Notes from Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Phase 4

Day 1

Pastor Chris:

Faith comes to us through the word.
You can’t get faith any other way.
Prayer is important and it’s in prayer that we make connection to align ourselves with Gods will.

The whole earth belongs to God..and not just in a casual expression or in a mere generic expression. It truly belongs to him. The nations of the world belong to Him. On the outside it may not look so, because in many places he is not honored or recognized, but it belongs to him…and one day He will show that it all belongs to him.
One of these days, Jesus will come back.
He said ‘Heaven and earth will pass way, but my word will not pass away’. The certainty of his word is superior to anything else you could ever imagine…. Anything in life, including the sureness of the appearance of the heaven and the earth.
You can bet on his word! It will never pass away. NEVER!!!

We are in the times of the signs(of the end times). There’s no doubt that the Heavens are in preparation for the coming of the Lord.
The scriptures tell us that first, the church will be caught away from this earth, and then the man of lawlessness will be revealed (The Antichrist).
So that day is not far and one of the things you have to understand about the catching away of the church is that, it was one of the extraordinary mysteries given to the Apostle Paul.
Remember, even the mystery of the gentiles coming into salvation was unknown to the closest disciples of Jesus. much so, It was a major debate when the apostles and elders came together to consider the matter..they had no idea.
Matt 24:1-3
The disciples asked the Lord those three questions (v3)
If you look at those 3 questions carefully, they surrounded only the information that Jesus had given to them.
When Jesus said ‘I will build my church…’ They knew that Israel was the church in the wilderness…but they know that the Gentiles would be brought in.
Jesus gave the ministry to Paul to take to the gentiles even though it was inaugurated by Peter in the house of Cornelius.

In Acts 15, they debated, they weren’t sure that the gentiles were to come into salvation.

There are certain mysteries in the scripture. It doesn’t mean it is completely unknown. Its just revealed to a select few.
E.g. it was James who went back into scripture to show them that the Gentiles would come into salvation…. And then they accepted that truth.

Col 1:26-27.
1 Cor 15:51-53-55… In that one moment…so fast… We shall be changed into immortal beings in our physical bodies.
The nature that he gave us in our spirits, will swallow up the totality of our physical bodies.
The rapture will happen WHEN THE TRUMPET SOUNDS.
1 Thess 4:16-17.

One of the way we will know that the rapture of the church is very near is that the church will be preparing for it…the church will be conscious of it…
And there has never been a time in the history of this world that the church has been preparing for this. The message is going around the world to get Gods people for the coming of the lord.

This was Gods amazing opportunity!!!!
Was there ever a time when so many people were holed up in their homes…and most to hear the gospel or Jesus Christ?
As we rebroadcast it again and again, people are hearing.
People are telling their friends and relatives…JESUS IS COMING.
We have never been as stirred as it is today. Get yourself ready. He will certainly come back.
He said he would.

When he shows up in Heaven, others will not see him…but we who are born again, will hear that trumpet and be caught up with him in the air, and go with him to Heaven…to come back with him…

Don’t deceive yourself that ‘Oh, we’ve been hearing this for long’. It is much closer now than ever. You don’t want him to find you not living for God. Its time to live for Jesus.


On Tuesday, we identified the woman on the water and the woman on the beast.
The focus in Rev 17:1, was the JUDGEMENT of the woman, which was why John was given the revelation.
(Kindly Refer to Tuesday Notes, Day 7, Phase 3)
Today, the European Union has reorganized itself to present its identity, not only in name as Europa, but with the very revelation and representation as shown to John.
These things are very important.

One of the things that Europe stands for today, is what you can call from the Bible, a reconstruction of the tower if Babel.
(See picture of poster used several years ago to represent Europe. Captioned: EUROPE: MANY TONGUES, ONE VOICE)
God confounded the construction of the tower of Babel through language. They stopped the building… Now look at the design of the EU building… As an unfinished building… To say ‘Yes, we may have many tongues, but we have one voice’. Clear Defiance.

Europe bought into the Greek Mythology and said ‘Yes that’s us’. If Europe is Europa, the bible identifies Zeus as the beast from the bottomless Abyss (A demon).
Europe is declaring a descent of demonic origin…so you see the hatred for God. For Jesus.
Why would you have policies that are completely Antichrist in nature? Its because of this origin.

Remember the Roman Empire covered Europe mostly.

If you want to know TRUTH, look into the scriptures.
What we are seeing today is the confirmation of the preparation for the platforms of the Antichrist.

Please note, *the Antichrist will not have control OVER ALL THE WORLD*.

In the last few verses, there was rejoicing over the destruction of the whore.

*CHAPTER 19:1-*

V 1-6
There is great rejoicing in Heaven.
Several times, the Bible tells us of the burning of that city.
Europe will destroy the Vatican (the city) at that time.
Europe will set up a new world wide religion, so they would have no reason to have a church…so they will destroy the first thing that stands as the church in Europe.

19: 7…
Those in Heaven are
The 4 awe-inspiring creatures (4 beasts according to KJV)
The 144,000
The saints who ascended with Jesus
The tribulation saints
The 2 witnesses

In heaven there are 2 groups…. (All the above)… And All the saints who died and went to Heaven BEFORE the rapture of the tribulation saints. (Their souls were seen in Heaven… Saints who were beheaded, etc). Remember there was an earlier group of them who called on God to avenge them.

On Earth you’ve got..
All the wicked who don’t believe in Jesus.
1. Those who have /received the Mark of the beast
2.Those who didn’t receive the mark of the beast because they were in regions that the Antichrist didn’t have power over.
3. Children of Israel: God intends to fulfil his word to them as promised to Abraham Isaac and Jacob, as a people.

In Heaven there is a Party … The marriage supper of the Lamb is about to take place.

On Earth, there are wars
* Europe destroys the city
*The king of the south battles the Antichrist for Jerusalem.
(The devil is mad because he knows his time is short. Just 3 and half Years)

Daniel 11:40-
It appears that they don’t happen to win this war at this time.
V41- 43 the Antichrist moves from Europe to his headquarters in Jerusalem.
V44: He will hear news from the East (China) and the North (Russia) that will annoy him.. Which will cause him to annihilate many.
Rev 16:12-14
They (China and Russia) set out to attack the Antichrist in Jerusalem…
He hears news about their coming..
He gets mad, moves his HQ to Jerusalem…
They (China and Russia)come through, gain momentum….
V16- They gather for a final war showdown at Armageddon (the Hill of Meggido).

Simultaneously in Heaven, Rev 19:7 is on.
V8: the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
Psalm 45: 1-4.-13
Teach thee terrible deeds= Display awesome deeds (NIV)
This psalm is talking about a king well dressed for war, who had the Queen at his right hand.
He goes to the war having taken his bride.
He is talking about what happens immediately after the marriage supper of the Lamb.
Rev 19:8-
Some think there would be ‘other invitees’ to the wedding. They think the church is the bride, and other groups of righteous people are the invitees.

But they are wrong. Its not the individual saints that are the bride of Christ. It is the CITY. those who are called, are the individuals in the city.
Rev 19:10-13
This is JESUS…
Notice he is already crowned.
Notice he isn’t wearing a red robe, but a robe DIPPED in blood.
(Compare to the former being on a white horse that we studied earlier)

We were bought with a price. When you want to lay claims to what you bought, what do you take? A receipt.
*The receipt is the BLOOD.*
(Not a red robe)
Rev 17:3-4
Jesus robe is proof that he bought the whole field. The robe dipped in blood is proof of the purchase.
Jesus paid for your life.

Rev 19:14-16-
V 17: (What kind of a being can stand on the sun, and still can be seen?
Everything about God is Glory upon glory)

V 19: Those on earth had been fighting, but they don’t know that God drew them together to execute Judgement on them.
As they See Jesus coming, they all Unite to fight the one coming from Outer space.

