to know them

Sometimes, Even Some pastors get into their trap.

Save your life and the life of others by paying heed to Gods word.

Jesus will give him the morning star… What does he mean?

Did you ever hear the name LUCIFER? Ever wonder what that name came from?
Isn’t it supposed to be disturbing?
But did you ever study the subject?
This is why a lot of people who are in Satanism are deceived. They believe Satan is good.
(Reference *Isaiah 14:12-*) this is the only place in the Bible where the name appeared.
Lucifer is not Hebrew. The Hebrew word is ‘Hillel’ which when translated is ‘son of the morning or morning star or light bearer’. So where Lucifer come from?
Its from the Latin translation. They threw in Latin into the translation and left it there.
Primarily, this verse was addressed to the King of Babylon. But by the law of double reference, you see that there are things that are not applicable to a human. That’s how Satan became known as Lucifer. It is a name that was applied to him, not necessarily a name that he was called. The Devil was not the only one that was called the Morning star.

When Jesus says this… it’s a RANK/AN AWARD. There are angels that are called morning stars… And the devil was one of them.
( *Reference: Job 38:4-7*) These were not Planetary stars but Angels.
In Genesis, ‘Sons of God’, referred to angels.

Even Jesus is called the Bright and Morning Star.

In Revelations 12:9, when describing Satan, the name LUCIFER is not there amongst all his descriptions.

Revelations 3:1-
It’s like living in History… When you think you’re alive and you’re IT, but Jesus says No way… Something’s wrong.
That is living in Name only.
Some nations and churches like that.
Having a name of a living church, but they are dead.
It can happen to an individual because churches are made of individuals.
When you sing, people think you are alive. But you can’t fast, you struggle to pray, you can’t read the Bible.
You may even be a leader.
What God says is REPENT.
To be alive in name only is not a good thing.

Think about it. Maybe it’s even the singing that’s ready to die. Or the 5 verses of the Bible that you sleep off while trying to read.
God says you should be watchful and strengthen the things that are ready to die.
Imagine you are a cell leader who gets offended on cell day.

(This is the year of perfection; so strengthen your works before God)

Remember we will fast and pray Monday to Wednesday.
And through the power of the Holy Ghost, we will take away Man’s power.

There is nowhere that we can’t reach and nothing we cannot do by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Day 5

God’s word is our hope, strength and comfort.

Yesterday I told you that we are going to be having a global fasting and praying from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th of May.
I explained to you why we need to pray and fast.

Most of the world has experienced or has been experiencing some form of lockdown of their cities and flattening of their economies. Things they never dreamed would happen.
A lot of people have faith in men and not in God.

In Noah’s time, they didn’t believe. They thought because they were so many that didn’t believe, somehow, the flood wasn’t going to happen.

There is a faith people tend to have in numbers.

When the Jews in Nazi Germany were pulled out of their homes and sent to concentration camps, they didn’t believe it was going to happen.
Many of them were well educated and wealthy.
They thought it couldn’t happen, but then it happened.

Millions were killed.
The world didn’t believe the voices of those who escaped and told them what was happening. When they finally saw sufficient EVIDENCE, it was too late.
That was not the first time so many were killed and that wasn’t the last time.

We have stories of repetitions of history and yet feel ‘that’s not going to happen’… *But that’s why we should pray.*

We will fast because *there are things that we must make sure don’t happen*. And when they don’t happen, we are all going to be happy.
Some others would then say ‘Well, it was never going to happen anyway..”. But we would have achieved what we want.

*Our prayer gives us the allocation of our time for us to utilize as God intended rather than lose it to Satan.*

Earlier on, I told you about Daniel’s 70 weeks. The church comes in between the 69th and 70th week.

I told you about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about the legs of iron and feet of iron and Clay.
I let you understand what those things meant

In the days of those kings, a rock-cut out without hands would descend and destroy that whole structure of man and replace it with a kingdom that would not pass away.

There were 7 of these empires, 5 had fallen in the days of John, one was, and the one to come would come after the church is taken away before the end of the 70th week.

God has given no group or organization power to run this world except the church.
*That’s why the church has to push back at any attempt, nation or organization or force that tries to control this world*.

They can’t do it as long as the church is in this world…
Only if the church out of apathy, ignorance and complacency do nothing …then history would repeat itself.

That’s why I call you for prayer because of the wicked plans of Satan…

Remember leaders of churches were consulted before the lockdown and none said ‘let us pray’. .if they had prayed, they wouldn’t have fallen into this quagmire of wondering what God is doing.

