Notes from Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Week 3

Day 1

Today’s program is a very special one.
For Pastors and Ministers of the gospel, we began another phase of fasting and praying for 7 days from today.

We would pray specially for saints of God all around the world
The first responsibility is given to us as ministers.
It is not an unusual call. Its a demand from the Lord.
Samuel said ‘God forbid that I should sin against the Lord by not praying for you’

What’s happening around the world is of top significance. We have to pray for Gods people. Jesus said to Simon Peter ” Satan has desired to have you that he might sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you that’s your faith fail not…and when you are converted, strengthen your brethren “.
Very moving words from Jesus.
This is how we have to pray for Gods children. That’s their faith fail not. In times like these, there are Christians who could be deceived or swept away by the current..some because of ignorance, could get confused. Some don’t know who they should be listening to…. So we have to pray for them that their faith be strengthened.

That’s why we do these programs; to help build your faith; to encourage you.

Remember. The lord never asked us to pray in vain. He asked us to pray because he planned to answer….and we are making REMARKABLE IMPACT.
There are many things to talk about but we have matters to settle in the spirit. We have something in front of us. We may agree on something or disagree on something. Some opinion or the other… But THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR THE DETAILS. LET’S DEAL WITH WHAT’S IN FRONT OF US. Let’s put things in the right perspective.
Remember, Gods word is the final arbiter. It doesn’t matter what we think..what matters is… WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?
Many ministers and saints around the world are praying.

Don’t listen to those who tell you ‘there’s nothing to bother about’.. They are ignorant.
Didn’t Jesus have the power? Then Why would he pray for Peter?
People out of ignorance say a lot of things but don’t be moved by their ignorance. Look at the bible for yourself. Study the scripture for yourself.

We were taught on the inmprtance of prayer. Fasting, intercession…Jesus told us ‘watch and pray’. He told us about the things that would happen in the last days, and he said to PRAY THAT WE BE COUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE THESE THINGS.
For Jesus to tell us that, it means it is possible to escape them.
It means your eyes will not see or experience those things.
The Bible says in those days, men will seek death and not be able to find it.

For those who want to argue and have worldliness on their minds… Ask yourself ‘how spiritually minded is this person? Is he preparing for the coming of the Lord’. A deluded person would want to deceive others but don’t let anyone deceive you.

*Let’s pray for Gods people, the churches s of Christ, the ministers of the gospel around the world. That at this Time their faith would be strengthened by the spirit. They will not be deceived or lukewarm. They will be hot and burning for the Lord*.

Today, we will try to look through some questions sent in from around the world.

Q: according to Romans 8:9, the scripture says ‘if any man hath not the spirit of Christ is none of his’. Does this mean every Christian has the Holy ghost? Does this mean every Christian with the spirit will get raptured?

A: 1 Cor 3:12- No one can say JESUS IS LORD without the one spirit have been been baptized. He that is joined with the spirit is one spirit with him. Everyone who is born again has the spirit, but there is also the infilling of the spirit. Its very important so a Christian fulfils his ministry.
Once you hear about the infilling of the spirit, you should desire to receive him and receive him.
A lot of times, people get born again and filled the same day.
There are others to whom the matter is never addressed and they don’t get filled.
The Christian life is not possible without the Holy spirit.
Once you declare consciously that JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD OF MY LIFE, the Holy spirit responds instantly. You are instantly immersed in Him.

If you ask ‘if I’m not a serious Christian will I go to heaven’?, the fact that you have this chance to ask, means you have the chance to change and become a serious Christian. Why would you want to live any other way apart from pleasing him. Eph 1:13-14.
Part of the ministry of the Holy spirit is to keep you from falling. Without him, You stray. You would be worldly. 1 Cor 2:11-12. There is a spirit that causes people to be worldly. All they think about is this life. But the holy spirit teaches you the things that God has given to you. Without him, you argue with what you are taught. But he is the spirit of truth.
1 Cor 2:13-15. Wordly people compare spiritual things with worldly things.
A natural man isn’t born again. He doesn’t even understand anything of the spirit. The spiritual man judges all things spiritually and cannot be understood by Natural things.

Q: kindly explain to me the One world economy. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A: We have learnt about this in the previous lessons. Its all about control.
The one world economy is an economic system. Right now, there are economic systems within their country or region. E.g. through a single currency or laws that help them carry out commerce. With the one world economy, the whole world would operate one system of finance, trade and economic structures. It MAY even become one currency. Already, no matter where you go, you can use your card.
But this is about an economic state that is unified everywhere… This would also require tracking (though they don’t like to talk about it).
Years ago, we used to tell people you’re going to have martial law… Most of the world today is under disguised martial law (emergency rule) right now; With a slight difference… Those who are running the system are civilians. This means civil liberties are completely streamlined. Most civil liberties are set aside. This also means, that during that time, the country is partially being run by a new system of laws. Its like when the Military takes over a government, they suspect some aspects of the constitution which would interfere with how they want to run the country. The emergency governance/disaster rule etc… are just names…which mean that the executive at that time run the the country with decrees, or orders.
If you read the Decrees that have come up now, you would be shocked that its nothing different than what you would have under martial law. .
That’s why we are praying because Satan likes to take advantage of such scenarios to make such things permanent. He wouldn’t want the civil liberties to come back.
The eroding of civil liberties is one huge disadvantages of such one world systems.
Depending on who is running it, every economic system depends on interpretation. Systems don’t make men. Men make systems. Governments don’t create people. People create governments.
Why do you have courts if all laws are interpreted the same way?
Interpretation is key.
Years ago, I used to tell people that the most important people in a government system are the Judges. Because at the end of the day, its their interpretation of the law that counts. Judges are important.

The advantages are simple and Huge. They make your economic life (trade) easy and fast. It doesn’t make you richer or poorer. But it makes it easy and fast.

Q: You talked about fruit Bearing. What does it mean to bear fruit?

A: it is an important part of being a Christian. Every branch in Christ must bear fruits of righteousness. Souls are fruits that we bear. Our worship, Thanksgiving, service in His house, offering and tithes.
It means the Lord receiving glory for your life. People should look at your life and be thankful to God for what is happening in their lives.

Q: As we are admonished to set our affections on things above, how to we balance it with those desires we already had e.g. having big businesses, a good life on earth etc?

A: We are in the world, but we are not of the world. What is the reason for what you are doing/desire? Maybe balance isn’t the right word. It is perception. You should know who you are. You don’t try to balance your gender with your work. There are things that are natural. Your perception is from that perspective.
Whatever you do in word or deed, do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving glory to the Father by him.
Why do you want to have a lot of money or a beautiful house or traveling around the world, or a vacation… WHY??
PURPOSE/THE WHY OF LIFE is what matters.
Is your purpose consistent with Gods plan for your life?
Why would you want to live an empty life if your pursuit is inconsistent in life.
The most important thing in your life is discovering your purpose and fulfilling it…otherwise you would have lived for nothing.

Q: who is Satan?

A: Satan is derived from Hebrew. Its not an English word.
Satan is a word that originally means ‘to attack. To accuse. To oppose. To resist.’ It describes one word: An adversary.
He is the adversary who does all the above. That’s his nature. That’s what he became. He wasn’t originally made to be so. But he fell because of his unlawful desires. He used to be a good Angel but he fell out with God and took a different direction.

Luke 17: 26-27. Life continued normally until the day that Noah entered into the ark.
Don’t listen to those who tell you ‘don’t worry, everything is normal’. The day is coming when the church will be taken out of this world.
Noah was a preacher of righteousness. He kept warning them. They didn’t listen to him. But the same day that Noah entered, Judgement started. The rains fell and did not stop.
V28- 29.
Economic life was going on in the days of Lot. But the SAME DAY that Lot went out of Sodom, Judgement began with fire and brimstone.

Satan cannot be allowed to bring his evil work into the world at this time. We are praying so we can have more time to save more souls.

There is a current world population site that keeps increasing by the second. In an hour and half, there is an increase of over 300k births. The death rate is increasing too at a much slower rate.

The coming of the world is so close. Jesus said we should take the gospel to everyone AS A WITNESS. If they believe it, its for their good. If they don’t, its for their judgement.

Satan has no sense. What happened in the world in the last few weeks gave us a huge opportunity to reach over 3bn people with the gospel. Never in the history of this world have BILLIONS of people been holed up in their homes at this time. With a single device, a whole family is gathered. We have the largest distribution network in the world, but we will never tell you how. We are making progress… But there’s much more to do. We should try to reach 5billion.