Rev 6:12-17
Remember the opening of the 6th seal…
This scripture was at the end of the tribulation.
Matt 24: 29-30 (These are the words of Jesus himself)
This is what concludes the 7 year period.


Zechariah 14:1- 16(This is the prophet’s description as seen from Long ago)

Revelation 19:19-
V20: *The beast was captured*??????????????????.
He was thrown alive into the lake of fire STRAIGHT!!!! Direct Entry! Haha!!!!

Daniel also saw this…
Daniel 7:11 -14.
Matthew 24: 30, 31-
Who are the elect?
There is one more group that he seeks to save: Israel as a Nation!
He destroyed their enemies to save them.
He fulfils the promise.

There are some things you see in the Bible and you just see the mercy of God.
Isaiah 11:11-12
Remember after the first dispersion of the Jews, Daniels vision, then they were gathered back before the time of Jesus.
Then Jesus prophesied again about their dispersion. He said not one stone would be left upon another
In 70 AD it was fulfilled.
They were carried to all nations and scattered.
In 1948, their homeland were settled…Jews have been returning home..but there are more outside present day Israel than inside.

But on that day, he will gather all of the remnant back to Israel… And Jesus will Judge all nations for what they did to Israel.
Romans 11:26- 28 All Israel will be saved as a nation.
All Israel will gather with their little ones and they will weep and repent for what they did to Jesus.
Matthew 25:31-
V33- this scripture isn’t referring to Christians and Unbelievers. This is not our judgement. We will come down with him.

V34- 40
This is referring to the nations that persecuted the Jews.
In Germany, the Jews were so hated.
Antisemitism hasn’t stopped in the world.
Its a demonic thing that causes hatred.
Anyone that hates Jews, hates Jesus.
There are even some Christians that hate Jews because of the stories they heard.
This is not the Judgement yet.

If you are not living for Jesus Christ, receive Eternal life TODAY.

Day 2

I hope you have been praying your 15 mins segments daily. It did not end with the fast.
I would suppose that during this period. You’ve gained a new inspiration of prayer. Jesus taught that men ought always to pray and not faint.
Prayer is about bringing his will into life’s situations with prayer. We pray the will of God. We make his will happen.
That’s an aspect of prayer that makes it exciting because we watch things change in our direction as we pray.

What we have been sharing about in the book of revelation has helped us to have a focus in life and to prioritize our goals.

Psalm 41: 1
There are many people who get into trouble and they don’t get God’s ear. Why? Because they never considered the poor.

Psalm 49:1-20
V11: some people name streets after them, thinking to immortalize their names.


Q: The woman On the water that we talked about in Chapter 18, does she bear the same name as the woman on the beast? Are they both called Great Babylon? Rev 17:18,, Rev 18

Revelations 17:3-5
The woman on the water was also called ‘Babylon the great’ *same as the woman on the beast*.
That was a smart question.
Rev 14:8.
The woman riding the beast was not called a city, even though she was called “Babylon the great”. (Remember Babylon not a city, but was an empire with several cities.. it was a system). But this time he was dealing with something much more than a system..
The great city that we are introduced to in Rev 17:18 is called Babylon.

Go back to 14:8. This is the same description as the woman on the water.

In 17:1, she is just called the great Whore… Later on, she was described as the great city.
Remember I said when we studied chapter 17,
*The Political Babylon will destroy the spiritual Babylon*.

Rev16:19 – this is at the time of Judgement when cities were being destroyed. God remembered Babylon *the City*.

18:2- This was the woman on the water.
So the woman on the water is called Babylon the Great.

*What’s the relationship between the 2 women?* The woman in the water, was the city Rev 17:8
The woman riding the beast is a spirit/demon called Europa.
And that demon was known to the Greek empire.
Many of them believed they were descendants of Europa.
They worshipped Europa as the ‘Queen of Heaven’ who was supposedly honored at her death.
But they were wrong. Europa was an evil spirit.
Zeus, the beast, is also an evil spirit.

We find that there’s a history and that’s why God used that name. That was why that imagery was shown to John in the Revelation, even though Babylon if the Roman empire was long gone.

God was saying …the same spirit that was at work in Babylon transformed themselves and are controlling the the woman that was upon the water and the spirit that came out of the bottomless pit (Humans don’t come out of the abyss. Only evil spirits do).
The Spirit, Zeus, came out the Abyss… That spirit was the same spirit at work in Greece. He helped them formulate that Myth that Zeus was a god.

She had been there sitting on 7 mountains
(Please Refer to previous notes)
Mountains refer to authorities and powers

And what does the Bible tell us about the Red dragon?

The red dragon also had 7 heads, 10 horns. He had manifested himself in Human governments at different times.

That same evil spirit that had been there at different times is the name spirit reorganizing the forces of Europa, (Europe- the European Union)
This is human life now… And they didn’t check the Bible for it… Or did they? And chose defiance??? maybe

Its got nothing to do with how good you are, or not good… It’s like some of the things I told you in the past few weeks, scientists are now discovering…. They are speaking up now.
They are showing that what I told you was factual.. with real data.

*Here’s another thing*.
The relationship between the spirit that came out of the abyss, that’s called the beast… and the one that came out of the sea also called the beast.

Let’s look at it. It’s very much like we just talked about Babylon the great. There is the spirit and there’s activities.

Rev 13:1-2
This beast evidently having the body and head of a leopard (Greece) and the feet of a bear (Persia) and the mouth of a Lion (Babylon). This was to show a certain type of identity.

This one was A MAN with certain characteristics gotten from a spirit that had been there in Grecia, Persia and Babylon.
He uses the same name.
He operates through the Antichrist.

In Rev 12:3&4
One third of the angels (stars) followed this dragon.

Rev 17:7-8
Sea refers to humanity/people. The one from the sea is among human beings.

The beast from the bottomless pit is the same beast that gets into the one in the sea.
So, On the outside, you see a man. In the spirit, you see the beast from the bottomless pit.
The man (beast of the sea) took on THE CHARACTER of the beast that came up out of the bottomless pit.

*Dan 10: 12-13*
The Persian empire was on at this time. Daniel was living there. He prayed and an angel was sent with a message for Daniel but was withstood.

If the Prince of Persia withstood Daniel/the Angel from God, it was obviously an evil Angel.
Notice the term changed in the B part, to the ‘kings of Persia’ meaning that they were *demon lords over Persia responsible for the activities in the kingdom of Persia*.
Kingdoms and nations can have evil spirits that set their agenda against those nations.

*God also has angels who work on behalf of his people*. That’s why we pray for our countries. God won’t send an Angel to a location just because… Even if the devil sends his angels there. He only does it because of his own people.
*God responds to his children’s request and to their needs*.
*Recognize how God works!*
E.g. Micheal was assigned to the Nation of Israel…. Gabriel said so.

*Dan 10:14-15, 19-20*
Why was Gabriel going back to fight?
He doesn’t have to go through that route. He could go back to heaven any other way…but he had to go back to the fight.
Because God was bringing the Persian empire to an end.
Once the prince of Persia is toppled in the spirit, on earth the Persian empire is defeated and the Grecian empire comes. That was what played out.

That’s just to show us what happens in the spirit. Like now what’s happening is not about science, but it’s about some Spirits that are working in the world and taking charge of nation’s and driving their agenda.

Being nice and good doesn’t mean that you are spiritually alert.
There’s an agenda by some spirits to control the world and If you study your Bible right, you would see it.

Again and again remember the Bible says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities…

Eph 6:10-11
You’ve got to be STRONG in the Lord.
It’s not about the human beings or human structures.

It’s just like the days of Daniel. He was a prince in Persia and he knew that his physical government did not withstand Gabriel, but there was a war going on in the heavenlies.
He understood it had to be a spirit beyond the atmosphere.