In some countries, what they plan to do, is that the government will take over the stadiums and facilities….and say THEY are going to handle the disinfection process and make it useful.
Only ‘government certified places’ would accept gatherings.
They would say ‘churches cannot be trusted enough to disinfect the place to make it compliant for meetings’.
They would have *’Covid-Compliant Churches’*

They could say ‘we have certified these 5 *government-approved* facilities for use for church’.. meaning any Christian from any church can worship there or any religion (Hindu, Muslim, etc) having different times for services.
Then there would be Government appointed ministers.. there would be centres for ecumenical congregations.

Some Christians would consider it as GOOD because ‘ah thank God, we can at least meet’.


That would be the gradual introduction of one world religion.

Is that what you want??

The people in office are not in control of what is happening. None of them planned this. This is purely satanic.
This had nothing to do with the virus.

*The world is trapped.*

So, I’ve called for global prayer and fasting. When you are in a situation when you know the Government didn’t plan for what is happening and are treading untested waters… Are you going to trust them with their decisions? Don’t you know you would need Divine help from God?

Some are just hoping that they would wake up from this dream…or that soon it will be over.
*But it won’t be over if we don’t do what we ought to do!*.

We have prayed, intercepted and destroyed it…now we need to redirect it by the Holy Ghost.

*Satan and evil spirits thrive in chaos and God is not the author of confusion*.

So get ready for our fasting and prayer program. We will share messages throughout the day to inspire you to give time to prayer, meditation and talking to the Lord. *This is about your future, but most importantly, the future of THE CHURCH.*

Yesterday, we did the church in *Sardis*. .. let’s take one of two things from there before moving to the next church.

*Revelations 3:1-*
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The church lived in Name only.
The death was not total death… There were works, activities, but there was so much apathy, spiritlessness.

Jesus said to them to be watchful. That’s quite interesting.
He says if they don’t WATCH, I will come upon thee as a thief in the night.
It sounds like the second coming but it’s not it.

Every place where He talked about ‘coming upon them suddenly’, it all had to do with Judgement.
(References. Luke 12:39-46. Jesus wasn’t dealing with the church in his teachings in Matthew 24&25)
(2 Peter 3:10- 13. what warning was Peter referring to? He wasn’t trying to prepare us for the second coming but saying we should live like people who know that *this earth* will be passed away and destroyed in Judgement)
(1 Thess 5:2-3 This isn’t talking about God’s people. V4-9)
(Revelations 16: 15)

The statements Jesus made referred to a Judgement to Sardis.
Because twice before they were taken by surprise.

The watchmen were sleeping and didn’t sound the alarm when Cyrus the second broke in with his soldiers.
Same things happened in 214BC, Antiopas the 3rd attacked them again and the watchmen were caught unawares.

*I’m emphasizing this because, for most of the church of Jesus Christ, this scenario happened suddenly!!!*

I Pray to God that this next opportunity that the church gets will be utilized effectively.
*Because the selfishness, greed and human competition has overtaken many.*
As if it’s not about Jesus.
Ministry has become like any other organization except that it is about Jesus.

*How much faith did we use to reach out for more souls, if not for expanding our greatness so that we will look great in the eyes of men?*
Monday to Wednesday, these are the things WE MUST REPENT OF.

Where was our love for one another?
Different ministers talked about some form of persecution coming in the future… They could sense the hardness of heart, where God’s people weren’t walking in love with one another. There were only relating with people based on a personal relationship.
Our relationship wasn’t strong because of Jesus anymore. Jesus was no longer our binding tie.
And in that kind of situation, the only thing that binds people together is persecution.

*But that’s not God’s way of doing things*. He told us to Love one another. (Otherwise, he would just push us to persecution to force us to love each other)

There was too much personal ambition in the church.
*All those flying up and down to preach here and there to achieve fame or for money, competitive buildings and facilities which are not being used now….*
What are the things that really matter???
What are the things I should put in front?
What should I prioritize?
If you don’t have enough time, the most important ones are the ones to do first.

Life has exams. Don’t pursue the less important things in life and leave our the most important thing.

Back to *Revelations 3:3-6*
Remember *How* you have received and heard.

What’s the Key of David?
Isaiah 22:20- *22*; Isa 9:6.
Answer: The authority of the House of David. The Government is upon his shoulder.