But even if you preach to 7billion people and your life isn’t going in the right direction, it makes no sense.

We need to set our sights on reaching 5billion people with the gospel…and it shall be done. Amen!!!!

Once the church is out of this world, Judgement will begin. These are the last days; you must prepare yourself.
The gospel is moving fast without you knowing. Sleeping Christians will be saying ‘we can’t reach the world. It will take a long time’ but the more people we win to Christ, the better.
We preach the gospel because we don’t want anyone to be left behind.
Let’s work hard to reach 5Bn. Jesus deserves it.

Jesus said ‘while men slept, the enemy sowed tares among the wheat’.
So we too, while they are sleeping, we are working. We are praying. The wisdom of God and insights of the spirit is being ministered to us right now.
Make up your mind, for the life you want to live. THE TIME IS SHORT. ALL THE SIGNS ARE AROUND US.

1 John 2:18
The Antichrist means ‘against Christ’ or ‘in place of Christ’. These are the 2 things the Antichrist does.
The bible tells us the various things that will happen. While the church is here, the Antichrist cannot be revealed.

Revelations 5: 1-
The Angel didn’t even know what was in the book because it was sealed.
V6. The beast in the Greek means a living being. The description couldn’t have a name. Some translations call them ‘awe inspiring creatures’. Not the same ‘beasts’ referred to in chapter 4.
V8: the odours that came up from the vials are the prayers of saints. That’s amazing!
V9: when Jesus took the book, the 4 awe-inspiring creatures and 24 elders fell before the lamb and Sang a new song… This suggests that they were human beings.

We will continue tomorrow.

Day 2

I would like to encourage all ministers of the gospel to give half an hour in every day to join our prayer chain during this phase of the fasting. Please indicate online.

Q&A Session.

What we are discussing in the book of Revelation is so important. Apart from when certain references are made in the book of Revelation, its very rare to have someone take you through the book of Revelation.
I’m doing this now because this is even more urgent. We are speeding much closer to the coming of the lord.

Q: What is Judgement day? When will it take place? Will it be after the saints return to the earth? Who will be Judged?

A: Its a day of reckoning of activities and you will be given your just reward.
The judgement of sinners will be because of what they didn’t do (not accepting the Lord Jesus).

Revelation 20:7-13
It takes place after the millennial reign of Christ, after Satan is loosed.

While we are here on earth living for the Lord, there are different Judgements. God tells us if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. He tells us to examine ourselves if we are in the faith. He expects us to judge ourselves and get in line. Jesus was Judged for the world and you believed him, so you accepted his Judgement on your behalf… So there is no Judgement for you. But that presupposes that you walk in the light.
The Christians have 2 phases of Judgement.
1. The Judgement seat of Christ- We are before the Lord and he determines our rewards. We are all going to be praised but some more than others.
He will also judge our motives. If our works stand the test of fire, we would be rewarded ..if not, we suffer loss.
2. The Judgement of Sinners: We will be with the Lord Judging all the sinners. We will be sitting on thrones along with Jesus.
We will also judge angels. And when we are done, all those whose names are not in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire.

Q: will the earth be the same countries during the 1000 years? Will we recognize ourselves after the rapture?
What will the elect be doing on earth in the 1000 years?

A: We will be reigning together with Christ as kings on earth.
The earth will be the same. Same countries. Etc.
We will recognize ourselves after the rapture.

Q: Is there a specific number of people that will make the first flight?

A: God knows everything and is very organized but since it is not revealed, we leave that to him.

Q: why did Jesus tell Nicodemus to be born again when he had not died and risen?

A: Jesus will not require us to do something that is not possible for us to do.
As at when Jesus was here, no one could receive eternal life because he had not yet resurrected.
John 3:3. He was letting the man know about the kingdom of God, not instructing him.

Q: Please explain further on how to present ourselves a living sacrifice unto God.

What do you exist for? Set your affections on things above. We no longer live for ourselves. 2 Cor 5:14.
Our thoughts and actions must align with the word of God and our purposes must align with God. Even Jesus when praying wanted the cup to pass over him, but ended by saying ‘let your will be done’. Same way we have the mind of Christ and not a will of our own.

Q: I’m having challenges in the Love walk especially in relating with my husband. I find it difficult not to answer back to him. I feel it will prevent me from joining the first flight.

A: Roms 12:1 (MSG). Consecrate everything that has to do with you to the lord. Do EVERYTHING in the name of the Lord.
Renew your mind, take on the language of God and answer properly. Hold yourself in. Eph 4 shows several things we should do. It gives amazing latitude to the ability of the spirit filled Christian to do the right thing.
While we are on earth we are being trained on the eternal principles of faith hope and love. This is a phase of that training… To imbibe the principle of loving her husband.
She should also listen to messages/the word of God. Give the word attention. It will help you mold your character. You will just notice that the things that used to upset you have no effect on you. Since you have wisely identified it as a problem, meditate on the word and practice acting on the word. It will build your spirit .

When we use Man’s calendar to calculate the time spent/remaining, will it tally with Gods calendar. E.g. Caesars calendar and the Gregorian calendar

Among the sequences if Rapture, will this timing be enough to destroy the mosque standing in the city of David to rebuild the temple?

A: You cannot calculate the day. Because of the approximate nature of the dating. E.g. how can you be sure of the day Jesus left the temple and made that proclamation?
When you’re estimating, don’t try to figure out the exact day. You’ll miss it.

Yes, the temple will be rebuilt.

Every 3 days, we have close to a million new births. Deaths are about a third of it.
Currently we are an estimated 7.7bn on earth.

We have an enormous work to do in reaching our world for Jesus Christ. How many really know who Jesus is? We are saying Jesus is coming again… Some don’t know that he came the first time.

Who is Jesus? He is the son of God. It is an extraordinary statement. Jesus said so himself and when others refered to him as ‘Son of God’, he didn’t deny it.

What is the meaning of God?
It doesn’t mean one that is born by God. It means GOD IN HUMAN FLESH.

That’s why the Jewish people who knew exactly what he was talking about were angry with him and picked up stones to try to kill him.

Jesus proved this by the resurrection from the dead.
God became a human being and lived among us to save us. He brought us salvation and life eternal life; So that we could be in fellowship with him. Jesus made it possible. He brought us into a union, friendship and relationship with God. Imagine having a friendship with the Great God who made everything.. Sun, moons, several stars which are a thousand times larger than the earth!
There is only ONE BOOK that tells us the actual origin of creation.
Genesis 1:14-16. These are absolutes.
God is so Great! How could sinful man talk to God? He is too holy for us to approach him.
That’s why he came in Jesus Christ and redeemed us from Sin by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus gave us newness of life and now we can talk to God.
This is why we are bold and confident in his presence.
Jesus also told us that He would come back for us.

He tells us if we would believe in him, his death on the cross and that he alive today, and if we would declare that with our mouth, then his life will be awakened in our spirit and we come into fellowship.. Awakened to the fatherhood of God.

*Book of Revelation Continued*

Revelations has 22 chapters.

1 is the introduction.
2&3: warnings to the churches. Those churches were real churches on earth but Gods word is eternal. You can tell as an individual or as churches if the word applies to you.

4: The rapture has taken place. So chapter 4 verse 1 to chapter 6 shows activities in Heaven

6-18: everything is happening on Earth (diagram to be described later).

We will begin with chapter 6 today.
7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 plagues.
What are they?

In the book of Revelation, there are a lot of symbols. You need to know when something is a symbol and when something is definite description.

Rev 6:1-
When we are raptured from this world, the Judgement begins. The world will never be the same.
V 2: when the first seal was opened, there was a white horse. He had a seal and a bow.

White Horse: was it Jesus? No. Jesus doesn’t use a Bow. He uses a sword.
2. A crown was given unto him. Jesus is already king of kings.
3. He went forth conquering and to conquer: Jesus will only battle the nations at his second coming.

This is not Jesus. It is the Antichrist

The first thing that happens on the earth is the revealing of the Antichrist.

Notice: He had a bow without arrows. How will he conquer without arrows? He will do it with ‘peace’, without war. Nations will give him their power without him having to fire a single shot.
Daniel 9:27. 8:23-24
*1st seal is the revealing of the Antichrist*
(Please note, on earth they won’t see him on a white horse)

Rev 6:3- 4
This is terrible.