There is an order of spirit. Thrones, dominions, powers.
There are different levels in the hierarchy of spirits.
V13- 18
In a day like this, when fear is being sold everywhere, You must be able to STAND.
V17-18 You must have the Rhema of God in your mouth as a sword.
And you must pray always.

*Ezekiel 28:1-9, 11-*
He is talking to the PRINCE OF TYRUS…who is a man. (Like a Governor). His city is Tyrus.
He had become so boastful and proud that he declared himself to be God.
He believed he was wiser than Daniel. He was so rich.
V 10- God was saying ‘when you are killed, they will all know you are a man, and not God’.

*V 12:*
Now this is a message to the *KING OF TYRUS*.
He had been in Eden the garden of God (the only ones we know who were there are Adam, eve and the One that came into the garden through the serpent). So who is he referring to? Let’s continue….

V13- it is a CREATED BEING
V14- He was an anointed cherub (Very High Angel… Protectors of the throne room)
This was Lucifer himself.
He was in the place of power and authority in the Holy Mountain of God. He wasn’t just an Angel.

His Judgement is being pronounced. .
Satan sends out spirits from himself; that carry his personalities, traits and character.
THINK ABOUT IT… The things that this spirit said (king of Tyrus), aren’t they so similar to what the Governor said? See how he was so puffed up…

Satan sends out spirits from himself. He himself doesn’t possess people.
Those spirits enter into people and reproduce in those people whatever Satan wants them to do.
So we see how someone else was setting the agenda of the Governor in the City of Tyrus.

That’s what *we must pray for governments*. Its not about science. Science is telling us that this is Crazy!!! But why aren’t the leaders listening??? *Because Men have been deceived by an evil spirit*.
An evil spirit is misleading people today.

*Revelations 16:13*:
The dragon is Satan.
The false prophet was a man, but an evil spirit had entered into him and was using him for the things he was doing.
Same as the Antichrist.
(The beast from the bottomless pit entered into them)

Rev 11: 3-7
Remember the 2 witnesses (2 olive trees or 2 lamp stands)
It is the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit that overpowers them and kills them… How will this spirit do it? *Through the Antichrist.*

Rev 16:13- the unclean spirits were like frogs.
Don’t be deceived by the size of any physical representation that you see. When we deal with spirits, Its not about size.
It doesn’t matter what they look like.

I told you….
Satan releases demons.
Now even the beast released demons.
Just 3 demons assembled the whole world to Armageddon!!!! Just THREE!!!!!
Rev 16:13-14….
Imagine …just 3 demons organize the whole world to the battle of Armageddon
Off course they would have other spirits working with them. But they are just 3.
(Remember the swarm if locusts (demons) that come out of the pit that will blacken the sun? WHY? Because of the number of demons that come out that place. Have you ever seen a swarm of Bats come out at the same time? The sky looks dark )

Just one evil Prince gets the world to this frenzy
*But by the power of the Holy Ghost, we have brought him down. You’ll see!!!*
Hallelujah! Blessed be God!

*REVELATIONS 19:20* Continuation…

At the battle of Armageddon, they stop fighting themselves and focus on Jesus. Then the beast was captured.
The beast and the false prophet were CAST ALIVE into the lake of fire. *They are Humans*.
HE WAS CAPTURED… (Why couldn’t he just kill himself? )
You Know, Jesus also has the Keys of Death.
They couldn’t kill themselves in his presence. In those days, people will ask for death and not find it.

V21. Words from Jesus slew them.

*Revelations Chapter 20: 1-*
Just ONE ANGEL laid hold of the dragon…with ONE HAND….
Because he was holding a chain on one Hand.
God describes the dragon clearly for us here.

The devil is then bound for 1000 years. (What a time to be in prison!!)

Only one angel does all this!

V4: (KJV)
*Who sat upon the thrones????* The verse looks incomplete. Read the verse slowly so you can get it. Don’t speed read.

Something is missing….
There is no context in the verses before.
So what’s he talking about?

Go back to the original manuscript to check….

The words ‘I saw’ were not in the original manuscript. (The words ‘I saw’ are in parentheses in KJV)
They thought that including ‘I saw’ would help…but it confuses the writing.
The Latin original doesn’t have ‘I saw’.
There is also no semi colon or comma there.
(Latin was the language spoken in Rome at the time of Jesus).

The souls referred to here, are the souls that were seen at the breaking of the 5th seal.
These particular group of people were beheaded.
Why is that important?
That was Rome’s wicked capital punishment for criminals. It came from a religious thinking. This was believed to be a final preventive measure for criminals to reincarnate in any form or to be forgiven in the life after. They did this to Christians.

These were the souls we spoke of before, who called for vengeance…whom God told to wait for others.

Now these souls were together with those who were giving Judgement on the throne.

*Dan 7v11-*
(referring to a spiritual body). The physical body cannot endure hell. This is a vision.
(John says they were cast alive…. )
Remember those that were beheaded did not have their spiritual bodies and were found naked.

V18,27… The saints shall take the kingdom.

Prophet Isaiah also saw this.
*Isa 24:21-22*
These demons shall be gathered together in the pit.
So, The millennium begins and the saints possess the kingdom.

*Dan 7:21-22.*
Judgement was given to the saints of the Most high.
This is what we see in *Revelation 20:4-5*
The first resurrection is for all the saints that will be found in the new Jerusalem.
All those who lived before Christ in the old testament who were brought out of Hades, and those saved after Christ ascended. The tribulation saints, the 144k…
They will move into the millennial reign and we will have the Jewish nation.

What is the second death?
Is there a second resurrection? Absolutely Yes.
This happens after 1000 years of peace.
The first ressurection has a series of ressurections and raptures.

Satan is released out of his prison after 1000 years.

V8: Gog and Magog- The farthest North. ( this is not the same encounter captured in Ezekiel 38/39)
1. Very likely, the attack comes from the North…. From the same area that the previous one came.
2. It also shows the result… What they are going to face. DEFEAT.
In using Gog and Magog he is referencing their terrible defeat.

V9- they are devoured with Fire.

V10- This time, Satan isn’t kept in prison. He is cast straight into the lake of fire to join the Antichrist and the False prophet.

V11- Now Here is the great white throne Judgement (the most terrifying of them all).. What did the earth see that it couldn’t stand… that they fled???

(Ref Dan 12:1-2)

V12: This is the second ressurection.
It doesn’t matter what you do; your works are written down.
Every man was judged according to their works

There are several books. We are not the first to read books. Books were in heaven before we had sense to invent them

There was ANOTHER book.

It doesn’t matter how the person dies…whether cremated or anything…
*Human beings are not bodies*.
Death and Hell was cast into the LAKE OF FIRE. (This is worse than Hell).

In the second death, the man doesn’t go extinct. There is no cessation of the life.
It is a continued, never ending death. The horror of darkness never stops. IT NEVER ENDS.
That’s why Jesus came.
It was never prepared for man, but for the devil and his angels.
There is no possibility of ever coming out.

*Whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire*.

Does it matter what people think about you in this earth?
Does it matter what you possess or what position you occupy?
Remember Psalm 49.

Rich, poor, small and great were Judged according to their works.
At the end of the day, Only one thing mattered…
Was your name written in the book of life???
At the end of the day, their good works could not save them..
Their charity works could not save them…
Their tears could not save them.
What mattered was the name being written in the book of life.
That’s what counts.

Make a decision to receive this salvation In Jesus Christ.
There is no future in any religion.
Jesus is not a religion.
But, there is a future in Jesus Christ.


Day 3

Pastor Chris

Welcome to today’s program.
I trust that you had some time of meditation and prayer today, and to view some of the things we have been discussing in the last weeks.
Gods word is truth. Absolute truth.