Jesus knows everything, so what do you have to fear?

V9: They had been troubled by satanic ‘jews’.

He didn’t say ‘i will keep thee through the hour of temptation’ but he would keep them FROM it. They wouldn’t face it.
(This is also proof that we will not go through the tribulation)
He was referring to something that would happen to the whole world.

*What is going on right now is a Joke.*
In vain is the snare set for the bird.
He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh and the Lord shall have them in derision.

V11: If this wasn’t possible, he wouldn’t say so.
The idea that whatever will be, will be is not true.
That is the term that helps people do nothing.
If whatever will be, will be, there is no need to pray or do anything… Meanwhile, those who say this thing go to work.

Such a lazy attitude so that they don’t do what they need to do…. but they don’t put that attitude to other things in life. They cook, clean,… Why don’t they also say then ‘whatever will be, will be’???

The way to hold them fast is to put it to work. What are you being crowned for? For having? No! For doing; For using what you had.

V12: He talks about bringing permanence into your life.

There was not a thing negative about the church in Philadelphia. Like the church in Smyrna.

*Church 7: Laodecia.*

*Rev 3:14 (AMP)*
Beginning here refers to ‘the initiator/ creator’. The whole creation comes from him.
He created man inside him. He formed man from the dust. When he breathed into Man, the created man from Him, went into the formed man.

For those that say ‘I’m a Christian but I’m not so into those things. I keep my Christianity quiet and calm. I’m moderate’.
*It’s not about how YOU want it, it’s about how HE wants it.*
*You don’t get to decide.. otherwise, he is not LORD of your life*.

Jesus is saying you are disgusting!!!! He will vomit you out.

Some people think Christianity is for those in need. Laodecia was a rich city. Even when part of the city was destroyed by an earthquake, they had enough money to rebuild.

V19: Be AFIRE with Zeal. Be HOT with Zeal.
He doesn’t want you cold or lukewarm.
He commands you to be zealous.

It is better to be overzealous.
*How zealous can you be for Jesus to say ‘Its enough’?*
It will be enough when we get to Heaven.
Don’t let anybody deceive you and tell you that you are doing too much for God.

This is remarkable! It’s not talking about sinners… He is talking to that church. When they gathered together, they didn’t know he was outside. He was supposed to be inside.

V21-22: The master is not trying to overcome. HE OVERCAME!!!

Prepare for his coming.
Serve him with your eyes on the goal.
Serve Jesus like he is real… Not like you don’t know if he is real.
When you pray to him, pray to him like he is real.
Daisy Osborne used to say ‘Practice the presence of Jesus’; That means to act like he is there. Love him like he is there.

One thing that is most important for us in the earth is to win souls for Jesus Christ. That’s the reason we are here and why He came (to seek and save that which was lost)
And for everyone that responded to him, he gave eternal life.
We are to seek and save the lost. As they listen to us, they gain eternal life.
He has given us a name above every other name. That name is the key to every door, city and nation.

Something is cooking. I will tell you about it between Monday and Wednesday.

Love Jesus with all your heart. Practice loving him. Let him become your priority in everything.
Start living your life consciously for Jesus Christ.

People are washing their hands because they don’t want to be infected… *but you need to wash your heart with the Love of God*.
Withdraw your heart from desiring evil things; from sin and unrighteousness.
If you just turn on the light, darkness will be dispelled.
If you let your light shine, the darkness will be gone.
Instead of struggling with sin, righteousness would take over.

One of the issues people have when we talk about Jesus coming back is their struggle with sin.
But if you live in righteousness and holiness, how can sin find its way.
Purify your heart ye double-minded.
Don’t be double-minded.

Its time to get right with God.


Day 6

Today the program really centres around getting ready for what we have to do in the next 3 days.
And I’ve said as God’s children, we need to know when there’s a call of the spirit.

Remember the words of Jesus..’ I will build my church..”
How is he building his church today?
He gave some Apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers evangelists for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ.

He does it through his saints…through ministers of the gospel that he has called. He is not just doing it himself without us.
Every major thing that God wants to do on the earth today, he needs us to be willing and available.

Eph 5:30- we are members of his body, flesh and Bones. If you don’t realize that, then it turns out, you’ll live a life without vision and direction.

In 1Cor 6:15, to the word says ‘know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ?’
Your hands are his hands, Your legs are his legs, Your feet are his feet.
Your bodies are the limbs of Christ.
How does Jesus touch the needy person, the poor; how does he bless? How does he exercise his Dominion which his father gave him? Through us.