A man on a red horse who takes peace from the earth.
Once the church is gone, no more peace on earth. There will be Mass killings and murders.
Matt 24:7, 10.
Neighbors will betray one another. Report each other to the police.
Rev 13:15. Life will become so cheap at that time.

The signing of the peace treaty with Israel begins the 7 year period (Daniels 70th week)

Rev 6:5-6
3rd Seal: A period of Inflation and Famine.
Lamentations 4:4-9 This is a description of famine and hunger at that period
Ezek 4:10-11, 17AMP.
No Government can solve this level of famine and hunger and drought coming. Even the Antichrist will make promises but won’t be able to solve it.

Rev 6:7-8.
The 4th Seal (this will happen in the 2nd three and half years):
Death for 25% of the earth’s population. There will be war. (Killing with the sword)
Matt 24:21

The Antichrist comes.
Signs the peace treaty.
Rebuilds the temple (demolishes the mosque).
Israel will love him because he will seem as a man of peace.

Ezekiel 38&39- Russia and Allies will invade Israel when they are at rest. (Other nations will stand by)
But they will be defeated by Israel.
The Antichrist at this time wouldn’t be controlling the world. The UN will like him because he is solving the worlds problem

(Seals 1-3 are broken).
The Antichrist and his European allies will become the sole world power. .
The Antichrist, being angry with Israel, will then break the treaty.
Dan 9:7. As at this Time, the temple had already been built and is worshipping God… But when the Antichrist is angry, he breaks the treaty and moves his headquarters to Israel/Jerusalem… And he moves into the Temple (afterall, he helped them to build it)
Dan 11:45
Now what happens from here is terrible. Its called the Time of Jacobs trouble.
Dan 9:27, Matt 24: 15,2 Thess 2:3-4

There have been ‘types’ of the Antichrist spirit. 150 years before Jesus came, one Attipus came into the temple and offered pigs.
Matt 24:16-22
Fierce persecution begins.
God raises 144,000 Jews to preach the gospel.. And the 2 witnesses.
Rev 14:1-5. Once the 144k men complete their work, they are raptured.

Rev 6:9-11
The 5th Seal:
When a man dies, he goes to Heaven, and his soul is without a body. God clothes him with a spiritual garment until the resurrection. At the resurrection, you get a body.
These souls here were slain during the tribulation. They are like sacrifices offered to God at the altar because they refuses to worship the beast and were killed for it. They come to heaven as souls with no bodies.
They will cry out for vengeance to the Lord.
God tells them to rest for a while until the others are killed too.

Rev 14:6,14-16
the gospel message intensifies. More people will believe in Jesus at this time. There will be a great harvest. The tribulation saints are ready to be raptured.

6th Seal
This seal closes the tribulation.
Rev 6:12-17. Acts 2:17-20. Matt 24:29
An earthquake that will shake the world.

What the bible tells us is TRUTH. The signs given for the entry of these things are all around us. The only thing we are waiting for is the rapture of the church.
If you have friends who are not born again, begin to intercede earnestly for them.
Get yourself ready.
If you’ve not been living right, its time to live for the Lord. There’s no other way. Jesus said Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall never pass away.

To be continued tomorrow.

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Day 3

The book of Revelations is a complex but very interesting book. This is an opportunity to understand it.


Q: 1Thess 4:16 talks about the sound of the trumpet. Will it be audible to believers or everyone? Will we hear it by Faith?

A: It will be Audible to Christians. Its for those who will be caught up and those who are dead in Christ. Our lives as believers is by Faith, so it will be by faith. You trust that when it sounds you will hear it because the word of God told you so. Faith comes by hearing.
John 17:14-15. Jesus was specifically praying for the disciples here. Not the church.
For the Rapture, Jesus is coming for us.

Q: For one to be on earth you need a human body. When we return after the tribulation, will we have new bodies or the ones we had from birth?

A: We will have a glorified body. Our bodies will be changed. 1 Cor 15:51-52.

Q: what will happen on the day we are raptured?

A: That day is not going to be such a beautiful day for a lot of people. For some it is a blessing; for others it is a curse. Any christian who is left behind is simply because he wasn’t for the Lord but for himself. Period.
Its one way or the other.
Anyone left behind will have to go through the tribulation.
Luke 21: 31-36.

Q: what kind of body is the glorified body? When we come back for the millennial reign, Will it be with angelic bodies without feelings?

A: A glorified body is a celestial body…its the same like Jesus has now. The bible says when we see Jesus we shall be like him.
The terrestrial body is limited to this earth. It relates to our 3 dimensional world.
The glorified body has come into the power and glory of the kingdom of God and has the capacity to function in the heavenlies. It goes beyond the terrestrial atmosphere.
Jesus walked through the walls. He ate with the disciples. Jesus Body when he died was covered with clothing material… But he folded the clothes when he ressurected…Yet the disciples saw him DRESSED. he didn’t go to his house to get clothes. When Mary saw him, he was going to the Father to present his blood but he was in a body. When he came back to meet his disciples in Galilee, they touched him. They felt his glorified body.


We got to the 6th seal yesterday.

Dan 11:45
The Antichrist breaks his treaty and moves into the temple by force.

Rev 6:12-17. (The result of the 6th seal)
Prior to this 6th seal some things happened
The 144k Jews, the Sun Clothed woman and the 2 witnesses come into play at the second 3 and half years.

Pls note that some parts in the book are not in Chronological order.

Chapter 7:1. *This is right after the 3rd seal…* (Chapter 7 is not chronologically after chapter 6. It is a parenthetical narrative)
The 3rd seal was the black horse. Inflation and destruction of plants.
7v1-3 is what was causing it.
V3: who are these servants of God which suddenly emerge?
(When you are born again, once you receive the holy spirit. You are sealed by the Holy Ghost).
V4- 8 – 144,000 were sealed from the 12 tribes if Israel. They are carrying out ministry preaching to the Jews.
When fierce persecution begins, they are taken away.
V9-15, 14:1-6. The 144k were raptured to heaven
More souls are saved on earth as preaching intensifies.
14: 14-16 (this period is close to the end of the second 3 and half years. The tribulation saints get raptured here). This is the reaping of the saints/multitudes seen in Chapter 7:9. It is not a sickle of Judgement.
James 5:7-8. Rev 7: 9-14.
There’s a huge difference between these ones and the souls which were under the altar without robes. These are resurrected and translated souls.
Rev 14:17-19
Jesus had the 1st sickle.
An Angel has the second sickle. He has power over fire. This is different.
This is very close to the end of the three and half Years. That’s the period that some of the most devastating things will happen on this earth.

Chap 8: 1
*The Seventh Seal*
There was silence in heaven for half an hour.
Is it figurative? (Note the consistency with a prophets language and consistency. E.g. Daniel used weeks of years. When you Study Daniel you must study his other writings to understand. John’s timing relates more directly with ours. But the slight difference is that at the time, One year was 360 days… While we have 365 days in a year. So when you want to calculate for John, you use 360 days for a year).
The silence in heaven for half an hour was not figurative.

(John picks up the narrative from Chapter 6 on the opening of the seals)

*The seven Trumpets*
All the prayers of saints was on the altar of God with the Angel’s incense.
V5-7 -12
Judgement on the earth. One third of the trees and all green grass are burnt up.
God is taking vengeance for all the sins committed, wickedness done, and rejection of Christ.
1/3 of sea turns to blood.
1/3 of fish die.
1/3 ships destroyed.
(The event in Russia isn’t it at all)

V13: After the 4 trumpets had sounded, this Angel was saying the last 3 would be worse. They are woes/curses.

Revelation 9:1..
With the sounding of the 5th trumpet, the Armageddon begins.
Locusts that sting like scorpions (evil spirits from the bottomless pit)
When evil spirits or demons operate, they work from the background. Humans don’t know what is responsible for what’s going on.
These locusts will hurt men for 5 months. Men who don’t have Gods seal on them.
V 11-12: Abaddon means Destruction.
Apollyon means Destroyer.
This is the King of the bottomless pit.
They are behind what is going to be happening in the world. People will be in pains for 5 months without respite.

V 13- 21
These 4 angels were bound in the River Euphrates. Yes there are spirits that function in the water. Some are bound there. E.g. these 4.
These 4 would slay 1/3rd of human population with a 200 million army.
Still, the men left on earth will not repent. Despite all these woes. Why? They CAN’T… THEY TOOK THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!

At this point. Only 2 witnesses will be left preaching .