One of the things I tried to get across to you the last couple of weeks is the REALITY OF THE SPIRIT REALM.

A lot of people admit that it’s real but don’t live like it is. They see everything from the human perspective. They don’t believe that its spiritual.
From the outside, the girl didn’t look different from other people. She looked normal like everyone else.
It looked like there was nothing wrong with what she said.
The interesting thing is…she did this for several days.
But Why was Paul grieved in the spirit? Because His spirit recognized something that others who were listening to the girl didn’t understand. They didn’t have spiritual understanding.

Paul addressed the spirit by which the girl was speaking.

Would you know when a statement you are hearing that sounds nice/true is not from God???
Would you know when an announcement is made that sounds nice is not from God but the devil???
*All you see is not all there is!*

Even though we have a material world, there is a spiritual world that dominates the physical.
And when it comes to nations, we have to recognize that this things are real.

When Jesus was arrested by the authorities what did he say? He said ‘when I was out teaching in the temple, you didn’t do anything… But THIS IS YOUR HOUR AND THE POWER OF DARKNESS’.
When it was not their moment, they couldn’t take him. It was not their time.

Would you know when the forces of darkness are up against you?
Would you know when Satan is in operation in your city, country, the world; Would you know???

Without the knowledge of the word of God. You won’t know. All you’d have is speculation.
God said ‘My people are destroyed for the lack of Knowledge’.

Some Christians say ‘well, there is a normal life’. What is that?
You are either in God or with the devil. There is no middle ground.
That’s why Jesus said ‘You MUST be born again. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. And that which is born if the spirit is spirit’.
God takes only those who have received his salvation.
Remember what we read yesterday
“And anybody whose name was not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire”.

As an individual, you can believe what you want to believe… But at the end of the day, what you believe or don’t believe will determine your fate.
Thank God for the bible that teaches and informs us.
The bible says ‘Prove all things…hold fast to that which is good’.
When you haven’t proved it, you may have some thoughts about ‘what if’?
Let no one deceive you with Vain words. For there are many deceivers.

Yesterday, we talked about the Judgement. We got to Revelation chapter 20 and saw some really important things.
Jesus comes from Heaven to the battle of Armageddon… They then turn from each other to face him in battle.
Jesus and his saints descend from Heaven in glory and power.
The fight was fruitless for those in the earth.

*Revelations 1:4-*
V6: This is not a promise or something that will happen in the sweet by and by. .
V7: Up till now, Jesus has got holes in his hands where the Romans nailed him. He also has a terrible scar hole on his side where they pierced him with a sword and blood and water gushed out.
The whole earth will mourn and wail because of him… Many will suddenly remember.
The Antichrist would make people believe a lie about Christians after they are raptured…

(Just like now…
There are people who have died in hospitals and couldn’t go home because they died. There is no autopsy, the family may not find out…but the record would say he died of corona virus… By the new laws drafted.)

But they will find out that everything they heard about Christ is true. And that the rapture is true.
Those who remember the truth will begin to cry.

There are many Jews who believe in Jesus Christ. But as a nation, they haven’t accepted him. (National salvation vs Individual salvation).
*Zechariah 12:8- 13:1* begins to take shape.

Why does God love Jerusalem so? Because of the Fathers. The patriarchs.
V10: Even though they had rejected him, God will pour out the spirit of Grace on them. All of Israel will be full of tears and crying. They will realize that this Jesus was the Messiah which the gentiles had been preaching.

What a day that would be!!!

The Antichrist and the False prophet will be thrown in the lake of fire for 1000 years before Satan joins them afterwards.

The Judgement:
Matthew 25:32-46
*This is the Judgement of nations*.
Jesus promised to Judge them for what they did to Israel; for their evil works.
Look at the United Nations today. How many times do they make decisions against Israel.

Why did the Brothers of Joseph hate Joseph? He did nothing wrong. He was just blessed.
Why do they hate Israel so much?
Why is Jerusalem always an issue?
There was a plan sometime ago for Jews to relocate to Uganda/Hitler wanted them to go to Magadascar. Why?

The prophetic word was given.. They hated him without a cause.

*Revelations 20:10*- This is after the millennial reign of Christ. (1000 years of peace)
Why is Satan going to deceive the nations AGAIN?

In the 1000 years of Peace, people are being born. The sheep had been separated from the goats. The sheep are the ones continuing… They are NATIONS that are called righteous because of their good works.
Remember, this is the salvation of nations.
(Nations consist of families, clans, countries)

During the millennial reign, any nation that doesn’t come to Jerusalem for the feast of Tabernacles, there will be no rain on their land. (Not the whole nation. This is representational)

Satan was not there during the millennial reign to deceive the new generations being born.
Satan is released, he deceives those that can (a large army) and tries to fight again. (V7-9)

Rev 20:11.
Where are the natural people right now??? On earth
We who are raptured already are in a ‘celestial space’. We already have that celestial ability. E.g. If we need to go to Jerusalem, we just appear there.
(Since not all the natural people would be in the defeated army, the other natural people would be in their different nations)
V 11: the earth shakes and the people on the earth have no place to hide.
V12-13: This is the INDIVIDUAL JUDGEMENT. Everyone who had died, will rise.
Those alive will also stand.
Where can you hide from Gods presence?
This is the first phase of the Judgement.
God is very legalistic about the details.
He wouldn’t want anyone to be said to be judged without cause.
Every tear is recorded
Every action.
Every strand of our hair is numbered.
There is no detail of our lives that God isn’t aware of.
V14; What is DEATH???
Death is a spirit.
Death is a force.
Death is a power.

The Antichrist, the false prophet, Satan, Death and Hell… Will be in the lake of Fire…

And WHOSOEVER was not found written in the book of life was cast in the lake of fire.

*The Overwhelming evidence is there in the bible… About the book of Life.*

The first time it is mentioned in the bible was by Moses.
*Exodus 32:32-33*.
Moses knew by Revelation.
Moses wrote the book of genesis.
He KNEW his name was in the book.
It was never about putting people’s names in… It was about blotting it out.

Do sinners have their names in God’s book?
*Psalm 69:18-28.*
Referring to enemies of the righteous.
Notice verse 28. That means their names are in the book of the living/life (NIV)
You can’t take out their names if their names aren’t there.

*Daniel 12:1-*: Everyone that shall be found written in the book.

Its the same book…
This book has been there since the old testament!!!
(Some say that it is when you get born again that your name gets written in the book, but that’s wrong)
(Philippians 4:3, Hebrew 12:23. Revelations 3:5, Rev 13:7; Rev 20:12; 21:27)

In all the scriptures read, we see that no ones name was added. Only some were blotted out.
(Some days ago, we discussed those cloned beings whose names were never there.)
The book of life belongs to the Lamb (Jesus)

Revelations 20:15
Remember those people who were destroyed in the second battle that Satan mobilized? Those people were all of those people who could not accept salvation.
Remember there were nations who could not take the mark of the beast and who did not also believe in Jesus because they were not under the domain of the Antichrist.

We the saints, will be part of those judging with Jesus.(ref 1 Cor 6:2-3)
If your name was never in the book of life, it would be wring to check if your name was there. .

Whosoever was NOT FOUND… these are those whose names were there before.

It is those who were never there that followed Satan to attach the holy city. And they were all destroyed.

NIV Dan 7:9-10
This is God Almighty. This description is just like the description of Jesus in Revelations.
This is when the saints take over.
The thrones are set!!!

*If you have been a Christian a long time, it doesn’t matter the persecution you have faced. Or the insults. It is worth it!*
*Just keep pushing! Keep going! The glory ahead… Aaah!!! Haha!!!*
*One of these days he will come back for us. Keep pushing.*

*Revelations 21:1-*
God himself is moving in…
Just like Grandpa moving in…who has got everything!!!.
What do you want?
V6: It is done… That means SETTLED. .as far as God is concerned, you can bet your life on it. Its a done deal.