So we’ve got to use what he’s given us.

He said “these signs shall follow them that believe. In my name, they shall cast out devils”

If his authority doesn’t work, then there is no point believing. It means we have believed in vain.

But from the day that the Holy Ghost came in the upper room to this day…and till the rapture of the church, His name will have power over all things
His Dominion will reign over all things.
And in every nation overall circumstances, wherever men will believe and exercise the power of his name. And we will exercise it.

*What’s going on is satanic. It’s a move of the devil. If you are not discerning, you won’t understand it.*

Jesus was in the synagogue one day and there was a young man in the congregation. Suddenly the demons in him caused him to misbehave.
The people around him didn’t show any surprise because they were used to his behaviour.
That day he addressed
Jesus ‘we know who you are…the mighty one of Israel…”.
What changed that day was when Jesus said ‘Shut up and come out of him”. Suddenly, he came to his right mind.
The people were amazed because Jesus proved that the devil had intelligence and was subject to him.
From then on, they saw him cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead.
They realized he had POWER over these forces.

I’m saying to you… They were not discerning until Jesus came. They didn’t know what was behind the case. When they brought people who were tormented they had no idea what to do..but Jesus did

Today you have to understand what’s going on around the world.
*If the information you are getting is just from the news media, it’s not enough*.
The interpretation of the facts is what you need.
What is the truth behind the facts and the reporting? *That’s what matters*. TRUTH BEYOND FACTS.

We’ve been Praying, building our faith and sharing the word.
But I’m telling you, In the spirit, we are coming to a climax! A crisis moment.
We are coming to that point.

*We have come to that moment when the God you serve either proves to be real or not real.*.
We’ve come to a boiling point… Because a Fraud has been committed over the world and it’s time to deal with it by dealing with the forces behind it.

We will be fasting and praying.
All senior ministers…it IS *WHOLE DAY FASTING until Wednesday night*.

Everybody else can do 6am to 6pm. It’s fine.

I want to let you know we’ve come to a CRISIS MOMENT. YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!!!

Remember, *what happens hereafter may just depend on what we do these three days.*

I can’t tell you how serious it is, but you’ve got to know, we are in a serious season.

Remember, in Genesis 3, the Bible tells us that after Adam and Eve had sinned against God, the Lord cursed the ground and he made a promise. He said ‘the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent’.
When he introduced that subject, Satan knew his destiny was set.
But he was going to do everything he could to change it.
As far as he was concerned, he would destroy the seed of the woman.

First thing he thought because he didn’t understand, was to destroy Abel and destroy Cain. Abel was killed by Cain. Abel’s exit, Cain’s contamination..made it impossible for either of them to fulfil it.
But God had better plans.
It was going to be the seed of a woman.
Meaning… Not the seed as mere offspring.

So, a Virgin was going to give birth to a son. It was not going to be by a man.

From then on, he made several attempts, looking for the seed of the woman.
Destroying all children in Egypt from 2 years down.
Always listening to the prophetic word.
The again when Jesus was born, he killed all children under 2 years but Jesus was taken to Egypt

You don’t know how many attempts he has made to destroy the church when the church was unaware.

So, 2020, provided for them the most beautiful opportunity. This is why they don’t want to let it go.

I heard several Democrats in the USA particularly.. (this is by no means a condemnation on them at all).but several of them said ‘don’t waste a crisis’… Because every major crisis creates an opportunity for Chaos and Change.
Same way, many others around d the world see this as an extraordinary opportunity.. because the vision was for an appointed time.

(3 min video fiction series played (designated survivor) ..just to show that it was planned a long time ago)

Did you hear All the terms in the movie? Chloroquine, masks, lockdown?
This film was released in 2003.
So? Who knew about it? How could they be so accurate?

I asked this some weeks ago! How could it be so accurate? maybe they are prophets!!
They said the virus came for china in 2003!!!

When I say we have to pray, I know what I’m saying.
Satan has made several attempts to execute his plans.
This time we are at that point where he thinks this time, he has it made. Because many nation’s have fallen into this fraud and deception.
There is no scientific proof that the lockdown or the masks work; (In fact they are dangerous to health).

The world is being pushed by evil spirits because they are doing things that they have not proved to work and are forcing everybody to do those things that have no proof that they are the solutions.