Revelation 10:1-
(This is another parenthetical discussion)

V6: time no longer (KJV) means, ‘no more delay’.
Eating that word was bitter in his belly because of the Judgement contained.

Rev 11:1- (a parenthetical chapter as well)
The 2 witnesses are the last to be left on earth for 3 and half years. They will preach in mourning and sadness.
no one can hurt them. They have power over the rain, to breathe fire, etc
V7- They will be killed by the beast that will come out of the bottomless pit (this is different from the angel abbadon that leads the locusts out of the bottomless pit). This beast is the spirit behind the Antichrist and Satan will give him more authority to do wickedly.

The bodies of these 2 witnesses will lie in the streets for 3 and half days…and everyone will see it. (Already we can view what happens in d world at the same time through the TV.)
People will watch them lie there with cameras and celebrate their death.
V11- 12.while the whole world watches, they will resurrect by the power of the holy ghost and great fear will fall on everyone…and they will watch ascend in the cloud. They will rapture.
V13-end… Seventh trumpet/3rd woe.
There is celebration in Heaven at this time, but on earth, it is the final woe.
Chapter 12: 1- (another parenthetical discussion)
V1- this sign isn’t literary.
The sun clothed woman. (Israel)
The red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns. (Satan and his demons)
The Christ is the Man child. Only Jesus and his Church are to rule with the rod of iron.
Israel delivered this Man child.
V6- this happens at the Beginning of the second 3 and half years.
V 7-10
all this time, we haven’t seen the devil (just his demons) because he has been engaged in war with Michael the arch Angel.
Angels function according to Gods will. When we pray, Gods mercy is released and angels are dispatched.
V11- 12. Now the devil doesn’t have a place in the heavenlies. He can only stay on earth for a short time. And he is very angry.
The woman is hidden from Satan for 3 and half years.
V17- the remnant of her seed ( all through history, Israel always has a remnant when they have been overpowered by another kingdom and cease to be a nation).
Lucifer joins the war in the earth. .
The Jews who had been converted by the 144k will be persecuted by the serpent.

*Side note:*
How do you know which spirit is behind what action? How do you know? And what response should you have? Especially with regard to what the nations are doing now.. So many civil liberties are being eroded because Nations are being led in the dark. How do you put your life and hope with the government that doesn’t know what to do or have a compass to know what will work? Nations are just copying others. The leaders are so scared to touch one another right now.
They are even still studying the virus and coming up with new assumptions.
Better trust God for your life!!!!

Jesus told us to pray so that we may be counted worthy to escape these things. No matter what they are trying to replicate from the future.
This is not their time, so we are praying.
If we would pray, the work of the Lord will continue unhindered. .
2 Thess 3:1.
There were cities in those days where they were not allowed to talk about Jesus.
Satan is not after bars, clubs and social gatherings… He is after the church. That’s why we must Pray and not sleep like others do. We must use what we have… All the wisdom, knowledge, influence etc that God has given us. We must use ALL WE HAVE IN THIS CRISIS TIME.
We trust God that we will have one more sweeping move of the gospel around the world. It may happen in a way that we didn’t plan, but it will happen because God knows.
As a church of Jesus Christ, we will never be disadvantaged.
There is no enchantment against Jacob
Human beings will never amass the wisdom to destroy us. No technology is strong enough.

Pray. Thank God for his ministries and churches around them world. Pray for your relatives and friends that they will accept salvation. The time for games is over.
The coming of the Lord is near….at the doors. We’ve gotta prepare ourselves for his coming.

Day 4

God’s grace is at work in this house, in this church. Satan will not lord it over us. He will not determine how and when we worship. HE WILL NOT.
The virus has expired!
If they let the people go out and enjoy simple sunshine, you will see it.
When we are through with this week that we are into, there are certain things that will begin to happen. Thosd things are just waiting for us to conclude this week.

The Lord Jesus gave us all authority over demons to cast them out and cure diseases. And we decree cleansing into every nation. Cleansing by the Holy ghost of the virus. We cleanse the air of this evil pollution. We destroy it’s works and it’s effects in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you suffered some symptoms in your body, DON’T FEAR. The symptoms are gone from you in the name of Jesus.
Christ has given us Dominion over all things.
These things are not natural . They are not the works of God either. But Jesus gave us power…and we have to use that power. Infact, we are using it right now.

When Jesus confronted the demons in a man that was possessed, they spoke to Jesus ‘we know who you are. Have you come to torment us before the time?’.
They made a legal plea. Trying to stop the Master.
That’s what they do. They like moving before their time. Like now, we are seeing the manifestation of the ANTICHRIST spirit. It is not difficult to see his works.

Today, we will study from chapter 13 and see what the Bible says about the ANTICHRIST.
We have to be wise, with the wisdom of God. The wisdom of men is foolishness before God. Christ is made to us wisdom from God.

When Pilate and Herod spoke to Jesus asking ‘are you a king?’ Pilate felt he had the power to release Jesus or condemn him to death.
Jesus response was amazing. He was cool, calm and quiet.
He said ‘you don’t have any power over me at all. The father gave me power to lay my life down and take it up again’.
To think that this Jesus was God manifested to us in flesh….he knew what was in Pilate, in Herod …but yet he was quiet.


Yesterday, we talked about the 144k Jews, the sun clothed woman and the 2 witnesses.

From chapter 10 to 11:14 is all a parenthetical discussion. It is not chronologically contiguous with chapter 9. It’s like a side talk.

A complex area is the 6th seal because when it is open, it actually is the end of the tribulation period. What happens from then on is severe Judgement.
God’s wrath is poured out on the earth. From then on, the people cannot repent. The more the Judgement, the more they hated God. By then, all God’s preachers and saints are gone.

E.g. the Armageddon begins from the 5th trumpet and it’s not a one week fight. That period will be full of wars. The Antichrist, even though he would be in the world, he wouldn’t really be ruling everyone like that. He would have some opposition and infact, that would be the reason for the war.

Revelation 12:1-6
This was a sign/symbolic.
Red dragon: Satan
Woman: Israel
Male child: Christ (Jesus and his church)
Satan wanted to destroy the church but he couldn’t. (Parenthetical narrative).
V9-12 : Satan has no more place in the heavenlies. He is cast out though He used to function as the prince of the power of the air.

What happens in the earth has a lot to do with what happens in the heavenlies.

Don’t forget, early in the 1st 3 and half years, there was a war with Russia against Israel (the farthest North from Jerusalem).

Matt 24:15
When the Antichrist breaks the treaty and moves to Jerusalem,

REV 12: 13-16.
While persecuting the Jews, it seems like they get some sympathy from others. The earth helped the woman by swallowing up the flood. This makes Satan angry and he makes war with the remnant of her seed.
So much is going on at the same time… Religious, governmental, etc
Dan 11:40-..? The Antichrist moves to Jerusalem.
Don’t forget. . those attacked earlier still have claims to Jerusalem.
The king of the south: Egypt.
The king of the North: Russia
The Antichrist has Europe backing him. He is mad because some nations absorbed the Jews away from his clutches.

Dan 11:40-
You need to notice when the prophecy moves from the immediate future, to the last days.
(You know prophecy interpretation by the Holy Ghost)
V40… This is just the beginning of the Armageddon (endless wars)
Edom, Moab and Ammon are in Jordan. The Antichrist Will not take over Jordan.
He will gain control over Egypt.
V44… What reports from the East and the North?
He will hear that China and Russia are planning an attack, and with Fury, he will destroy many and fully settle in Jerusalem.
Yet he will come to his end.. (the seas are the dead sea and the Mediterranean Sea).

(This is another parenthetical narrative)
A beast rises up out of the sea with 7 heads and 10 horns…. These heads don’t have crowns.. it is the horns that have crowns.
Remember Daniel 10…while Daniel fasted….the angel referred to the prince of Persia. The ruling world empire at the time. The prince of Persia was a spirit being in control.
After Angel Gabriel delivered the message, He had to go back to the war in the heavenlies. Persia was being brought down according to the plan of God.. the Grecian empire.
God also has angels over nations and kingdoms.

Back to Rev 13: 2 The beast from the sea… Refer to Dan 7:4-6, 15-18
1st was like a Lion with Eagles wings. (Babylon)
2nd like a Bear (Medo-persian)
3rd like a Leopard (Grecian)
The 4 beasts are 4 kings
Rev 13:2… This beast had elements of Babylon , Medo-persian, but looks like a Grecian
V5: He is given power for three and half years.