V9- 14
One more time, the bride of Christ is being explained. . the Lamb’s wife/the bride of Christ is A CITY.
All those invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb are the individuals in the city.
15-21: the city is a four square city. The length and breath are equal. .the distance of one side is like a three and half hour flight. Not less than 570 miles per hour.
What a Beautiful City!!!
V 22-23: There is no temple or church inside. God and Jesus are the divine presence.
V24-27: the nations of them which are saved (the natural people who were saved…the sheep nations). They will walk in the light that is coming out of our city. No need for the sun or the moon. Their leaders and reps will bring their glory and honor to it.
The gates will always be open because there is no enemy. There shall be NO NIGHT there.

*Who are those in this city? Those who are at the marriage supper of the lamb!!!*

At this time, Gods original plan for man has worked. He has natural humans and he has the new creation.

All this, is about Jesus and what he came to do.
If you didn’t know this, you’d find that you may have a lot of Hope but it may not be good enough.
You must have THIS HOPE all the time.
This is why we are the way we are… As passionate as we are. Because of these truths.
You can’t know this and live life in an Ordinary way.
This is why we preach the gospel..this is why everyday I’ve endeavored to preach the word to you.

Say the salvation prayer with us and mean them from the bottom of your heart and God will hear you.

Day 4

Pastor Chris:

The church is marching on.
The gates of Hell shall not prevail.
The church is marching on.

The gates of Hell shall not be able to withstand the church.????

Welcome to today’s program.
In the days of Jesus ministry in the earth/in Israel, He had spiritual adversaries and then he had the religious folks who were after him because of their selfish ambitions.
Then also, was the earthly structure set up by Satan; the earthly government that was so corrupt that Jesus talked about.
*Its the same today!*

I said that for a reason.
In the earth, there are often 2 groups… Same as the Heavens.
When we look at what happened ijbthe daysnof David as a young man when God chose him to be king while Saul was still alive, Saul wanted to kill him because he realized Gods hand was on David and his dream to maintain a lasting dynasty was failing. But it didn’t work.
Finally he died…but his house continued to persecute David because of their ambition.
The bible says ‘there was a long war between the house of David and the house of Saul’. The house of David was the house appointed by God. The house of Saul was of sin and selfish ambitions
But *the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker, but the house of David grew stronger and stronger*.

The house of Saul was a head and shoulders government. A house of the flesh. Though chosen by God, was not listening to God. Towards the end of his life he even went to the witch of Endor to consult. He became a politician. He was more concerned about what the people thought than what God thought…but he was deceiving the people too.

That has not changed.
Sometimes people are chosen of God, but over time they stop listening to God but listen to people, the polls …which are also deceived by misinformation.

As a child of God it matters what you are listening to. If you listen to only information from the world/flesh…Satan transmits deception.
As a child of God, BE DISCERNING.
*Those who are after the flesh mind the things of the flesh…and those who are after the spirit, The things of the spirit*

After this whole thing, there is a lot that we will address in-house. For now, we need to keep our eyes on the ball.
As long as you are praying for this situation. Don’t be distracted and moved by what some other Christian leaders or organizations say.
We have dealt with the issues.
Things are not going in the direction that they had planned before.
But when we finish, we will look inwards and see how to fix things in-house.
The bible says Judgement must begin in the house of God.

General Titus was the one who invaded and carried out destruction of the Jerusalem in 70 AD. Not the Turks.

Yesterday, I was telling you about the Great white throne Judgement in Revelation 20, after Satan was captured a second time.
God destroyed those armies completely.
*Rev 20:10*… Three so far in the lake of fire.
V11- We the saints, are on one side with the Lord, and the rest of Humanity on the other side.
The earth, with the living people in it, couldn’t escape anywhere.
They are not going to judge a man twice for the same offences…and if his life is not done, he is not going to be judged. The Judgement is ONCE.

In front of the Lord at this time, was all the living people WHO HAD NEVER BEEN JUDGED BEFORE. All others had perished.

What about the “Goat Nations”?
Where were they sent to

Usually when a nation is captured, you take their leaders and princes away.
During the Judgement of the nations, its the leaders that will come…
Its about what they did to Israel that was wrong that they are being judged for.

*Matt 25:31-32*
This is the Judgement of Nations, not individuals…

The Judgement of individuals is in Revelation 20… At the end of the millennium.

Zechariah 14:1-… This Armageddon comes at the end of the second three and half years of Daniel’s seventieth week.
That second half is referred to as ‘the time of Jacobs trouble’
(Ref- Jeremiah 30: 2 – *7*- 11). What days was he talking about?
Matt 24:15-22,
It moves from a terrible time…to a MOST TERRIBLE TIME.
Luke 21:20-24
This is referring to a different time. One part is the near future, the other part is the distant future.. But he tells them it is NEAR.. this happened in 70AD, when the Romans invaded over a revolt.
(V21: What Desolation was this? The abomination that causes desolation as spoken by Daniel)
V23: which people? The Jewish People. .
V24 happened just as Jesus said.
One group after another came into Jerusalem… Foreign nations possessed Jerusalem.

The times of the Gentiles: the period between the 69th week and 70th week.

Isaiah 66:7
You need to know what this scripture was primarily written about.
BEFORE she travailed (Not when), she brought forth.

V8: when Zion travailed she brought forth her CHILDREN. (That’s different)

*v7 Interpretation:*
BEFORE JACOB’S TROUBLE, ISRAEL WOULD DELIVER THE MAN CHILD. (Remember the prophetic sign John saw in Rev 12:1-6. This is Before the tribulation will starts… The 1,260 days are the three and half years of the great tribulation)
Dan 7:25- Same three and half years referred to.
Dan:12:1,5-7: same period referred to.
*This would be a time of trouble as there never was as a nation. This would be worse than the Holocaust, or any other persecution Israel has ever faced*.
(Another reference:;Rev 12: 8-17)
During the tribulation period it will be very difficult to be a Jew or a Christian. The one world religion would be declared already. The one world Govt, generally speaking, would also be in place. Same as the one world economy.
These are calls that have already been made. When nations get weaker, they accept anything.
E.g. one of the ways to cancel CASH in any economy is to propagate information that the cash is one way to transmit the virus or disease.
Or any government could say, every employer must register their organization with Test Kits to test their employees daily and send the monitoring report to the Govt.
Because they would want to save their Jobs, everyone would become a policeman on behalf of the Government. Its already happening in some places in the United States.
Just imagine now, Grandparents greet their grandkids from afar, because they have been told they are the easiest people to contract the disease. So sad.

Now you understand why we are praying. It is not difficult to know where this is coming from.
They don’t want us to lay hands on the sick anymore. They would start doing ‘contact tracing’ instead of finding out who got healed.
The plans of Satan are so evil.

You’ve got to pray. You cannot rely on those who make decisions on the basis of how much money they got. Think about it.

We are far more effective in prayer than most people realize. That’s why we pray. . I just want to guide your prayers. E.g.
There’s no point praying for the virus because that’s over and done with. ??????

*Zechariah 14:4-9,11,16*
V16- There will be people who are left in the earth because not all will be at the war of Armageddon.
Every year, they will go to worship the king (as nations)
V17: He is not looking at Individuals… It is the judgement of Nations. If they are not represented, they would not see rain..
V18-19… Family, refers to nation. Even a plague is promised as punishment to those nations that don’t attend the feast if tabernacles.

Jesus won’t tolerate any rebellious nation during the millennial reign.

Psalm 9:17
goat nations will be turned into Hell
Isaiah 14:4-9. (The leaders of Nations, for the things that they did at national level, will be thrown into hell).