E.g. a case was just proved about vaccines in the USA.
(USA loses landmark Vaccination lawsuit)
*For 32 years of supplying the world with vaccines, there was no QUALITY CONTROL*.
There was no research to show that those
Vaccines were actually harmful to health. It states that vaccines that people have been using have affected some children…causing some to become like imbeciles, have cancers, … Possibly including infertility.
Now you are waiting for vaccines for Coronavirus… WHO WILL SUBJECT THEM TO SCIENTIFIC TESTS???

Did you hear that the courts JUST FOUND this out? That there had been no qualify control???
And nations are going to be getting ready for more trouble.

*These will get worse after the Rapture. The coming of the Lord is VERY CLOSE.*

Let’s see some confessions of some people who did something in South Africa. Why are we having so many kids with Autism these days?

I’m not calling for prayer because of a picnic. *Something more sinister is going on.*

(Video play out of confessions of intentional vaccine testings and spread of HIV virus in Africa to reduce the black population)

Listen to the confessions of the individuals themselves. They confess what they themselves did. Don’t focus on the organizations mentioned.
*This is just to let you understand the concept of the wolf In Sheep clothing*.
Is that what we’re getting?
Might that be?
Do you know how many people are dead because of these actions?
No one cares!

For the churches of Christ. Understand that we are in the place where others before us found themselves.
The stage is set.
We must take action.
There were things that they couldn’t do which we can do.

Acts 4:17
This was a statement by state officials in the Apostles day.
(That has not changed!)

*Daniel 6: 1-*
There were 3 presidents; Daniel was 1 of them. The other 2 ganged up with the other princes against Daniel.

They proposed a 30-day test. Look at the punishment in comparison to the offence. (To be thrown into the den of lions for praying to another God but the king).
*It’s about man’s inhumanity to man*.

A lady was beaten up by lockdown officials recently for coming out to look for food for her little children. She was bleeding from being beaten mercilessly…The punishment was worse than the offence.

V8–9. A lot of times, political take decisions without knowing what’s behind it. They don’t ask the right questions.

V10. If you were in Daniel’s position, WHAT WOULD YOU DO???
Even if he tried to stop the policy, he would have been outvoted.
He did what he knew to do… TO PRAY!!!
He didn’t panic. He prayed.

I feel sorry for those in political offices or the army..and you are required to do something that is not right. What do you do? You’ve got to do what is right.
You might lose your job, but you have your conscience.
If you join the others to do what is wrong, one day you will lose that Job. You entered one day and you will come out one day…cos there were others before you.
There is a God who takes actions. He knows how and when to do it.

In a certain country, where they felt they didn’t have full control over the law enforcement, they gathered all the young rascals in the area and empowered them to *whip people* who were not obeying the Law ..
*This is the exact modus operandi of the Antichrist.*

In some countries, criminals are being released to ‘prevent them from getting the virus’… Space was created and they were being replaced by harmless citizens who were caught outside their homes. Why??? You can see it was never about protecting people from the virus!

In a country, some media houses were caught STAGING THE NEWS. all the shots of hospitals being overwhelmed because of the virus were a fraud.

The King in Daniel’s day didn’t know that this law would affect Daniel. He was displeased with himself. But he was trapped by his own decree.

(Read the rest of the story about Daniel’s Deliverance… V22- end)

There is another story that’s exactly like this.
*Matthew 14:1-*
It’s got to do with Herod the King, and John the Baptist.
Herod had tried to take his brother’s wife, and John had told him it was wrong publicly. So John was arrested.

3 things to note here..
1. The king was sorry but had to do it because he made an oath (Just like King Darius was sorry).

How many people in public office have taken action against the church, their own brothers and sisters?

2. John was killed. He was not delivered.

3. John’s disciples told Jesus…and Jesus went away from there.

*Matthew 24:15-20*
Jesus talks about what will happen in the great tribulation.
What the devil has planned for the church at that time is to stir up trouble. AND THIS IS NOT THE TIME OF THE TRIBULATION.
The devil wants to frustrate the preaching of the Gospel and stop men from receiving salvation.

For us as God’s people, there are corrective measures we need to make.
But aside from them, *we were doing a lot of good things, but not watching.*

Tribulation such as the world has ever known
That is so much trouble!!! Affliction! Persecution! Anguish! Distress! With perplexity!
That will happen in the future, but Satan would like to give the church some of it right now…and by doing so, you find the gospel is frustrated.