After the 1st three and half years which coincides with the 6 seals, the world sees that the ANTICHRIST doesn’t have the solutions promised, so he changed into his real nature.
(Beware of political speeches and Messianic politicians. There is only one Messiah: Jesus)
Dan 8:20-22 (past history.. Alexander the great’s kingdom refered to as the goat kingdom. He was in his 30s when he died. 4 kings came out of there)
V23- 24 (this is a far future)
The Antichrist is the one referred to as a king of fierce countenance, understanding dark sentences.
(God measures the cup of inquiry/transgression till it’s full)
V25- deception in political leadership and government is a sign of the Antichrist. It will get worse when the Antichrist is unleashed.
The ANTICHRIST is ever against Jesus. He hates Jesus. He will take a stand against the prince of princes (legislation against the things that concern Jesus).

Everywhere the Bible talks about the Antichrist, he never stops until he concludes the future of the ANTICHRIST… *He will be destroyed!!!!*

Rev 13:7 (this is a synetopy: an expression where a whole is being used for a bit… E.g. ‘everyone in town is talking about it’… But it doesn’t mean so literally)
At this point, the 144k Jews and witnesses are still around preaching etc… While the Antichrist is making life difficult for them.( Remember the r d horse… Once it went out, there was no peace in the earth anymore… Earthquakes that would cause the earth to bounce, fear, death etc).

V11- this is another beast of the same kind. I.e. if the first beast was Human, this second one is also human.
He is the False prophet. The spokesman and ‘miracle worker’. He gets people to worship the Antichrist.
V15- 16
This is massive surveillances.
Already in China, crosses are taken down. Only the picture of the President is taken above
In the last days, with the 5G technology, they can do surveillances to know those who don’t bow to the image of the beast.
It will be a completely policed state with absolute surveillance.
Think of it… It’s already being done in China for China. They have so many cameras.
It will be worse in future .
An image of the beast will be seen everywhere before which they would have to bow.
The Image would talk back to you… (Artificial Intelligence: A.I. )
Imagine being in the street, and it appears to you and you must bow to it… And it will respond. If you don’t, you would be killed. It wouldn’t be optional.

We have been preaching this for years but in our Today, we can see the possibility so clear.
Bill gates is pushing for digital certificates to be implanted in everyone to know if they are vaccinated against diseases or not. (Just imagine).
It’s after the rapture that they can do that…not right now.

*In some of the emergency disaster laws that have come out , there are hidden laws… The possibility of an official of the government to come to your house and determine that you are infected by a virus or ‘suspected to be infected’ , or suspected to have been in contact with someone who has been infected…. And is authorized to forcefully take you to a detention centre; then has 48 hours to detain you on that suspicion while obtaining legal documents to incarcerate you…and they are fully indemnified in case you want to sue them for how they treat you.* (HORRIBLE!!!)


REV 14:8-10.. (this part is connected to chapter 17&18)
Rev 14: 11-
Once you take that mark of the beast, YOU CAN BE REMOTELY CONTROLLED.
You will never go to Heaven, but you will go to hell and in the Lake of Fire.

The Book of life is not a book where your name is written down when you choose to serve God. Every living person is in that book… But if you sell your soul to Satan, your name is wiped out. The Bible only speaks of wiping out from the book.

The Antichrist is called the man of perdition (lawlessness). His laws are lawless. He causes deceit to prosper.
If someone takes the mark of the beast, it is impossible for him to be saved.

Revelations chapter 15 & 16 is another digression.
E.g. the tribulation saints are Raptured in chapter 14, and in chapter 15, they are in the presence of God.

15 v1-5
When the 7th trumpet sounds, ,heaven opens.
V6 The 7 plagues come out in quick succession.

V7-16:2… To be continued tomorrow.

The essence of this series is to help you prepare yourself for the coming of Christ. Each day that passes is a day closer.
It’s our responsibility to preach the gospel to the world and that’s what the devil wants to stop by paralyzing the countries. BUT SATAN CANNOT WIN.
We are triumphant over Satan.
*He will not determine how, where and when we serve God*.
Jesus alone is the one who can determine how we live and where we go and how we serve him

The influence of darkness in this world is destroyed in the name of Jesus. We are winning by the Spirit of God.

Pray and talk to the Lord wherever you are!!!

Day 5

We are still in a period of deep prayer and fasting for Ministers of the gospel.

Jesus taught us to pray and have results.
In every crisis of life, we must always apply what we are taught in the word,And the ministry of the Holy spirit. And only through the word and the ministry of the holy Spirit can we know what’s from God and what’s not from him.
Sometimes we are even more direct in our prayer cos there are times when you pray that the Holy spirit directs your heart about things to deal with.

Remember in the Bible when there was an insurection in Israel in the time of David. It happened that it was his son, Absalom that stirred up this insurection against him. David was praying hoping for God to intervene… And every day he learnt about some new group that had joined the other side… He was not moved…until he heard of one man who was related to be the wisest man in Israel. When that man spoke, his word was taken as though it was God’s word even though he was not a prophet. And that man, Ahitophel joined Absalom. David felt it so deeply. So, David prayed and said ‘Oh God, turn the counsel of Ahitophel into foolishness’. And God heard his prayer.b
Sometimes, we might be in a situation where those we relied upon would actually be on the other side.

In recent history, there was a Dr. Death in UK, USA and Australia…. (Not Dr. Kivokian) whose patients were mysteriously killed. Think about it….when your own doctor is the killer.
We cannot forget such realities.
That’s why I still maintain that every nation should carry out his own research. E.g. U.K has decided to fund their own vaccine research by themselves.

Every other nation can be that smart.
Why would any other country rely on a vaccine coming from somewhere else and not have it’s own regulators look into it.
We need to also have a debate about vaccines.
Science is discovery that is continually evolving. It must not be relegated to the choices of certain people. It is absolutely wrong for the WHO or any other body to hold nations to random by their own decisions.

There are many doctors and scientists that DO NOT AGREE that vaccines are even helpful.
Research historical records.

Everyone is free to come up with something that can be tested to work.

E.g. The Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromycin which some said will work was opposed by others who are saying we should wait for 18 months for their vaccine to be perfected. How can a nation just be WAITING …for what? You may just be waiting for those whose desire is population reduction. It doesn’t make sense.

Most Pharmaceutical companies are just in a race to make more money than others. How do they get it? The more sick people there are, the more money they make.
Just like the media that says ‘we don’t make good news ..we only report good news’.

At this point, it’s not about parties .. it is about asking yourself serious questions not about getting others to be happy with you.

Now people are saying the virus ‘escaped’ from a lab… How? Anyway, the president of the USA is carrying out investigations on the $3.7m grant sent to a lab in Wuhan China in 2015.

We seem to have forgotten that Since the early church, there has been persecution of Christians. You will be shocked. It’s almost 2000 years since then.
Read up about the Christian Matyrs who were killed for standing their ground for Christ. Some were burned at the stake. Some were beheaded. Some we’re used for games… christians were brought out and fed to Lions. Some were buried alive. These were gruesome.
But many don’t know where the church has come from.
They were not just persecuted, but they were violently killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. Fellow men commanded their death.
That spirit has not left the world.
Some think it’s a distant thing… No it’s not.
Even before Covid-19, some Christians were placed in concentration camps… Laos, Eritrea…they may even be worse than North Korea but we won’t know.
Christians have been reported to be the most persecuted in the world..
Fact is… *The message of Jesus Christ is WORTH EVERYTHING*.
These guys gave up everything else and stayed in christ.
On one occasion, about 6,600 men were slaughtered for their faith in Christ…and they were soldiers. Who would do such a thing? But it was done.

We need to realize that the message of Christ that we have is important and whatever happens we must stay…unless we believed in vain.

Revelations 13: 1-4,7-8
All that dwell on the earth will worship the beast.
There are some whose names will be blotted out of the book of life…but there are some whose names were never written in the book of life.
1. human cloning. (They are currently at an advanced stage…but after we are gone, there will be massive manifestations of cloned persons)

2. Eugenics: 2 Greek words ‘Eu’ and ‘Genos’. The research was about trying to separate the best breed. (Reminds you of Hitler and his special Aryan clan).
Francis Gaunten came up with an idea of how the world would come up with a superior set of humans, and the rest considered to be poor breed, would be destroyed.
This is the thinking of certain classes of people.
They have also gone very far. They are ready to go.
If the population of the world can be cut down drastically, they say there is a plan to reproduce the Earth’s highest quality breed. There are some who accept this idea from Hell..
Man is a spirit..not a body or an idea.
These ‘products’ would be very smart, but very EVIL.
The best suggestion given so far for such an annihilation is THE VACCINES.
this is not a conspiracy theory. These are FACTS!!!