Rev 20:13-15
Later Hell will bring them all out to face Judgement as individuals, not as nations.

We are praying and God is hearing us.
This is our responsibility as the children of God, to see with the eyes of the spirit and pray the will of the father into the nations of the world.

Greater is he that is in us than the devil that is in the world.
It doesn’t matter what forces are working against the kingdom of God. What matters is whether those of us in the kingdom are using our authority in the name of Jesus. ….
And we are using it.
This world will be stirred up in our direction, by the Holy Ghost that dwells in us. .this world will have no rest unless and until the will of the Father is brought to bear upon the nations of the world.

Even in this time and this day, THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.
The word already told us that we do not war according to the flesh. Our weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.
These weapons are in action right now!
AMPC *2 Cor 10:3-5*
We lead every thought and purpose of agents of darkness away captive into the obedience of Christ.

Go ahead and pray right now.


Day 6

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty in the Holy Ghost.

Welcome to today’s program.
We have some important things to look at today.
We’ll be looking at the scriptures and discussing *the Prophecy of the book of Revelation*.
There’s so much to learn from it.
You don’t learn until you put your knowledge to work.

There are a lot of things that we’ve been teaching the body of Christ for many years now, and these have been times to exercise the knowledge of God.

The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of light, of blessing, of truth, and Jesus came to this world to set up that kingdom .. Its called the Kingdom of Heaven. It is that part of the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to set up in the earth.
Its called HEAVENS GOVERNMENT in the earth.

Jesus gave us the power of attorney to use his name. He said, ‘I have overcome the world “.
Jesus called Satan, ” the Prince of this world” and then he said “I have overcome the world”…. Meaning Jesus overcame the Prince of this world and his governmental structure.

Remember Daniel’s vision and the message given to him by Angel Gabriel about the Prince of Persia and Grecia.

Satan is the Prince of this world.
Satan has a structure.
In Revelations we saw lots of beautiful angelic structures in Heaven…
But the bible also shows us how this world is run by the forces of evil, and how and when angelic forces of God intervene… Because they do.

I’ll start from the bottom so you’d understand.

*Ephesians 6:12…*
He is showing you a structure of devilish forces and you need to understand this.
We are engaged in conflict that is not with Human beings… But against..
1. Principalities
2. Powers
3. Rulers of the darkness of this world
4. Spiritual wickedness in High places
These are Ranks…. They are all wicked spirits.
They function in this world…including the ones in the heavenlies.
Their focus is man.
If you are not conscious of these things, they would run your life .
(Satan’s Incognito… Where demons function as if they are not real.)
If you didn’t know about this conflict in life you probably have been a victim of it.
Just because you didn’t know about it doesn’t mean its not real.

Ignorance of it makes you a victim, and makes you ineffective as a Christian. It causes you to not be dressed for warfare.
Most didn’t even know when the evil day came because they were victims.
After engaging the adversary well dressed, you remain unscarred and unscathed.

Build your faith. Your faith is your shield that helps you neutralize all the fiery darts of the wicked.

This is one day of evil that the church is facing.
If you don’t know this, you would think everything happening is normal.

(Video playback of prophecy of last year *about position and alignment and order. Where the Holy spirit will be much more real to the believer. The mountain of the lords house will be established upon the mountains . we are approaching a time, a moment, an hour where the perfection of Gods spirit is brought to bear. A period of supernatural interventions like the world has never known.. And the prayer of many saints will be answered at this time. There is a changing of order in the spirit. Some will think the wind of the Holy spirit is blowing in differently. But its a point if intersection where mans work that has advanced both positively and negatively will come into collision with Gods work. There have been such times in history and we are coming again to such a time. There will be a supernatural collision and at that point, men will see the power of God. It is called a time of testimony, because the testimony of the church will be heard in a way that’s different. The Lord will introduce himself. He was known as a silent God by many, but this is a period of change where he breaks the silence. There was a time he broke the silence in Egypt but he told Moses ,I was quiet for over 400 years but tell Pharaoh I’m not going to be quiet anymore. The time had come. We are moving to a set time…not because it’s a 2020 in the Gregorian calendar, but because it is a set time in the spirit. Serve God with Joy. Let nothing discourage you. You are doing the best Job in the world…serving Jesus.*)??????

There is a collusion in the spirit and we only win.
The wicked shall bow at the gates of the righteous… And that is where are right now.
There are people who had no clue. They didn’t even know what Satan’s work was.
But I knew, because the spirit’s witness.
But when you are ignorant, your information only comes from the media. You believe that all you see is all there is.

Ephesians 6:14-16
Your Faith is important! Your faith is a shield.
There are fiery darts, but with your faith, you will be able to quench them.

Observe again in verse 12 where he gives you the hierarchy of spirits.

Colossians 1:16
He is writing to the Colossians using another terminology
Here, he is not giving it to us in Order… Because he says ‘whether’.

Ephesians 1: 19- 21 Far above…principality, power, MIGHT (ability), Dominion…
Here, he is not dealing with rank.
Power and Might means… Authority and the power behind that authority. (Exousia and Dunamis)

Why is this so important?

Because it helps you understand what goes on around you, in your life…city, country.. And around the world .
You know how to use what God has given to you and how to use it.

The lowest Ranking of demons in their structure is *Legion* .. They are ‘heads of legions’…
They head legions of demons
(Ref Mark 5:8-13… This was his name, title and rank. The man had One major spirit with demons that were subject to him living in the man. Imagine the demons entered into 2,000 swine)
A legion is in thousands.

*Next to Legions is the Principalities*: These control local authorities and institutions.
In Ranking, They are first in the order.
Satan is interested in Human organizations. That’s his business in the earth. While you are organizing people he is organizing his own structure. And there are more demons than humans.

*Next to Principalities, are POWERS*; This Rank control Federal authorities, powerful NGOs that have the capacity of nations, very powerful cults, Nations..
It could be financial might or military might that they have (that’s what Paul was talking about). They have the authority and the wherewithal to wreak havoc.
*When you are listening to any government authority…always listen beyond him or her to the spirit behind him*
(Remember when the Rulers asked Jesus ‘By what authority do you do these things?)

*2 Chronicles 18:18-*
2 kings wanted to go to war.
They decided to consult with the prophet whether to go or not to. One wasn’t really interested because he already had prophets around him who serve the appetites of men. (There are some prophets that like people of power … Not necessarily false prophets).
Now after these political prophets finished. king Jehoshaphat was still not satisfied and asked for the prophet that the king didn’t like….

This prophet was called and broke forth into a prophetic revelation (like a sign with a clear message)
V18- 21
It showed that God wanted the fall of King Ahab.
There was a spirit that was to lead Ahab into that War so that he would fall and there would be a change in the Kingship.
In the realm of the spirit, Ahab was not discerning. He didn’t know what was pushing him. He made consultation with the prophets (it can be political leaders. Friends. Cabinet).
If a lying spirit could do that….how much more men who have no discernment.

(So many men would say, I spoke to experts, etc… Just so as to feel good about a decision even though in their hearts they know the decision is wrong.
NGOs are very powerful and could lead nations to destruction.)
( E.g. Revelations 17:3.
Leaders would give their power to the Antichrist because they can.)

*Next Level:*
Rulers of Darkness: Dominions that function behind the scenes.
These control the deep state.
They control profession cults. Industry cults.
You could be in an industry and before you know it, it metamorphoses into a cult and you can’t control. It controls everything and around you and even seeks to control a country. These are forces beyond the government. Controlling Federal authorities.
They control the powers, Principalities etc.

How do you know they have become a cult? Because of their activities. They make decisions that can affect human lives and they don’t care.
The devil is a thief and a murderer..
When you find that an organization which you belong to is leading to loss of property and loss of lives, know that you are not in the right place.