We have something we can use. We are not helpless.
*2 Cor 10:3-4*
It doesn’t matter how strong or huge Satan’s citadel is. Our weapons are mighty through God. By the power of the Holy Spirit.

*Acts 16:25-26*… The Bible tells us how they used those weapons.

*What man cannot do, God can do!!!*
*These 3 days of prayer will cause changes!*

The spirit of God is with us! We are engaged in warfare and this is *Satan’s altar Versus God’s altar.*
We are either going to get our churches back, and our rights to preach the gospel, or we lose it forever!

Even if you think you are a friend of the president, Daniel was as well and was put in the den.

*There is one who does not disappoint. His name is Jesus!!!!*

*We are ALL going to pray!*
During the program, several ministers will call in and pray along with us.
We are joining our Faith all around the world
I don’t think the Unity of spirit that we are experiencing right now has been experienced by the church in a very long time.

We need to do it, for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Die is Cast!
The moment is Here!
At this time, nothing else can satisfy in these next 3 days!

I told some ministers recently…
Jesus didn’t give us Ministry so we can have something to be doing.
The Ministry of the gospel was established in the blood of not only Jesus but many ministers who gave their lives for it.

It’s a moment to be sober.
Do you think people who didn’t care about trillions of dollars wiped out from the economy would care about the church?
Some of these people have boldly said that the church will NEVER meet again… But who is he that speaketh when the Lord commandeth it not?

*If these Congregations of the Lord are of God, they will gather again*. If they are not, they will scatter in the wind.

China was a testing ground.
From quarantine centre…to detention centre.. To concentration camp (once they are not able to keep feeding them).

In China, many Christians were used for organ-harvesting, for not renouncing Christ.

How will this happen in your country.?
Just look at what is happening to you.
They will transform from friendly officials to something else.
Suddenly all the bill of rights will be thrown into the wind.
7 articles completely thrown in the wind.

At times like these, it’s like you have no rights in your country. So what do you do? Call on the one who made all things; JESUS!!!

The church of the Lord Jesus can only be victorious in all circumstances.
In all these things, we are more than conquerors!!!


Listen to the song by *Eli-J titled ‘In spite of all”*.

Just remember, in spite of it all, the church is marching on.

*The 3 aspects of our consideration in our Fast*

1. To restrain the power of men to control this world with evil and violence. Man has power. He can do a lot of evil, but through prayer, we can restrain them.

2. To regain our rights given to us by God most of which are consistent with what is stated in the bill of rights.

3. Against the decrees of Darkness to force us to live in a world of the beast/the ANTICHRIST before his time.

God said, our responsibility is to set things in order as they should be.
The prince of darkness that Satan set in charge of this work is the same prince of Assyria. But we have decreed that they will proceed no further. It is turned upside down.

As we fast and pray, the angels of God will go into operation. The power of God’s kingdom will come into manifestation.

*In the 3rd week of December last year, I told you that the advanced work of men and the work of God would COLLIDE in 2020*.
We’ve come to that Crisis moment.
The ark of God was captured by the Philistines and brought their camp into their temple.
The image of Dagon fell before the ark of God.

He is Fallen again!!!

By the hour, sing, worship the Lord, Pray!

*What we are doing now, as beautiful as it is, IS NOT WHAT GOD WANTS.*

Congregations must come back and we will use everything we know. Our weapons are not carnal.

Pray that the name of the Lord will be exalted in your country.

After we pray these 3 days, we won’t just sleep … Nations will be shaken. This is just to initiate something in the spirit.

When Daniel knew the decree had been signed, He went to Prayer!!!

You may not know what decrees have been signed-in your country.
Decrees have been signed-in some countries… And people have lost their rights. In some countries, they went as far as prescribing their churches. All registrations were to be renewed.
So many things…
There are churches that are planned to be centres for testing…but the trouble with these tests is the fraud of it.
How do you test for a virus that has not been studied? What test is this?
We are yet to know those that have isolated the virus, and studied it and understood it’s behaviour. They say they don’t know. If they don’t know then, What is this?

We are going into another hour of prayer and let me tell you what is going to happen.
*In several countries, they will not be able to find any new infections because in reality the spirit that caused it is gone. This is just a sign..*
We will pray that these leaders will have the boldness and sincerity to acknowledge this reality when they see it.

Note: The transcripts are gotten from different sources this website does not take credit for the transcription of the messages. Some amazing brothers and sisters took their time to transcribe the messages. The credit goes to them and God bless them for their labour of love.

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