There are many things we refrain from discussing…we would rather pray. Because God leads us on what to do, and how to respond in every case.
Only God’s word can show you what’s happening and what the result will be. That’s why the knowledge of God’s word is important.

Rev 13:3 One of his heads was wounded as though it was slain.
And all the world wondered at the beast because of the deadly wound that was healed.

Those heads represent kings/ kingdoms. The ANTICHRIST revived a kingdom that was supposedly extinct.
V4: They worshipped Satan.
(In our day, we are already witnessing the rise of Satanism.)
They worshipped the beast why? His image would be everywhere, and the false prophet would give his image a voice. People would be able to speak to the image and get feedback (A.I). He would make promises to people and make sure they get it through interconnectivity (internet of things)
Even in today, Banks and some institutions, know how to send personalized mails with ID numbers to all their clients. (Artificial intelligence is already working)
Just think this is possible already with your 2/3/4G….
How much more with the extra supersonic 5G?
The image will be talking to people and giving them details about their lives as though it was revelation.

I told you something yesterday… about the earthquake that would hit this world and cause it to bounce.
Isaiah 24:19-22 ESV. God would pour out his wrath in this world and avenge the slain Christians.

Revelations 16: 1-
1. Sores
2. Death in the sea
3. All Sources of water turn to blood.
4. Men scorched with Heat so much that they blaspheme God, but still could not repent.
5. ANTICHRIST headquarters attacked with pains and sores
6. River Euphrates dries up so that the way of the kings of the east is prepared (China). (Rev 9:13- The 4 fallen angels that were bound in River Euphrates would be released to prepare 200m soldiers for war).
This is not the first place China is written in the Bible…
(Isa 49: 12 it states China AMPC).
Does China have an army of 200m??

May 21, 1965, Times Magazine article…. As at this time, they had 200m militia soldiers.
(How did John Know that there would be 200m soldiers from the East)

Rev 16:13-14… Prep for the Armageddon (remember from Yesterday, how the beast hears about the kings of the east and south coming for battle and how he becomes very angry).
The hill.of Meggido is where the battle of Armageddon takes place..
This is the next world war…and it will come.

7th vial.
Never an earthquake like this in the whole Earth. Cities will fall with Hail. God is angry with Great Babylon because of the killing of Christians and shedding of Blood that took place there.
(Where is Great Babylon?)

You can’t live your life carelessly anymore.
You are not your own.
You are bought with a price.
You belong to Jesus Christ.
The sooner you realize that, the better for you.
Find out your purpose and fulfil it.
What is God’s purpose for you? It’s not about your plan for your life.
There is a life to live.
Imagine…all man’s structure and cities would be destroyed.
Solomon built God the most beautiful temple ever which was greatly celebrated.
God blessed him even though he doesn’t live in temples made with hands.
But once they started serving Baal… God destroyed that Beautiful temple
God doesn’t care for earthly things. It always all belonged to him.
There is nothing that you want to give to him or that you want to own, that was not already His.
Everything you will ever have in the world comes from something that was already Here.
Why not serve God with your life.?
Study the Bible.
Use this period to get some quiet and study the Bible.
If you don’t have a Bible, let us know…we will send you a physical Bible or downloadable one.
Also study the Rhapsody of Realities.
Every day there is a guide and a portion of scripture that you can study.

You can download Rhapsody of Realities app on your device. It also has a Bible so you can make easy references.

You need to learn how to live as a Christian. Don’t let the world carry you away in their stream. The world was not always like this. There’s been a whole lot of changes. Our world has seen judgements, and seen empires rise and fall.
Look at the economies of the world right now. Some countries have completely collapsed.
It is our prayer that this lockdown won’t continue because some nations will not survive because their economies will completely collapse.
The Government will seize all people’s funds in the banks to repay their loans.
Hyper inflation will set in.
Cash Will be cancelled overnight.
Food would be rationed. (Some countries are already experiencing this)… And we are not yet in the era of the ANTICHRIST.
This is not yet the time for Satan to implement this. It is still a few years away. That’s why we are praying to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Jesus is the only way…and the only time left is the time for preparation. Time to win more souls.
The gospel will be preached AS A WITNESS even if they don’t believe, so that they won’t have an excuse.

Make the decision to live for Jesus Christ today.

Day 6

We are still in an attitude of prayer and deep meditation. And while we pray and talk to the Lord, we are listening for his guidance and everything he tells us or signals to us.
Jesus gave us power over all devils and he told us “Cheer up! I have overcome the world”. He overcame the world and its systems for us.
In this earth his name is the most powerful. It had all authority.
We are going to use everything that God has given us (knowledge, authority)… And Satan has no chance. He can’t win! We proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus!
At his name, every knee should bow of things in earth and under the earth and every tongue should confess the Lordship of Jesus to the glory of God the father.

We declare that the word of the Lord will have free course in every nation by the power of the Holy Ghost and every hindrance and barrier is destroyed in the name of Jesus.
The Lord has placed before us an open door and no man can shut it.
He already notified us when he said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers. Rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the whole armor of God so you can stand in the evil day.
This is one of such times that the word described as the evil day; the day which evil seeks the opportunity to create havoc, destroy lives and frustrate the work of the gospel

But he also told us to take unto us the sword of the spirit along with all the weapons he asked us to take with us. With the sword of the Spirit, we can cut the devil down.
We are using that sword (Gods word in our mouth), Satan cannot resist it.
We cut him off of our nations and government.
And nothing he throws at us can work, because with the shield of faith we neutralize everything that he throws at us.
We are putting out his fiery darts. Everything he threw against the church is neutralized by the power of the Holy spirit.

*Q&A section.*
Q: All of my Christian life, I have believed that we the church are the bride of Christ. Some days ago, you said we are NOT the bride of Christ, please explain.

A: There is a city that was described as the bride of christ. In that city, we have different groups and the Church is PART of the Bride of Christ; The heavenly Jerusalem which has all saints of all ages in there. (Listen to the rebroadcast of the previous messages)

Q: Can the Mark of the Beast be given before rapture

A: Its not supposed to happen because the False prophet is revealed after the rapture. But Satan likes to do things before the right time that’s why we are praying.

Q: What will happen to the Kids whose parents are not born again?

A: The children of people who are born again are sanctified. Those whose parents are not born again are like their parents.. And only those who are in Christ will be raptured. So, According to the wisdom of God and not the feelings of men…this is so. Everyone is born of sin into the world but those born of Christians are sanctified.
If a child at the age of accountability decides to get born again, even if his parents are not, is also sanctified (and vice versa). Romans 7:9. Sin revived (it did not just come. It is the consciousness of sin that brings death)

Q: If Gods only creation were Adam and Eve, where did the women who the children married come from?

A: Adam and Eve must have had more children because God told multiply. So they intermarried and at that time it was not improper.

Q: Why is it that the man Child of Rev 12 is not part of the 144,000? In Rev 9:4, does it mean that there were some who had the seal on their heads?

A: when we read about the child, we noted that it was a SIGN. it was something that happened PRIOR TO the second half of the tribulation period. The 144k were there during the second half of the tribulation.
Rev 9:4- You would think that this means that there were others that had the seal of God… The emphasis is on those who DO NOT HAVE THE SEAL. It doesn’t mean that there are those who have the seal at that time
E.g. Rev 16:2 (This is after the 7th trumpet. The tribulation saints and 2 witnesses are also gone.) At this point all humans and the Antichrist are being Judged.


Satanism has been on the rise for quite a while now.
What is it about?
There are people who truly worship Satan; who believe that Satan is good, and that the rest of us are told lies against him….when the very meaning of his name is bad. He is the adversary. That name originally comes from the Hebrew language.
The other part of it is Humanism… The idea that man should run his own life without God. They’ve been there but they are coming out to the surface boldly.
This shows a lot more of demonic influence. This is why we must be more prayerful.
All these rose because of the church that was less prayerful and more committed to earthly things.
We will deal with in-house matters later. But there is matter to deal with.
There is a repentance that Gods people and ministers need to have…of worldliness and earthly things.
Rather than get on TV and tell ministers what they should have done, I thought I should pray for them in strong intercession. This is not the medium for me to bring up any such issues because at this time, what God’s people need is intercession.
If Daniel could pray for the children of Israel which were in exile, we also should pray for God’s people.
After we have straightened out this stuff (Covid/lockdown), We can make some VERY NECESSARY CORRECTIONS because the Lord is coming soon. Not too far away.