*Revelations 13:1-2*
The deep state have no respect for God or the things of God. They take actions that have no respect for God. They are blasphemous.
Satan/the dragon gave him his power, His seat, and his authority.

*Ezekiel 28:11-14*
Tyrus is TYRE. In the days of Ezekiel, it was flourishing…
This was referring to the actual ruler of the darkness of Tyre.
In Greek Mythology, Europa was born in Tyre. No wonder Satan had his seat in Tyre.

There are forces behind your elected officials that do things that even the government is afraid to do, and Government can’t touch them…why? Because they are placed there by Rulers of darkness of this world.

*Rev 2:11-13*.. Think about it. A city where Satan has his throne… What evil would be going on?
Killings, Mysterious deaths. (A trademark of the deep state)
Satan had his throne in Pergamon…just like he did in Tyre.

Jesus said ‘watch and pray’.
Be sensitive to the Holy Ghost and to the time you are living in.
Learn to listen to the Spirit No matter what activity you may be involved in.
Make sure your spiritual atmosphere is NOT NOISY. Learn to always be attuned; to filter through noise and listen to God.

*Next Level:*
They control the dominions of darkness.

its like someone who has several groups.. but is hands on. Satan has his own structure but he has one that he handles directly.
This level controls *Global markets and forces.*

God said ‘My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge’ .
In the spirit don’t find yourself sleeping.
No, my brothers and sisters.
We are soldiers in the Lords army. Soldiers of his eternal kingdom.
And he put us here to extend the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.
Its our Job.
And we see things like this happen we have to understand where the problem is.

When you have government authorities (doesn’t matter even if they came in by rigging or by a coup)… As long as they have gained the authority, What the bible tells us is to first recognize the authority..
Because they can’t have the authority unless God gives it to them.
So in our spirits, we are listening and yielded as long as they recognize the power that put them there…then we are at peace.
But when they don’t realize Gods power, you must utilize the power that God has given you in prayer.

E.g. a believing wife is meant to be lovingly submitted to her unbelieving husband, BUT when he gives instructions that are rebellious to God, she has to pray so that the power controlling the husband will submit to the name of Jesus.

Christians need to learn how to pray.
Every prayer is not prayer.
Jesus taught the disciples HOW to pray (the format/manner)
We must study that format and pray accordingly…not to recite the prayer. (Even some parts of that prayer have been fulfilled)

We are in the final lap.
This is a call of the spirit.
There is so much more to tell you.

Prayer of salvation.

Day 7

Today Concludes this phase of this program.
We will have something next week.
But we have made tremendous impact by the power of the Spirit of God.
We have set a lot of things in motion.
The church of Jesus Christ is marching forward.

Sunday is the special Communion Service, so we will have a live program. Plan for that.

I told you to download the LiveTV mobile app, Just in case your TV goes off.

We have stirred up a lot of conversation around the world.
Scientists, doctors etc are all coming out and speaking up about the things I told you before.
I told you that what was going on was not science.

Just a few days ago, Switzerland found out that children under 10 cannot infect others with the virus. Interesting!!! Isn’t that the same virus that’s supposed to stay on dry surface on 4hours?

I told you of the plan of vaccinating the young generation.
This vaccine has been ready since, but they are lying and saying ‘we are working on it…its hard… Etc’. They would keep using their playbook to manipulate the nations.

When you read the bible you can read everybody and their role.
As Christians, Pray everywhere.

I’ll tell you the truth before it happens
Did you hear of Covid-19 compliant churches? Or Covid-19 Free churches?
If you allow yourself labeled with that name you are nor the church of Jesus Christ.
Is the church not meant to be a place of healing??
If you are a pastor that likes to roll with the government, you would want to seem compliant.
It is coming…but I pray you don’t let it happen in your country. You may not understand it. But this is where it was going all the time.

In different countries, before the lockdown, the government had meetings with church leaders. Why didn’t they ask for a few days to go and pray? Because they were not praying churches before.
Do you know what it means to shut down the congregations of the Lord?
It never meant anything to you!!!!!
There were Pastors that were sending strong warnings to others not to enter or open churches….its obvious that Christ was never their Lord or the centre of their lives. They never really knew him.
Imagine the Government consulted you but you didn’t call for prayer… You just said ‘Oh Yes’ because for some there was going to be some compensation for the period of the Lockdown.

What compensation is enough to replace the praise and worship of the saints???
Hope you enjoyed it so far, when only you did online service???
Thank you very much for what you did with the house of God.
Now they will meet you again to consult with you to use you to set up “test centres for churches”
What they are using to test, do you know what it is? Do you know why it reads positive or negative for a virus ‘they are still studying’???
Now they are saying they can have a vaccine in July? For a vaccine they are still studying?
We already know what’d killing the people.

A pastor last week was sick of some ailment that they had been managing for some years. After he died, the authorities came there dressed in hazmat suits in pretense that the person that died was a covid19 patient. But it was a LIE.
Where was the autopsy report????
What they didn’t realize was that His mother was a Nurse who KNEW that he didn’t have Covid-19.
Why couldn’t the Government do an autopsy?

I’ve told you about the lawless one that’s coming. What we are seeing is the harbinger of the lawless one playing out around the world.
They want to rank up the numbers.

In several of the new lawless laws, it is actually stated there that AUTOPSY IS NOT REQUIRED.
That’s absolute lawlessness.
How can people die and there is no reason for their death? And you are not allowed to challenge it? This is CRAZY!!!

For those who are passing these laws that they never read… I feel sorry for you. God will hold you accountable at the proper time.
No matter how urgent, ensure you read it. And of you don’t agree with it, don’t vote for it.
Truth is they already declared a state of emergency so they don’t need the vote. They want the state of emergency to continue so that the executive won’t need your permission.

This is a siege! Some of you didn’t realize it.
The bible says ‘the whole world wondered after the beast’… They worshipped the Antichrist.
What is happening right now, is the spirit of Antichrist. This is not the beast himself. This just another prince of darkness trying to see if they can start ahead of time and destroy the world as much as they can for a longer period (since God would only give the devil Three and half years)

Social distancing…
Let’s see the reason for it. It is for the destruction of families.
Satan hates man.
Angelic beings are not a race. Each one of them is different. They don’t have that fellowship or relationship like we do.
And that’s what they want to bring to the world and make us estranged to each other. That’s why they have tried to introduce the word ‘the new normal’.

Plato is recognized as the Father of today’s university system. He pioneered the “Academy’.
He created an idea… The community/communism of wives.
This is the ideology that a certain man brought into the church at a time (the doctrine of the nicolaitans…which Jesus says he HATES). It was about the destruction of families.
He came up with the idea that Public officials should not have families because of what they have to do on service to their country. That having families would make them have the dream of having properties and planning for their future and that it would be a distraction for them.
He suggested that they would have a ‘community of wives’ to mate with any of them to have children who would not have recognition of any parentage, so that they would be free, children of the state.
Then they can have a generation that is detached from family demands and desires.

(See how they started with the gradualism… Public servants).

Destruction of families is what the social distancing is about.
We start practising not to hug one another even though we are not in the same house.

This was Plato, the extraordinary philosopher recognized in Greece.
Several universities are named after Greek gods, mythology, etc. And they don’t know why.
A lot of people are victims not even realizing that they are.

YOU can be deceived if you choose to be. It’s very easy to be deceived.

Yesterday i told you, Satan has a structure.
Matt 12:25-26.
Jesus, by implication, stated that Satan has a kingdom.
Jesus referred to him as the prince/god of this world.
(2 Cor 4:4)
He became so, because Adam sold out to him.
He set up his system which he is running.
We have to be wise enough with the wisdom of God.

The character of Satan is manifested again and again with what’s going on. (John 8:44).
The devil is a native liar. When you see deception and killings, just know that he is in operation.