*Revelation 17:1*
Notice what it says and what it does NOT say…because we may see something else that may be a bit confusing later.

Notice where the great whore is sitting: On many waters.
V2: This is talking about the corruption of religion; the mixture of religion. Something that gets people away from God into serving other gods. Its shows that there was a knowledge of God by the whore as it were.
V3: To show John this whore, He shows John a revelation in the spirit… A woman on a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy with 7 heads and 10 horns (as seen in Rev 13)
V4-5.. He is a seeing a vision meaning that what he is seeing is symbolic of whatever truth would be communicated.
V6-8… The beast Was, and IS NOT, and will ASCEND from the bottomless pit (Only demons ascend from the bottom less pit. Not humans). This beast is an evil spirit.
When those who are there then see this beast, they will marvel because they will recognize him as one that WAS, and us not and yet is.

V9-10; the 7 heads= 7 Mountains. *Which woman is sitting??*
The one in the vision is sitting on a beast.
So which woman is this?
What did John see that shook him? Why did he marvel? *He was stunned because he knew something about it!!!!*.
The 7 mountains are also 7 kings.
5 have fallen.

Refer back to the times of the Gentiles.
Luke 21:24
Babylon (days of Daniel)
Rome (Days of John)
Revised Rome.

Refer back to the Image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.
In the days of Daniel, the Babylonian empire was on…
2 had passed.
The legs were of iron represented the Roman empire.
The feet were a mix of iron and Clay. Which represents strong and weak nations. (Europe and Allies)
Remember a stone was thrown without hands and destroyed the feet.
Daniel the days of the last kings (iron and clay), the God of Heaven would destroy them and all the Human structure would be brought down and be replaced by a kingdom that would not pass away.

In the chart of the times of the gentiles,
10 kings will come from the former Roman empire to try and form the new world power.

In Rev 17:10… John was at the Roman empire period. (The one that Is)… The last one has not yet come (Europe and Allies)

V6: in the spirit, John was shocked to see what God was showing him. All those who had been killed.. He saw who was responsible. MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT ..
Because in Greek Mythology which He was acquainted with, the greeks had talked about Zeus who was supposedly a god, who saw a beautiful Lady called Europa who was sitting on a beach looking beautiful, so Zeus transformed himself like a beast/a bull…and Europa rode on him and Zeus sped off through the waters and raped Europa and took her to Crete. Europa eventually gave birth to a child that was Half Bull, Half Human… Then she dies supposedly and translated to heaven and honored as the Queen of Heaven.

Now God was showing John that this was story of a demon/evil spirit (Zeus)… It was a story of deception.
This beast, was, is not ,and comes out of the bottomless pit.
This so called beautiful woman, was the devil behind the slaughtering of Gods people. She was responsible for the blood of saints that had been shed.
Remember the beast had 7 heads, 10 horns.
Rev 13:1: this one comes out of the sea…. A man…and the spirit by which he worked and functioned and moved was the spirit in Rev 17. (Notice the descriptions are almost the same).
Satan would give this one his authority.
Rev 11: 6-7… Now we know who is responsible of the death of the 2 witnesses. He was introduced here briefly, then more is known in Chapter 17./

Satan himself doesn’t possess an individual but he introduces what he has into that person through an evil spirit. E.g..
Satan is not inside the beast, but he gave him his power

Rev 17: 11-
This beast was in the bottomless pit during the Roman empire when John was alive… He will come out of the pit, and will create a structure of his own as an 8th empire….even though he is also one of the 7 empires.
So how do we identify him?
Roms 13:1-4. Dan 7:4-6
Leopard: Grecian
Medo-perLion: Bear
Babylon: Lion

We are seeing a Grecian body, but the support is from Persia (feet)
The spirit of Europa is coming back. Born by that evil Grecian spirit, supported by Persia.

Europe got its name from Europa. Go to Strasbourg, Berlin etc… You have everywhere the woman on the beast in their currency, etc
(They may be ignorant, or they may be defiant about it)

In Rev 2:12-13… This was a warning to the church in *Pergamos* before the rapture. The location was described as where Satan’s headquarters is. There the blood of many matrys was shed.

Years ago, an excavator was able to find the altar of Pergamo.( In Turkey). He carried that altar to Berlin where he was celebrated and built a new Pergamos museum with all the weird images of Christian Persecution displayed.
It is one of the most terrible things that ever happened to Europe.

Rev 17:11
The beast had Persian support….but the mouth of a lion… He spoke withe message and ideology of Babylon.
Why is that so important?

Now you understand why Europe finds it difficult to go against Iran no matter Iran does. No matter what policies they come out with are designed by that Evil spirit.

*You can’t live in this world with your Brain… Its not good enough. You require divine revelation to walk in truth.*

Rev 17:12- in the days of John, those 10kings had not received kingdoms as at yet. The new structure would be the 8th…
V13: these 10 kings are of one mind who will give their power to the beast.. (The 8th).
Observation: Does it mean anything? Maybe not yet, but it’s worth looking into.

HOW MANY MONARCHS ARE IN EUROPE TODAY? 10. (Actually 12 in total, but 2 are elective and don’t fall into the class). And one of them has a strange name.
There is an existing law in Europe with a title of ‘King of Jerusalem’ held by King Phillipe of Spain (But it was not given to them by Israel).

A day will come when someone will lay claim to that title… We know because its in the book.

Strangely, these 10 monarchs are all supporters of certain policies…
Very interesting….
This is just an observation.
Why 10? In the place the bible talks about? Right now they are harmless… And we know the Antichrist won’t force them because they will give him their powers… Somewhat weak power which will be turned into an extraordinary authority.
Rev 17V15-
Waters and seas often refer to peoples, nations…
So, that woman was sitting on nations.
V16-18. The woman in the vision is a city? This is a dichotomy of spiritual communication.
One is a spiritual reality another is a political structure. There is a religious place here and a spiritual force behind it.

The woman riding the beast is behind the political structure (Europe/Babylon)
The woman on many waters is the religious one…which is a city… Which is Rome/Mystery Babylon.

Why? Because Nations were controlled religiously.

Amazing reality! Amazing what’s happening to our world. What’s going on in Europe…and other regions of the world. Not very different from what’s going on in Europe.

As you think about these things, ask yourself one question…’how prepared am I for the coming of the lord? What’s my relationship with God today?’
Are you moving with the wind? With the trend of the world?

May God open the eyes of your spiritual understanding that you may comprehend these things and live as Christ would want you to. That Christ would dwell in your heart by faith.

*If you have not been living right, ask the Lord to purify your heart today. Let all those wicked things be taken away from your heart today: lying. Deception. Stealing. Wickedness.*
*You may have killed, murdered and you didn’t seem to care. You didn’t think it mattered…but it does*.
The bible says the blood of Human beings has a voice. It cries out against the murderer.
*You need to get right with God. You can’t tolerate hatred in your heart and be accepted of the Lord*.
Let the Lord change your life. It can happen now if you want it. You can’t make it happen by yourself.
*If you want the righteousness of God in your heart, say the prayer of salvation the bible way and mean them from the bottom of your heart, and God will hear you.*

If you gave your life to Christ, please let us know. Send us a message.

Day 7

We have the victory!!
Over the forces of darkness…
Over the demons of Hell
In every nation we have victory over them.
In every city, we have victory over them.

Our God hears and answers prayers. He is the only true God. The living God.

*Q&A segment*
Q: Rev 20:10, Pastor Deola made mention of the false prophet, not false prophets.
If a man commits suicide trying to escape the mark of the beast, is he still going to hell?

A: There is definite person called the False Prophet. This is the spokesperson of the Antichrist and miracle worker. He is also the second beast, who makes others worship the beast.

During the tribulation period, some refused to take the Mark of the beast… So it is possible to refuse without committing suicide. Someone doesn’t need to take his own’s like running away from persecution…and that’s unbelief’ and that’s fear. The first set of people to get into hell are the unbelieving and the fearful. God doesn’t want his people afraid.

Q: is one’s salvation recognized by God if it is out of Fear of the great tribulation and not out of genuine belief

A: it would be genuine belief. It is the fear of God who is bringing judgement to the world. So it is correct because it is the fear of God. If that’s not enough to get you to receive salvation, what else is going to get your attention?
Jesus said ‘pray that you would be worthy to escape these things’.
The message of the tribulation is not from man but from God. Don’t let anyone deceive you that it isn’t genuine.

(Recap of yesterday)
FOR CLARITY from yesterday… The woman riding the beast is EUROPA…not the great city.

Rev 17:1-
What the focus was, was the JUDGEMENT of the great Harlot that sat in many waters.
He was dealing with religion/spiritual harlotry.
V3-5 is a vision of the woman sitting on the BEAST, not the woman on many waters.

Remember the purpose of this vision: It’s about the JUDGEMENT of the great whore.

V9: He is talking about the beast and the woman that rides him.

Europa is Europe.
Remember Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Because the feet of the image is a mixture of Iron and Clay, they can never be put together. (Dan 2:36 down)
In Dan 7:23, God showed Daniel his own interpretation. He saw 4 beasts.
The 4th beast would be a 4th kingdom on earth.
It was different from all the others (the leopard, bear and lion)
Dan 7:24- the 10 horns are 10 kings.
(Remember the Giants…they had 6 fingers and 6 toes on each)
This image doesn’t state whether the feet of iron and Clay had 10 toes.
It doesn’t show how many toes were iron or how many were Clay.
That’s not the message He tried to pass across.
Study Daniel’s language.
Dan 7:4-7. What does this mean that the 4th beast had 10 horns?
Remember, the interpretation is always what matters, not exactly what the man saw.
Back to v23-24: they were 10 kings that *SHALL ARISE* from this 4th and strongest kingdom (Rome).. not ‘that make up the 4th kingdom’.
Where did Rome cover? Europe. (There are parts of North Africa too, but the major area is Europe).
V25- another one Will arise… The metamorphosis of the ANTICHRIST.

There was something significant about Nebuchadnezzar’s dream
Daniel 2:41-43
This is about the last kingdom to come after Rome as a world power, (especially in dealing with Israel)
This kingdom would be partly strong and partly fragile.
As you saw Iron mixed with Clay, They will mingle with the seed of men …. (God is giving us a clue). This book was written in Aramaic…. Let’s use the Jerusalem Bible or Complete Jewish Bible to check it out. (They will cement their alliances by intermarriages but they won’t stick together anymore)

Look at the history of Europe and the Monarchy of Europe. They were never United…they used intermarriages to try to get United ( *This is just an observation. It’s not the political leaders that are doing these intermarriages, it’s the monarchs* ). This has been going on for a long time. And now there are 10 Monarchies in Europe right now.
*Note that this is just an Observation worth noting.*

Revelations 17: 12-13 (They will give their power and authority to the beast)
Remember in Daniel’s vision, 3 will be overpowered.. this supposes that the ANTICHRIST will join the remaining 7 and become the 8th.

Rev 17:14- this shows that we will come with Jesus to the earth at the second Advent.
V15- This is the woman in verse 1 who sits on *waters* (people’s, nations, tongues)
V16-17 The 10 horns are on the beast, not on the woman. (The 10 kings)… They will hate the harlot (the one sitting on the waters).
How will they make her desolate and Naked???
Somehow these 10 would unite in a sense, and give their KINGDOM (not kingdoms) to the beast…until the words of God are fulfilled.
The 10 kings are from Europe.
The woman riding the beast is Europe.
V18- The woman On the water is being referred to here as that great city.

Think: in Greek mythology, they know that ZEUS was attracted to Europa the prostitute sitting on the beach. Europa gave birth to a half human, half bull.
(See pictures of the 2 Euro coin, and the statue in front of the EU building)
Europe is completely conflicted. Think of the policies coming out of Europe today. Y
There are so many Hedonistic activities in Europe. So much persecution took place there. Currently so many churches are empty there.
Jeremiah 51:11-13 (Mystery Babylon)

When the children of Israel were taken captive to Babylon, remember what they suffered.

Tomorrow we will see how Europe imported so many things from Babylon…including the Esther Gate which they take Exiles through all the way to the temple of Baal. The gate was known as the gate of Hell.

A German archeologist, went to Iraq, excavated that gate… The gate of Hell…. And took it to Berlin. So the gate of Hell today sits in Berlin.

People don’t understand the significance of the things they do. They just do things. They don’t care. Spirits attach themselves to gates a d altars because they are significant.

Revelations 17:18… The woman is That City which reigns… PRESENT TENSE… (currently in John’s time- ROME)
Rome was the seat of the world’s religion at the time. The emperor was both king and priest. Even the Popes consecrated the emperors as the ‘Holy Roman Emperor’.

So, what will be the end of Rome and it’s religiosity?
What’s Rome responsible for? One world religion (which they are calling for today).
Who were the first to support the cancellation of church meetings? *Religious leaders*.

This Harlot had been in league with the kings all these many years. But after the 10 kings give their power, He will claim to be God and won’t need them. That is why they will hate the harlot.
No one would worship God in relationship with Rome anymore… Everyone would be confessing their sins to the beast. And sin would be only breaking the Antichrist’s rule.. this Rome/(the Vatican) would be left desolate and empty.

*Revelations 18*: 1- (another parenthetical narrative)
V3: Rome is Rich with abundant luxury.
V4: This voice is not calling people to come out of Europe, but out of Rome.
(This happens in the 2nd three and half years)
V8-19: That City will be burned. (In one hour)
V20- 24: while they are weeping on earth, Heaven will rejoice.

The word of God is not for legislation.
You believe in it and you act on it.
You don’t decide which one you believe in.
God is the one who tells you what is true.
These scriptures today circled in on Europe and Rome.
Question is… Is Europe being raped today? Maybe.
Because they think they are somehow descendants of Zeus who was a demon.
Then you can understand why the atrocious, Hedonistic lifestyle and so much hatred against Jesus and so much legislation against Anything relating to Jesus…. Because of the spirit of Babylon.

Everyone who is a child of God in Europe should pray for the salvation of souls, Because judgement is coming.
The day will come when Europe will destroy the Vatican because they don’t believe in the Vatican.
Now you understand what you are up against. We are wrestling for the souls of men and rescuing men from the hands of demons.

Paul said ‘God has given me an open door for the gospel, but there are many adversaries’. Same is true today. Christians in Europe must pray. You have to understand where we are!
We need to be more strategic in the realm of the spirit. We are engaged in a warfare.
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

What are you going to do with your life?
What I shared with you is not preached every day. It’s not about Denomination. The Bible talked about cities and structures and kings and kingdoms and angels, demons and devils..not about Denomination.

If you want to receive Jesus the Bible way, do it right now.
Romans 10:9-10. This is the Bible way.

*In other news:*
Having people locked-in, is not really helping the fight against COVID 19 (video play by Fox News). What’s the science behind staying indoors?
The study that has taken place by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that the virus is more concentrated when people are locked inside. But being outside is far safe because of fresh air and exercise. After the 1918 influenza, it was suggested that people should spend as much time as possible outside.
Politicians know this, but they are enjoying the control that fear is bringing…
Also, a lot of leaders don’t read anything.
Now there are protests in many cities….and except the governments of many cities allow the people go outside, the protests will become overwhelming. Even police men and soldiers get hungry.
During Exams in school… Those who were prepared for exams didn’t like strikes. Don’t who weren’t were always happy. This is an exam of life, allow people go outside.

In South Africa and USA, there are riots already.
Facebook is trying to hide the videos. But when people are hungry and angry, you can’t stop them.
This lockdown is so illegal. (Another video play out)
Among the new laws in these countries, they included that it is forbidden to say anything against Covid-19. Or any policy of the government concerning it… WHAT??? SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BILL OF RIGHTS???
(Remember the obnoxious Decree 4 of Nigeria)
Those laws must be abrogated because they are illegal. (Even though most people don’t know those laws are there).
But the Constitution and the Bill of rights remains the same in good times and in bad times. Otherwise,, it brings the idea that the people are imprisoned by laws that were not there before. Then those laws are drafted to imprison the people.

Policymakers! It’s about time!!! LET THE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!

This is the last day of the fasting period for the Pastors.

We will take a 2-day break.
From Friday, we will do more programs with you.
We will continue the Study from Friday and we will keep praying but we won’t fast (save for a few of us).

Thank you very much.
God bless you again and again.


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