Remember the city of TYRE… Satan was running their lives. Several people of Tyre moved to reside in Judah and Jerusalem… And began to sell things to people on the Sabbath to lure them to defy Gods rule about the Sabbath and attract Gods judgement.

There are people who refuse to recognize the day of worship… That’s Satan’s manifestation.

How you hear Truth from the world? How do you expect to build your faith? You use what the world is telling you to question the information from Church. They are reproducing themselves in you without you realizing.

*1 Chronicles 21:1*
This is what devils/demons do.
How would they know they are being incited by Satan?
Satan was after Israel, so he incited the king.
Imagine this was David!!!!

Joab knew that the action was not consistent with Gods plan even though taking a census seemed harmless.
V7. God punished Israel…not David…. And this was Satan’s plan all along. 70,000 men died because of this mistake of the king.

Understand Satan’s character of DECEPTION.

Something also happened in the days of Solomon…
Things happen in nations today. (E.g. the altar that was moved from Pergamon to Berlin, the eastern gate that was moved as well to Europe. Is there any wonder that Europe is anti God today?)

*1 Kings 11:1-12*
God had warned them that SURELY they would turn away their hearts… But Solomon married those strange women.
And at the the end of his life, Solomon started following their gods, and even built high altars for those gods/demons for his strange wives….in JERUSALEM!!!!
Solomon did all these atrocities even after being visited by God twice!!!! He didn’t keep Gods word. So sad and troubling.
Bringing those idols was just the outward side of it…but what Solomon did was to bring DEMONS INTO ISRAEL… that’s what Satan wanted… Because once the demons came in, they began to run things.

Angels, God, Satan always needs man’s Cooperation to carry things out in the earth.

Satan needed Davids actions so he could carry out his work.

This is what we pray.
When satan gets into a city or country, usually he is in collusion with a person in that place. It takes time to break that influence because of the human involvement.
That’s why Gods people need to understand their authority in Christ.
Know what Gods word says.
What can you really do?
What are the things you need to have a lot of intercession about in order to be effective?
All these answer are in Gods word and without understanding them, you can’t go very far.

After Solomon brought in demons, after he died, His Son Rehoboam could not keep the Kingdom because of the demonic forces who were suggesting things to him.
E.g. he didn’t even take advice from the elders who tried to steer him right from the errors his Father had made.
He took advice from his young friends who didn’t know how Solomon started and his love for God, but knew his missteps.
As he followed their advice, the kingdom split and he lost it.

*2 Thessalonians 2: 1-11*
V7: the Antichrist spirit is already in operation.
V9-11. If you don’t receive the truth. You will believe a lie, There is no middle ground.
It is those who are perishing that will really be deceived.
If you love the truth, the truth will deliver you.

*Daniel 8:25 TLB*
The bible says the Antichrist will be a master of deception. He will catch people off guard and make them bask in false security.
This demon that is his forerunner is doing the same thing.
This is just a sign that the Lord is coming soon… GET READY!!! think there is FAKE NEWS now, just imagine in the last days, there will be STAGED NEWS.
(Already look at what the FBI did to General FLYNN. There is evidence to that conspiracy now. That was the work of the deep state. A manifestation not satanic involvement in Human Governments)

For example, one might belong to a ‘labour congress’ where you are told that when you join they will fight your cause for you.
Any wonder why when you take someone from those congress/cults to become a minister or president, You would think your industry would get better off since he knew what your colleagues went through but they don’t get better off because he is under the ruler of the darkness of this world.

The world is moving to a situation very soon where you will not be allowed to say anything against Satan..or they will block you from public speaking.
The time to preach the gospel is NOW.
Satanists are getting bolder now. They have some of their members in office in the open. And the hatred for the church of Jesus is increasing.
Its us who are preaching Jesus that would be called Cults (already happening now).

The time for STRONG PRAYING and to engage them in the spirit is now. So that the little window we have left to preach and win souls, we can utilize effectively.

*Daniel 7:24-25*
This shows the Antichrist spirit that is going on right now.
He shall *wear out* the saints of the most high.

Currently, the demons are trying to wear out the saints in this present time… One law and problem after the other… To make you fed up and tired. You find yourself having prayer after prayer.
He will have a bill to change times and laws. To change the way/structure of life (the new normal).
These bills coming out now are their intention to change the norm. Its not to keep people healthy or safe.
As the church we have authority. We are seated together with Christ in a place far above all principality.
But if we don’t use our authority, they will move far and we will be be playing ‘catch up’./

As of now, because we were praying, the forces have COLLIDED in this spirit. Our intercession didn’t stop and we have been releasing fire power in the spirit so it has been very difficult for the devil.. (And we are not done with him yet)

*Daniel 10:13,20*
A spirit being withstood Angel Gabriel. A top prince in Heaven. A high Angel. There was war in the heavenlies.
At that time, HEAVEN WAS RESPONDING to the Prayer of Daniel!!!!
God responded in the spirit. He sent angels to topple the Prince of Persia in the spirit.

This is symbolic to us and the kind of things happening right now.
There are changes in the spirit right now.

Daniel 11:1
There are angels sent to strengthen leaders to carry out the works of God.

Revelations 17:1-6
Many righteous men were slain by this wicked spirit. This spirit will also be responsible for the killing of many more in the future.

These are things that going on right now. There are several groups in play. China, the deep state (a different group with a different agenda), Europe, Russia and Islamic allies, United states, Satan (Pergamos and Tyre).

China today is the test ground for globalism.
It used to be New Zealand and Australia. They shifted because those countries are too into Democratic ideologies and it would be too slow for the deep state. They would need a totalitarian system of Government. China doesn’t even know they are a guinea pig. China is helped with technology etc. China is never condemned for whatever they do. So China is active now.
Meanwhile. China has its own dreams. They won’t be part of the one world government. (This is one of the reasons Germany is suing China over the Covid-19. They know China won’t come on board)

The purpose of our discussion is so we know where we are in Bible days of Prophecy.
We must realize it.
Open our hearts to Gods word studying it like never before and take our hands away from sin.

Next week we will share on what type of life God wants us to live.

You have to live the life of righteousness. It is a life of right standing with God that produces right living.
True righteousness produces RIGHT LIVING.
Its about making up your mind to live for him.
We are in bible days, and we are all part of this AMAZING DRAMA.

But this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith
We have overcome this world and we insist on it. we decree and proclaim it. We are victors and Satan can’t lord it over us.
The wisdom of God is at work in us
*By the power of the spirit we are disconnecting Satan and his works in our nations and he cannot proceed.*
The weapons God has given us are mighty through God that no matter what theories or writings he has put out there, the words that come out of us are so powerful to neutralize the effects of Satan’s agenda.
*We have overcome the Antichrist spirit, their falsehood, their distraction*.
“Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world”.

Let’s stretch our hands towards the Map of the nations on the screen .
Satan has no authority!!!
The power of the Holy Ghost fills these nations.

The Lord has established his church in the earth.
We know at what point the saints will be given into the devil’s hands as shown in Daniel and Revelation, *So he cannot wear us out or overcome us now. No!!!*

We declare that we have power over the nations because they belong to Jesus Christ
We declare his glory, his word and his name over the nations.
The knowledge of the Glory of the Lord shall cover these nations as the waters cover the sea, and IT SHALL BE SO.
And the open door of the gospel that has been given to us, NO MAN SHALL SHUT IT.
These doors shall remain open for the gospel in the name or Jesus and by the power of the holy Ghost.
And those ones that seemed closed shall be made open by the power of the Holy Ghost.
And the name of Jesus Christ shall be glorified in all the earth. Hallelujah!!!

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We will start the next phase of our broadcasts from next week Tuesday, specially designed to get you prepared for the coming of the Lord.
Christ is coming soon!!!
Don’t let him find you sleeping.
Prepare for his coming..

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